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Bo and Tamsin

"Life is hard when you don't know who you are. It's even harder when you don't know what you are."
Bo Dennis, the 'lost girl' herself, is a succubus. For her protection, she was raised by adoptive human parents in a normal town as a normal girl. However, as she reached her teens, it became clear that Bo, Beth at the time, was no normal human. Her first time with a boy ended in the boy's death, which was the event that led to her runaway. Leaving her childhood behind, Beth took the name "Bo," the only information left behind by her birth-parents. Years later, Bo came to meet a spunky human, Kenzi, as she was harshly introduced to the hidden world of the Fae. She discovered her identity as a succubus and denounced the age-old customs of the Fae in her choice to remain unaligned and independent.

"You can't help me. Nobody can."
Not much is known about Tamsin and her past. As Dyson's new partner, the mysterious Valkyrie is a no-nonsense, blunt, and aggressive force that shakes the dynamic of everyone around her. Tasked with arresting Bo for a feeding incident against a dark fae, Tamsin goes against orders as she begins to admire the succubus' caring nature. Eventually defying both the Morrigan and the ominous Wanderer, Tamsin sides with Bo as their relationship strengthens along the way.

The Evolution of Valkubus

Tamsin struts into the show in episode 3x02 "Subterranean,” replacing Hale as Dyson’s new detective partner. Though belonging to opposing factions (her dark to his light), it is meant as an act of peace between the two sides. Tamsin wastes no time revealing her agenda -- she’s there to put Bo behind bars for sucking a dark fae dry, and she will stop at nothing to see her mission through. Bitchy and sarcastic with snark to spare, Tamsin’s persistence immediately clashes with Bo, even pushing the succubus to question her own dangerous potential.

Her apparent antagonism towards Bo bewilders the succubus; however, a sabotage attempt by the Morrigan in 3x03 "Confaegion” reveals to the viewers a deeper side to the valkyrie. Infected by a parasite that transforms them into their teenaged selves, Bo and Tamsin bond almost immediately, confessing to each other their deepest, darkest secrets and sharing a kiss for the very first time. Despite the touching encounter, once the parasite is removed, both women forget the day’s events and continue as they had before.

Pizza! You're really awesome.

In 3x06 "The Kenzi Scale,” the extent of Bo’s reckless feeding becomes a main concern for the rest of the gang. The situation is exacerbated by Inari, a kitsune impersonating Kenzi, when she accuses Bo of killing again. As a result, the succubus is imprisoned by her friends as they search for the source of her insatiable hunger. Though eager to put Bo away for good, Tamsin is the only one who realizes the truth in Bo’s accusations towards faux-Kenzi. Despite increased pressure from the Morrigan to have Bo "strung up and executed,” Tamsin chooses to release Bo and aid her in the search for the real Kenzi.

Along the way, Bo becomes increasingly weakened due to a lack of feeding. Aware of this, Tamsin offers herself as a "feed.” Bo grudgingly accepts and is left (literally) breathless by the valkyrie’s "amazing” chi. With the boost, Bo is able to successfully save Kenzi in time. And as the two best friends embrace happily, Tamsin appears almost sad, her exclusion from the joyful reunion painfully emphasized as she gazes on with a faltering smile. The episode ends as Tamsin decides to cover up Bo’s prior feed which sent a dark fae into a coma. Tamsin kills off the dark fae and, in the same instant, challenges the Morrigan by defying her orders and claiming ignorance regarding Bo’s indiscretion.
(Are you getting feels yet? Because you should be.)


In their next encounter in 3x08 "Fae-ge Against the Machine” (THE EPIC HOLY GRAIL OF VALKUBUS EPISODES), Tamsin takes Bo to lunch. She uses the opportunity to warn the succubus of her upcoming dawning ceremony, a rite of passage for young faes to reach the next stage of their evolution. Tamsin is the first person to put the "bullshit” aside and reveal how truly difficult the dawning will be for Bo. Their conversation is cut short when a few trouble-seeking dark fae approach Bo. When things get heated, Tamsin knocks the aggressors down, allowing the women a chance to escape the bar. They receive some unexpected help from the spriggan, Balzac, who immediately locks Bo into a binding favor, asking that she aid him in finding "cookie.” Though Tamsin is not obligated to tag along, she joins Bo in her mission, following the succubus into Fang’s lair to retrieve the cookie.

The adventure is not over yet as Balzac springs another surprise on the women clarifying that what he truly seeks lies beyond the gates of Brazenwood. In order to gain access, Bo must speak to the landlady to obtain a "prescription.” Upon meeting her, Bo is told to pick from a pair of tarot cards. She reaches for the stack instead, flipping over a Wanderer card, which upsets both the landlady and Tamsin who quickly shoves all the contents from the table angrily. The landlady hastily writes the prescription and the women flee when Whitman arrives. By the gates, Bo bids Tamsin farewell, expecting that the valkyrie would not go any further along the way as she swore earlier. Tamsin surprises Bo and steps past the gate. "When have you ever believed anything I’ve said?” she asks as she motions for the succubus to follow her into the "dark and lawless territory.”

In Brazenwood, Tamsin helps Bo rescue a young squonk but the women are ambushed and Bo is forced into a duel with Mr. Whitman to reclaim the girl. Tamsin attempts to intervene when Whitman reveals his ability of duplication, but is aggressively restrained by the duel’s overseer. Using a skill she lacked at the start of the episode, Bo defeats Whitman and turns to Tamsin, overjoyed. She is surprised when Tamsin rushes forward to seal the excitement with an unexpected kiss. It lasts all of six seconds, and the two women pull away with amazed, shocked, and confused expressions. (It was at this point that a countless number of fangirls of all ages lost their shit. And it was here that VALKUBUS was made legitimate.)

But this kiss of all kisses does not conclude the valkubus-y events of this episode. Bo and Tamsin head back to the Dal together. Upon their arrival, it is revealed to Bo that the events that had unfolded throughout the day were all part of her Dawning invitation. Before Bo gets the chance to celebrate the day’s triumph, however, she quickly remembers her date with Lauren and rushes back to the doctor’s apartment.

By now, Lauren is gone and Bo and Tamsin find themselves alone in the apartment. They help themselves to a bottle of opened champagne left behind by Lauren a few hours before. As they drink and salute to Bo’s chances in the dawning, the succubus takes the opportunity to question Tamsin’s reasoning for joining her in the dawning invitation.

Tamsin: Do you think I’d ever hear the end of it if one little hair on everyone’s favorite succulette’s head was harmed? Nope. So, I decided to stick around. Likey or not.

Bo: Likey.


The answer seems to surprise Tamsin who remains virtually speechless as Bo continues to gaze at her searchingly.

Bo: I was wrong about you. You’re one of the good ones.

Tamsin: Well, you really do suck at reading people.

The valkyrie downs her drink and awkwardly gives Bo a tap on the arm before leaving the room. As she makes it to the parking lot, she’s halted as a Wanderer tarot card comes into view. She lifts it from the ground, flipping it over and muttering,"Not her. Please tell me she’s not the one.” Tamsin looks up to the sky with a hopeless and saddened expression as identical cards begin to rain down on her as a confirmation of her mysterious predicament.

In episode 3x10, "Delinquents”, Dyson asks Bo to go undercover at a camp for juvenile delinquents, as Tamsin is temporarily suspended due to the bar fight in episode 3x08. Bo laughs, admitting that it's her fault, and soon thereafter heads off to the camp with Kenzi and Dyson. Tamsin appears first in a dark warehouse-esque setting, meeting up with a mysterious older woman who turns out to be her mentor, Acacia. The scene is light-hearted until Acacia hands a card to Tamsin, who takes it, her expression falling. She immediately recognizes it as the same Wanderer card that Bo picked in Brazenwood. Acacia delivers the message, "He knows you've found her. Now it's time to finish the job.”

Tamsin and Acacia later end up in a field, sitting in the back of Tamsin’s pickup truck, drinking beer and reminiscing about ancient wars and forgotten heroes. Acacia steers the conversation back to Tamsin’s "job”, questioning Tamsin’s hesitation to deliver Bo. Tamsin assures the older woman that she’s not "choking” and that (fearing what might happen to Bo) she plans to find a better target to hand in to the Wanderer instead. Acacia doubts that there is anyone the Wanderer wants more than Bo and emphasizes the dangers of not following ‘His’ orders. She then hands Tamsin a rune bottle, claiming it to be a tool that would make Bo "putty” in Tamsin’s hands. The rune bottle is said to require "one hair from someone [Bo] loves, two from someone she trusts, and three from her own head.” Seemingly hesitant, Tamsin agrees to complete the task given to her and they both part ways.

We next see Tamsin entering Dyson’s apartment, rune bottle in hand. She immediately begins to search through the pillows and sheets on Dyson’s bed, coming up short. Turning her attention to the nearby drawer, Tamsin finds a comb, pulling from it two strands of hair and dropping them into the rune bottle. As she places the contents back into the drawer, she notices a photograph of Bo. In an apparent moment of emotional conflict, Tamsin runs her thumb over the image of Bo’s face. She then places the photograph back in the drawer, stands, and makes for the door. Before leaving, Tamsin stops at a trashcan, giving the bottle one last glance before plunging it deep into the bin. She walks out.

Tamsin’s next scene begins with Acacia shoving her up against a wall, clearly upset that the valkyrie had not listened to her. "We have to take care of that unaligned succubus bitch!” The elder fae yells, which stirs an angered response from Tamsin, who replies "her name is Bo!” Acacia then releases Tamsin, revealing to the valkyrie that she had guaranteed the Wanderer the completion of the job, having done so due to her trust for the valkyrie. Tamsin immediately exclaims that she had never asked for it and asserts that she will deal with the problem her own way. Acacia reminds her that she will be hunted down if she betrays "Him," and before walking off, she tells Tamsin to finish the job. She threatens to the job herself if Tamsin doesn't comply and this leaves the valkyrie hopelessly conflicted as she backs up against a wall.

When Tamsin arrives at work, she notices a package on her desk. Opening it, she gasps, murmuring "Acacia” at the sight of the elder woman’s severed hand and the rune bottle packaged together in the box. The valkyrie swiftly closes the box again, clearly distraught.

Now convinced fully to complete the task handed to her, Tamsin moves to Lauren next. After reaching out and grabbing an eyelash from Lauren’s face and discreetly placing it in the rune bottle, Tamsin reveals the kiss she shared with Bo in Brazenwood. She rubs in the fact that Bo didn’t even need to feed off of her, eliciting an angry slap from Lauren. When the enraged doctor demands she leave, Tamsin complies, waves her goodbye with a smirk. Soon thereafter Lauren and Bo have an emotional breakup scene, leaving Bo both saddened and determined to "fix” her relationship with the doctor. 

Back at the shack, Bo is gathering Lauren’s things when Tamsin arrives. The succubus offers her a drink while mourning her breakup with the doctor. Tamsin consoles her with an understanding look and, to Bo’s surprise, embraces her with a tight hug. The valkyrie takes this opportunity to yank a few strands of the succubus’s hair. They break away and Bo moves to prepare the wine glasses, but as she turns to Tamsin, the valkyrie is gone.

The next episode, 3x11 has no real Bo/Tamsin interaction, but is significant because it’s the first real time that we see Tamsin a disheveled mess as she shows up to the police station drunk. Her eyes carry heavy bags beneath them, her blonde hair is tied into a careless bun, and her clothes look sloppily thrown on. It’s obvious to Dyson that something is off about his partner as he questions Tamsin about the thick smell of alcohol on her breath. She brushes off his concern with snide resentment as the subject veers towards the still unsolved case of the dead fae who had last come into contact with Bo. Dyson manages to convince Tamsin to clean herself up and join him on site at the place of the original crime. 

Later, the two are seen together - Tamsin looking much healthier - walking along an unbeaten path in a field near the crime scene. Tamsin is ready to confess something when Dyson expresses his earnest approval of her as his partner, but she is interrupted as the wolf catches onto the scent of "death”. This leads the two detectives to a mass grave where a discovery grants them the conclusion that Bo is innocent in the murder of the blonde fae.

With Hale’s inauguration as the Ash looming in 3x12 "Hail Hale,” Bo enlists Dyson’s help to search for Lauren who has slipped away with the mysterious Isaac Taft. Her search coming up empty, Bo sulks in a bubble bath, occasionally checking her phone for messages. She is startled by a noise and jumps out armed with a knife as Tamsin stumbles into the bathroom, drunk, with a bottle of whiskey in hand. After confessing that she had come to "steal all of [Bo’s] booze,” Tamsin slumps down onto the lidded toilet. Hesitantly, the drunk valkyrie admits to Bo that she wasn’t the one who murdered the "blonde hottie”, but when asked about the dark fae in a coma (yes, the one that Tamsin killed in 3x06), Tamsin swiftly changes the subject to how bad she smells. Bo comments that Tamsin should "take a page from [Bo’s] book and take a bath,” which is exactly what Tamsin does. The valkyrie clumsily removes her shoes and places her bottle aside before climbing into the tub, holding eye contact with the confused and flabbergasted succubus throughout the entire process.

Tamsin: "Where do you get off being so perfect? You think you’ve seen everything… and then you see you.”

Bo: "I’m alright, but I’m not perfect.

Tamsin:  "Yes you are. To me you are. Your eyes are both brown and blue.”

Bo: "Tamsin, what are you doing?”

Tamsin: "Your heart is both strong and gentle. You’re virtuous… yet you’re a succubus. You shouldn’t be.”

Bo: "Be what?”

Tamsin: "Be real. Be here.”

Tamsin holds her heavy gaze for a moment before suddenly rising from the tub, grabbing her bottle, and exiting the bathroom with a "keep your wits about you, you never know who might be watching.” Bo is left with a confused expression as the scene comes to an end.

Back at the Dal, the moment of Hale’s inauguration is near. Unexpectedly, Dyson is poisoned by a group of humans impersonating fae and taken away. Unable to give chase, Bo picks up the only remaining evidence linking to his disappearance -- a vial containing the poison with Lauren’s name on it.

In the next scene, Bo is at Lauren’s apartment, perusing a notebook and catches a surprised Tamsin wearing Lauren’s bathrobe and eating a bowl of cereal. When asked what she is doing there, the valkyrie stammers for a valid explanation only to give up and confess that she lives in her truck. But Bo has other things to worry about as she reveals that Dyson was taken by humans. The news shocks Tamsin who questions how humans could take down a wolf. Bo responds by tossing the empty vial of poison at the valkyrie who snatches it and recognizes Lauren’s name.

Tamsin quips that Bo’s exes are taking out one another and reaches for a bottle of whiskey on the kitchen counter as the succubus pleads for her help. Tamsin rolls her eyes and begins to pour herself a glass when she stumbles against the counter and nearly collapses. Concerned, Bo reaches out to support the valkyrie, but Tamsin pulls away and lifts the bottle to her lips, saying, "I’ve been having all my meals in a liquid form lately.” Frustrated, Bo yanks the bottle away from Tamsin in mid-sip and sets it on the counter. The valkyrie fights to reach for it, and in the struggle the contents end up shattered on the kitchen floor.

Wiping her lips, Tamsin finally relents and agrees to help Bo find Lauren. She suggests running a trace on Lauren’s phone while Bo secretly opens a desk drawer to find Lauren’s necklace left behind. As Tamsin marches upstairs to get dressed, she tells Bo to change into a more sensible attire.

The blonde-brunette duo are next seen walking along the sidewalk in town. Bo questions if Tamsin’s information on the doctor’s whereabouts is accurate, and Tamsin assures that it’s their best lead(?). They arrive at Tamsin’s truck and the valkyrie immediately curses at the sight of a boot attached to her wheels. She tells Bo to get inside while she prepares to dislodge it. As she grabs a lock picking kit from the stowage compartment and goes to work, Bo looks inside and finds a ziplock bag with her photograph and the rune bottle. She takes a picture of the contents with her cell phone and sends them to Kenzi, asking her to investigate. When Tamsin is done removing the boot, Bo hides the bag back inside and they continue on their way.

At their destination, they hide behind a tall bush outside of Taft’s compound while Tamsin survey’s the enemies’ movement around the perimeter. She warns Bo that the situation will get "bloody” and that the succubus should consider leaving town. Bo is obstinate and insists on rescuing Dyson and Lauren, provoking Tamsin to exclaim, "Why do you care so much?” Bo senses that something is up, but before Tamsin has a chance to explain she shoves the succubus out of the way and takes a bullet from a guard rounding the corner. Doubling over, Tamsin manages to cast her doubt on the guard long enough for Bo to knock him out. "This is the last time I do anything nice for you,” she says before she drops to the ground and falls unconscious. As Bo frantically tries to wake Tamsin up, the valkyrie’s cell phone rings. Bo answers it, and Massimo (the druid), mistaking the voice to be Tamsin, notifies that the potion to "tame the succubus” is ready after he has already secured a kiss from Kenzi.

The final episode of the season begins with Bo sucking the chi from a human guard. She swiftly moves to Tamsin’s side, hurriedly attempting to breathe the acquired chi into the unconscious valkyrie. Much to Bo’s dismay, the chi filters around Tamsin and flows back to the guard. Bo attacks the guard again, searching for an answer to the failed transfer. When the guard falls unconscious, a frustrated Bo makes another attempt to wake Tamsin but her efforts prove fruitless.

Bo manages to get Tamsin back to the shack, and as the blonde is resting on the couch Bo implores for the kitsune sorority sisters, Casey and Amanda, to find a way to "reboot” Tamsin. After some bickering with each other, Casey pulls out a loose blonde strand of hair from Tamsin’s head reveals to Bo that the valkyrie is dying. "This is the way of the valkyrie. To live, to serve, to expire -- over and over again,” she explains to a shocked and saddened Bo. Amanda comments that death would be an escape for Tamsin, who has gotten involved with a dangerous and mysterious fae who is as "old as time.” The tone suddenly lifting, the girls then decide to remove the bullet from Tamsin.

Tamsin wakes to Casey and Amanda, almost immediately moving to check her wound. She comments on the decent quality of Casey’s stitch-work, receiving a light-hearted response from Amanda about how Tamsin "barely” looks like she’s dying, to which Tamsin’s expression goes hard, questioning the extent of what the girls had told Bo. She doesn’t have to wait long to find out, because just then, Bo walks into the room, dismissing Casey and Amanda. Bo comments on the makeover the girls gave Tamsin, but quickly moves the conversation back to rescuing Dyson. Tamsin notes that the odds are against them, leaving room for Bo to question the extent of the valkyrie’s powers. Solemnly, Tamsin admits that going "full valkyrie” with her old age will lead her to pass out. Bo apologizes for Tamsin’s age and Tamsin goes off about how powerful she once was in the years before she started "slumming it as a mercenary.” Bo adds that Tamsin had fallen in with a bad guy, which leads the valkyrie to swiftly change the subject, mentioning the need for a "power up” from the druid Massimo.

In the next scene together, Bo and Tamsin meet up with Massimo. The druid holds out the syringe case and comments that it’ll bring some color back into Tamsin’s cheeks, who still looks quite weakened. Bo leaves the two of them to the conversation as she veers off to the side to give Trick another call. Massimo notes Tamsin’s "trembling” state and mentions Acacia’s fate, to which the valkyrie responds, "Love will get you killed.” She discreetly hides the rune bottle that the druid hands to her as he walks off. When Bo returns, Tamsin inquires if she had any luck contacting Trick and Bo teasingly replies, "sure, I mean I still have you.”

As they walk towards Taft’s compound for the second time, Tamsin begins to question the plan. "It’s going to hurt,” she says hesitantly, referring to the amount of power it will take to knock out all of the guards. They surrender by the entrance, held up at gunpoint by the patrolling guards. Bo makes a pitiful attempt to act out a scenario and Tamsin follows suit unsuccessfully. They are rounded up and taken inside.


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