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Valkubus. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... It all started like 4 or 5 months ago. I saw a friend post a gif of the Brazenwood kiss, got curious, watched season 3, and the rest was history. I read fanfiction nonstop. Started writing fanfiction. Wrote collab fanfiction. Got a tumblr. Got a twitter. Got a facebook. Now I'm making a website fml. Before living and breathing valkubus, I used to be a productive member of society. Now I'm just a hopelessly lazy student, aspiring to go back to grad school. You can call me Erara.

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Young. Wordy. Opinionated. I am a passionate valkubus shipper and a lover of film. I've been with Lost Girl since the start, but remained a casual viewer until the introduction of Tamsin. Since then, my life has slowly been enveloped into this strange and totally socially acceptable obsession with Valkubus. Praise be to Tamsin and Bo. Joss Whedon is my god. I love good stories and strong characters. I am a semi-dedicated student by day and a valkubus shipper by... always. I write valkubus fanfiction. I also go by Falala.

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So, this is where my Valkubus/Tamsin obsession has led me to as well. I watched Lost Girl before Tamsin, a casual viewer I suppose, but never got into the fandom until Tamsin arrived. I had no idea what tumblr even was or what ‘fangirling’ meant, so it was like discovering I was gay all over again because trust me, a fangirl I am. I suppose there’s more to me than Valkubus so let’s see: Microbiologist, Atheist, Gamer, Girlfriend. I live in an oven sometimes called an island and I’ll be starting Grad School in January (hopefully).

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