11:32 PM
i love this site is faeawsome
6:52 AM
8:08 PM
yay! thank you :3
11:28 PM
6:04 AM
4:32 PM
2:24 PM
7:36 PM
Everytime im on there is no one here D:.... y'all hiding from me T_T
7:20 AM
OMG I just saw a chat board :DDD
4:47 PM
11:29 AM
This weekend you guys!
4:31 PM
I'm still not over it...I don't think I will ever be over it
1:32 AM
Best. Weekend. EVAR.
8:18 AM
s4 starts today!!!!
5:00 PM
Happy Birthday Ash!!!!!!!
0:12 AM
4:53 AM
5:04 AM
5:05 AM
Happy weekend!
5:14 AM
Join us guests, we're all nice people here..
5:14 AM
this icon is sooo cute!
11:20 AM
6:27 AM
11:20 PM
This icon is soooo mean!
11:21 PM
lol lol lol this!
11:25 PM
This is me after happy hour lol
5:42 PM
1:54 AM
We're nice, promise...
2:07 AM
Hi guests! Join us!
4:59 AM
and stay forever...
8:34 AM
Tamsin (green)
Bo (yellow)
"Snap out of it!"
2:04 AM
Kamsin drinking.
T, you need more practice.
0:31 AM
What? where is everyone?
8:46 AM
WTF is happening to LG?
3:48 AM
9:41 AM
I just want a 2014 Tamsin/Rachel Skarsten calendar so I can appreciate her beauty while whispering all the great things she is.
10:37 PM
Dear Santa,
I just want a VALKUBUS KISS for Christmas.
Pretty Please...
10:40 PM
If you're not too busy, can they cuddle too?
7:42 AM
Wer do u get off being so perfect?
Your feathers are both yellow and gray...

8:02 AM
Yes you are.
To me, you are perfect.
You taste good too ...
11:28 PM
OMG!, Ep.8 is the best Christmas gift ever!
Thanks LG writers!
10:48 PM
Hey! what did u say 'bout Valkubus?
10:51 PM
so long, sucker!
10:54 PM
Doccubi team?
6:35 AM
Dyson: "Bo liked my puke better, I make more than you do!"
Lauren: "She liked my puke more!, it's greener than yours!"
8:44 AM
Do not sleep with him TamTam,

Why r u kissing him anyway? r u trying to give us a heart attack?

5:19 AM
Wolfyrie's get this.
7:59 AM
I'm not angry with Dyson, I'm actually practicing Ave Maria for him...
5:18 AM
Kenzi to Tamsin:
"It's alright, we have a cure for rabies"
5:22 AM
I feel abandoned ducky, I feel abandoned...

at least, I still have u...
but u don't talk...