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"Okay, so I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, but you need some salacious chi to get you through this one" Kenzi said, helping Bo settling on their couch.

The succubus lifted an eyebrow at her and started taking off her leather jacket.

"I'm fine, Kenzi."

"Maybe you'd seem fine to a blind person with no sense of smell, but that right there is a disgusting wound and it's been bleeding for almost an hour now." The girl walked to the kitchen and came back with a clean cloth. Bo glared at her friend and grabbed the cloth, using it to put pressure to the gash that crossed her torso from the navel to the lower back. "I would totally offer myself as your fast food device, but let's keep this at a sisterly level."

"Do we have some sort of bandage at home?" Bo asked, ignoring the concern disguised as repulse on Kenzi's face. She laid down slowly and closed her eyes. "I don't want to be holding this for the rest of the day."

"I'm getting Dr. Hotpants."


"Bo" Kenzi called, voice now filled with a slight hint of panic, shaking her shoulder. "Bo!"

"What?" the succubus replied, weakly. "Go on, go get Lauren."

"Shit, shit, shit." Kenzi ran upstairs and got a load of clean towels and anything that resembled medical material before sitting down next to Bo. "You can't fall asleep on me! Stay awake!" She lifted her up with a lot of effort and threw the already bloodied cloth to the floor. "Why didn't we go straight to Lauren's? I'm so not made to be a nurse." She poured half of a saline solution bottle onto the white towel and softly cleaned the cut as well as she could.

"Why does it keep bleeding?" Bo whined, getting paler by the minute.

"Gee, I don't know." Kenzi rolled her eyes while trying to find a way to bandage Bo appropriately. "Maybe because it was a Manticore who attacked you instead of a regular sentient being?"

"Kenzi, I think I need to feed." The succubus' breathing was shallow and she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. All she wanted to do was sleep until the pain was gone. "Could you get me a glass of water?"

"You need to feed, really? And the award to Captain Obvious goes to..." Kenzi stood up to get the water and helped Bo drink it with a gentleness she hoped was hidden from view most of the time. When Bo started coughing and suddenly spat blood, she jumped from the couch and started gesticulating frantically. "This is it, I'm calling Dyson!"

"No!" Bo managed to exclaim, her head back on the arm of the couch. "No Dyson. Lauren..." She lost her train of thought and Kenzi wasn't sure if she had fallen asleep or had simply passed out, but either way, she couldn't remember many times where she'd been more scared than this.

"Right, no Dyson." She took her phone out of her pocket and dialed Lauren's number. Bo needed to feed properly, but Lauren was always useful with her science and, working in the Light Fae compound, she'd have easier access to many a wonderful chi. "Come on, pick up, pick up." After the sixth ring, she gave up and called Trick.


"Thank all the mighty Fae divinities on Earth and beyond!"


"Yes!" she breathed, pacing behind the couch like a stressed animal. "Trick, I need your help! Bo was... It doesn't matter, I'll explain later. She got hurt. As in, hurt really, really bad. Like Mufasa after Scar was done with him hurt."

"What? What are you talking about, Kenzi?"

"Bo got into a fight with this pseudo human slash bunch of different animals all at the same time and he bit her and hit her with his tail." Kenzi sighed. Bo hadn't want Trick and the rest of the gang to learn about it, but the situation was not supposed to get out of hand.

"Was he a Dark Fae? Why was she wasting her time and energy fighting when she's so close to her Dawning?" The dwarf's voice sounded annoyed and demanding, so Kenzi figured she hadn't got her point across all that well.

"Trick, I love you and all the free beer at the Dal dearly, but Bo is lying on the couch, paler than Snow White, and she hasn't stopped bleeding for an hour. Can you help me now and we'll discuss this later?"

"Can you bring her over?"

"Sure, if our chaffeur could just get his ass in here and carry her out. We'll be there in 5." Kenzi practically shrieked. "Look, Bo asked for no Dyson for whatever Lauren reasons, but just send someone to help her. I don't care if they howl at the moon or sing at waves or fart rainbows, I need your help here, Trick. Bo needs to feed." She paused to look at the succubus. "Don't want to get all Oracle of Doom on you, but it seems like it's either that or death."

"Bo's too good to die like that, don't worry." The human girl felt strangely reassured by the smile she felt rather than heard on the other side of the line. "The cavalry will be there soon."

The loud and persistent knock made Kenzi jump from the coach, which prompted a meek groan from Bo.

"Glad to know you're still alive, Bo-Bo!" She stopped dead in her tracks when she opened the door and was faced with Tamsin's half-grin and omnipresent frown. "Uh... What are you doing here? Did Trick send you?"

The Valkyrie stepped inside, uninvited, her gaze slowly taking in the room. She barely remembered the last time she'd been there, but she felt a vague sensation of awkward comfort when the smell of the house hit her nostrils. It was the smell of freedom and carelessness. It was the smell of Bo and the scent of love. She could sense Kenzi's presence all over the place, but instead of making her scorn and hate everything about the old and decrepit house, it gave her a feeling of warmth. It was funny, really, how terrible the house looked, but how much it felt like a home.

"I heard Bo needed to do some chi-sucking" she finally replied, her eyes meeting Kenzi's. "I volunteered."

"As tribute?"

"Why do I feel that answering that question is potentially dangerous?"

"Because your assumption would be correct." Kenzi would laugh, but the situation was serious and she had no idea what Tamsin was doing there. She hardly knew her. As far as Kenzi was concerned, Tamsin was just Dyson's new and very unpleasant sidekick who spent way too much time at the Dal and had way too much tolerance to alcohol. She closed the door silently and walked to the couch, never letting Tamsin out of sight. "So, did I miss the memo where it was established that you don't hate Bo anymore?"

Tamsin furrowed her brow and a flicker of emotion passed through her green eyes, too fast for Kenzi to make anything of it.

"I guess you did."

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