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Nice Things

"I'm just saying, you could totally take on the Man of Steel if need be." Kenzi nodded vigorously, grinning at Bo. "Now tell me, Clark Kent is totally Fae right? That whole alien thing is just a cover story. Am I right or am I right? Trick?"

The human looked hopefully at the bar keep, who just smirked and filled her glass for the sixth time that night. Bo and Kenzi had come to The Dal after a particular rough day spent chasing an evasive Fae around town, and after a few drinks Kenzi had begun droning on about how every super hero was actually Fae in disguise. And as much as Bo loved a drunk Kenzi, her mind was elsewhere that night.

"Kenz, you keep interrogating Trick, okay babe? And when you're done, ask Dyson to drive you home. I want your drunk human ass safe, yeah?"

"Why won't you take me home? Scared you won't be able to keep your hands off The Kenzi?" Kenzi grinned wider, amused with her own words. "I really am hilarious."

"Yeah, Kenz, you're a comedian. And I'm not going home just yet. Be safe!"

Kissing the other girl's forehead, Bo left The Dal in a hurry, checking her phone for any messages she might have missed. The constant moving around had left her no time to call Tamsin, and she was beginning to worry that the Valkyrie hadn't tried to contact her either.

Las time the Succubus had laid eyes on the older Fae, Tamsin had looked like a train wreck, dark circles under her eyes and disheveled hair, and even though she had promised she was fine, Bo knew better.

Making her way to the last Dark Fae bar she'd visited with Tamsin, which she assumed was a safe bet since Tamsin seemed to be a regular there, Bo wondered what had happened to the Valkyrie that had her looking so tired. She didn't even think it was possible to break Tamsin like that.

"Dude, you seen a tall, sickly blonde around?" Bo asked, slamming her hands on the counter to get the bartender's attention. The man nodded toward the back door, returning to his work afterwards. "Thanks."

The back door was never a sign for anything good. In fact, last time Bo walked through one, she ended up in the wrong side of Fae town, in a life or death situation. Back doors were definitely not good.

"Let's see where this takes me." Sighing, Bo pushed the door open and the cold night air immediately hit her face, a glaring contrast from the warm suffocating air of the bar. She examined the dark street at her feet. Nothing. Until she heard a grunt, coming from behind one of the dumpsters, that made her heart skip a beat in the worst way possible. "Who's there?"

"Bo, how nice of you to visit." A weak voice sounded, sending chills down Bo's spine. The Succubus rushed to the place where the voice had come from, coming face to face with a bloody Tamsin. "I was beginning to wonder I'd have to stay here all night long."

"What the hell happened to you?"

Kneeling down next to Tamsin, Bo touched her arm slightly, taking in the state the woman in front of her was in: a couple scratches down her forearms, a cut on her forehead and a gash across her stomach, damping her shirt in dark red blood.

"I was jumped by a couple of goons. Greetings from the Morrigan, I believe." Tamsin coughed weakly, holding on to Bo with little strength she had left. "Oh, that hurts."

"I don't understand, you're a Valkyrie. How the hell were you jumped?" Bo had been there when Tamsin took out three grown men without breaking a sweat. There was no way this could've possibly happened. Or so she thought, until she smelled the alcohol that still lingered, albeit faintly, on the other woman's breath. "Were you drunk?"

"Pretty much, yeah. It was my usual Friday night dinner." Tamsin let herself fall into Bo's embrace, resting her head on the Succubus' shoulder. "Are you going to keep me on the cold ground all night? Cause I'm in actual pain here, short stuff."

"I'm not that short." Snaking an arm around Tamsin's waist, Bo helped the Valkyrie get on her feet, holding onto her strongly. Never before had she seen the older Fae so vulnerable, and it was scaring her a lot. "Hum, where to now? My house is far away and I didn't bring a car."

"Across the street. I like to sleep near a watering hole."

True to her word, Tamsin guided the both of them to a small building, and handed Bo her keys. Bo fiddled with them for a couple of seconds, while Tamsin propped herself up on the nearest wall, eyes closed.

"Why did you find me?"

"Huh? I was worried. You looked like shit the last time I saw you. Come here." Holding onto Tamsin again, Bo helped her make her way into the house. Just like Dyson's, it was mostly empty, save for a bed in the corner and the usual basic needs stuff. "Did I not get the memo about having an eerily empty living space?"

"Only wanderers get those. It's like a safeguard against building an actual life somewhere." Tamsin curled up on her bed, with great effort, letting out a shaky breath.

"So you move around a lot, huh?" Bo asked, going into the bathroom and rummaging for some sort of first aid kit the Valkyrie might have lying around.

"I used to. I was a hopeless wanderer and then you showed up, you fucking Succubus." Tamsin groaned, sitting up as best as she could, frustrated.

"Okay.. I'm going to blame your sudden rudeness on the pain you must be feeling. Need help taking the shirt off?"

"Already so keen on getting me out of my clothes?"

"Your wound needs cleaning and disinfecting. With what, I have no idea, because you do not possess one single first aid item." Bo sat in front of Tamsin, lightly slapping her hands away and unbuttoning the shirt herself. She exposed light skin, finding bruises forming on the Valkyrie's ribs, and felt the area around the wound carefully, causing Tamsin to shudder involuntarily and recoil from the other woman's cold fingers. "Doesn't seem that bad, actually."

"Valkyries heal fast. There's vodka in the kitchen cabinet. It'll have to do." Bo nodded, following Tamsin's directions. "Thanks for letting me keep my bra on, by the way. Very gentleman-like of you."

"Yeah yeah, lay down." Bo returned from the kitchen, bottle in hand and questions in mind. "Why is your trashcan overflowing with empty bottles?"

"They're my nourishment." Tamsin informed, flinching when Bo laid an alcohol drenched cloth on her wound.

"Why are you drinking yourself into oblivion, Tamsin?" The Valkyrie heard the fear and worry in Bo's voice clearly, mentally slapping herself for being the cause of them.

"It's just cause I can't have nice things. The alcohol helps in dealing with that." Tamsin chuckled to herself, as Bo cleaned the scratches on her arms. "I'm pitying myself just so you know, if you haven't figured it out by now."

Bo eyed her curiously. To her, the Valkyrie could have whatever she wanted, be it by use of pure strength and intimidation, or by batting her eyelashes at the nearest person. The latter was ultimately how Bo had ended up at a Dark Fae bar for 'lunch'.

"What do you consider 'nice things'?" The Succubus moved from the scratches on Tamsin's arm to the cut on her forehead, changing the cloth. Her face was close to the Valkyrie's, her breath hot on Tamsin's nose.

"Probably what Lauren and Dyson also consider a nice thing." Tamsin locked her gaze on Bo's, expectant. This was as close as she had ever come to voicing how she felt about the Succubus.

"You do know that Dyson is history and my relationship with Lauren has been over for like a month. I don't think they consider me a nice thing anymore." Bo put the cloth aside, smiling at Tamsin. She was taking a pretty big leap assuming that she was the 'nice thing', and hoped it wouldn't backfire.

"Wow, your ego really is huge, huh?"

Laughing dryly, Tamsin wriggled away from Bo as best as she could, but the Succubus had her hand resting on the mattress, trapping her.

"Am I wrong?"

"Well, yes. Of course Dyson and Lauren still think you're a nice thing. You're amazing."

"So your way of showing me that is getting wasted and then beat up?"

"I was hoping you'd save me and take care of me. And then one thing would lead to another, clothes would be discarded. The whole shebang, you know?"

"You're a mastermind, Tamsin." Bo leaned into Tamsin, stopping shortly before their lips touched. Tamsin shivered, affected by the proximity. "There's just one little flaw."

"Which is?"

Bo smiled, and just as Tamsin stretched her neck to close the gap between them, Bo got up.

"You're wounded and I doubt you'd survive a night of Sucu-loving in your state." The Succubus rummaged through the closet, finding an old t-shirt and tossing it to Tamsin. "Get dressed while I return your booze to its rightful place."

Tamsin groaned, biting down on the shirt. By the time Bo got back, the shirt was in place, and Tamsin had gotten rid of her pants, replacing them with shorts.

"Won't you be cold like that?" Bo worried, recalling the cold night outside the house.

"I have a feeling I'll be pretty warm during the night." Tamsin smiled, climbing back onto the bed and patting the space next to her. "No street clothes allowed."

"Minx." Bo called, striping down to her underwear.

"It's only fair, since you did see me in my bra. You're lucky I was wearing one."

"I'm not so sure, you know?" Bo laid down next to a sitting Tamsin, sighing deeply.

"Are you okay?" Tamsin asked, unsure. "I'm not demanding that you stay here. I'll be fine on my own. You can go home."

"And let you bleed out in the middle of the night? No thank you." Closing her eyes, Bo smiled, content. "I'm just tired. Haven't stopped moving since I got up."

"Oh. Okay.." Tamsin laid down next to Bo, awkwardly quiet.

"Don't make this weird, come here!" Bo stretched her right arm, inviting Tamsin into her embrace. As best as she could, the blonde rested her head on Bo's chest and a hand across her stomach. "Was it so hard to just admit you have a thing for me? Did you really have to go into train wreck mode?"

Tamsin tensed at Bo's words, ready to pull back, but Bo held onto her strongly.

"You weren't the only thing on my mind."

"Okay, sorry. You should rest now, and let that Valkyrie super healing work its mojo." Bo kissed Tamsin's forehead, like she had done earlier to Kenzi. Except with Tamsin, the feeling was different. Way different.

"There's a shit storm coming.. Bad things are going to happen, Bo."

"Not right now and not tonight. So don't worry about it and rest."

Tamsin nodded, gripping Bo's side tighter, as if to make sure the Succubus was really there and she wasn't just dreaming, like she had so often.

"Thank you for looking for me."

"Thank you for protecting me from the Morrigan." Tamsin's heart beat fast, and she looked up at Bo, confused.

"How do you know that?"

"Why else would she send goons to kick your ass?"

Tamsin chuckled, nodding. Bo nuzzled the blonde's head with her chin, closing her eyes. For tonight, she could take care of the Valkyrie and return the favor. Tomorrow, she'd deal with Kenzi's accusatory glare, which the human would surely have after finding out where Bo had spent the night.

"It'll be worth it." She murmured as the sound of Tamsin's soft breathing lulled her to sleep.

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