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Valkyries and Mysteries

Bo walked into the Dal. She headed straight to the bar to say hello to her grandfather. And get a drink, of course.

Trick was behind the bar talking to another girl sitting across from him. Bo took the seat next to her and smiled up at Trick.

"Bo, I'd like you to meet Kali." He said with his usual smile and gestured over to the girl. "I was an old friend of her mother. Kali, this is my granddaughter, Bo."

Bo looked to the girl. She had brown waves of hair that looked like they never ended. Her eyes were the brightest blue, but hidden behind thick rimmed, purple glasses. Her face seemed so soft and gentle like she couldn't be any older than 25, but Bo could never tell ages with the Fae. She was very beautiful Bo thought.

"Nice to meet you." Kali flashed a warming smile.

"Yes, you too." Bo returned the smile.

In the corner of the bar Tamsin and Dyson were playing pool. Every couple of minutes without being able to stop herself Tamsin looked up at Bo talking to this new girl. Who was this girl? And why do I feel like I should go put myself between them.

"You can take your shot any day now, Tams." Dyson interrupted her thoughts.

Tamsin shook her head and took her shot which didn't come anywhere close to sinking it in the hole. She grabbed her whiskey, downed it, and went back to glaring at the girls. They now seemed to be really hitting it off and Tamsin really didn't like it.

After a couple more games Tamsin noticed Bo stand from her seat at the bar, place her hand on the girl's shoulder, then head out of the bar.

"This was fun, partner, but I'm gonna head out. I"ll see ya in the morning." Tamsin quickly put her pool stick down and grabbed her jacket.

"Ok, catch ya later." Dyson didn't even look up. He continued playing the game.

Outside of the Dal Tamsin walked up behind Bo who had just made it to her car. "Make a new friend tonight?"

Bo turned around, "Tamsin. What's it to you?"

Tamsin took a step forward putting herself very close to the succubus who had backed up against her car. "Something seemed off about her. I wouldn't want you to get mixed up with the wrong people."

"Trick knows her, I don't think you have anything to worry about." This time Bo stepped forward putting her face just inches away from the blonde. "Or're just jealous. I spent all my time with her tonight and didn't even glance your way."

Tamsin scoffed but didn't back down. "Don't flatter yourself. I actually prefer my nights when you aren't around, usually getting yourself into trouble. I was just trying to be 'one of the good ones' like you said and look out a bit for you. I don't care if Trick knows her or not. Something doesn't feel right with her, so just be careful, Bo."

With that Tamsin turned around and headed to her truck. Bo watched her unsure of what to think. Was Tamsin really concerned? Or was she just messing with her like it felt like she was almost always doing. Assuming she'd probably never know for sure she got into her car and headed home.

The next night a knock came to Bo's door. She lazily walked over and opened it, very surprised to see Kali standing there.

Kali noticed the surprise on Bo's face. "Sorry. Trick told me where you lived. You're the only person I know around here other than him. I didn't really want to sit by myself all night, but wasn't really in the mood for a bar either, you know? I mean, I can go if I'm intruding."

"No, no. I'm sorry. Please come in." Bo stepped back and let the girl walk through the door.

Kali went and sat on the couch while Bo grabbed some wine and wine glasses. She brought them over to the couch and poured them both some.

Handing the full glass to her Bo asked, "So I don't know if this is too personal, but can I ask how old you are?"

Kali laughed, "I'm 26."

"Oh my God, that's such a relief! You know how awkward it is being the youngest Fae around by hundreds and hundreds of years?!"

This made the girl giggle even more. "Yeah, I know what you mean."

"So, can I ask another question?" For some reason, Bo couldn't get Tamsin's warning off her mind. "What kind of Fae are you, anyway?"

The girl scrunched her face in thought. "Hm..Not sure if we know each other well enough for me to tell you that yet."

Bo eyed her carefully. "You know. This is so not fair. Everyone knows who I am and what I can do, but I'm not allowed to ask about other people."

"Ok. How 'bout we make a deal. You show me one of your powers, and I'll show you one of mine."

Bo considered this for a few seconds then turned on the couch so that she was facing the younger girl. She brought her hand up to Kali's cheek. After a moment of hesitation she started pulsing her energy into her. Kali gasped and looked into Bo's eyes feeling lost. They both leaned forward and pressed their foreheads together. Kali brought her hand up to Bo's wrist and massaged it softly.

"Kiss me." Bo whispered very seductively.

Kali leaned in extremely slow. She gripped the brunette's wrist tighter. "You...don' this." She forced out in a whisper literally millimeters before their mouths would have locked.

Bo dropped her hand from her face and sat back with a confused look on her face. "I don't want to do this." She repeated.

Kali tried to catch her breath. "Wow, you are powerful."

"How did you do that?"

"I told you. I'd show you my power."

Bo nodded at her still very surprised the girl could stop her.

Kali turned and put her hand on Bo's arm. "But honestly, I only did that because I said I would. I actually really wanted to kiss you, and I don't think it had anything to do with your powers."

Bo looked at the girl's hand on her arm and followed it up her body to meet her gaze. Thinking for a second if she should or not...She leaned in and kissed her. The kiss was so soft and sweet. Unlike most kisses Bo experiences. When she pulled back her hand went straight to cover the front of her mouth.

"Wow," She exclaimed.

"That's what I was thinking," Kali responded.

"It was like I could feel everything from you. But not only the excitement and comfort you got from kissing me, but...sorrow. You're filled with sorrow." It was almost a question, but Bo knew that's what she felt.

" know. I really need to get going. I'm sorry for barging in on you tonight." The girl hurriedly got up and sped walked out the door.

What just happened? Bo thought before grabbing her wine and falling back against the couch.

For more, follow source link.

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