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Trivial Days

Chapter 1 - Worst Day Ever

9:00 am - Bo's bedroom

The ringing phone woke Bo up.

" Dyson...I swear...if you don't have anything important I'm gonna..." Bo lied on her stomach, growling to the phone.

" Rough night?"

" Just had too much drinks with Kenzi. What do you want?"

" I got a case that I need some fresh eyes."

" Ok... I'll be an hour."

" I'll give you 20 minutes."

9:30 am - Police Station

Bo walked in the police station. She had her usual outfit on, black leather jacket, black tank top, pair of jeans and boots.

Tamsin was sitting on the desk in the interrogation room when Bo walked in. She was reading some case files. She rolled her eyes at Bo. Bo ignored her and said Hi to Dyson, who was sitting on the chair.

" I am not the suspect again, am I?" Bo asked hesitantly.

" No. It's just quieter in here. You want some coffee?" Dyson pushed a chair to her.

" Do you have to ask?"

Dyson shrugged. He walked out to get some coffee for Bo, and himself.

Bo sat there, bored. Tamsin was looking at the files the whole time, instead of looking at her.

" So, why am I here?" Bo looked at Tamsin and asked.

" Apparently you are needed for interrogating some stubborn suspect, off the record." Tamsin hopped off the table and smirked at Bo. She leaned over and whispered to Bo's ears:" Time for your succubus charm for some real deal."

10:00 am - Outside Interrogation room 2

" I'm telling you that you got the wrong guy! He doesn't know anything!" Bo stared at Tamsin and said loudly.

" Don't you think it's a little bit too late to say that, since we have his prints all over the crime scene, with eyewitnesses?" Tamsin had her arms crossed on her chest.

" Apparently he doesn't know anything about the crime."

" Well push harder! Make him beg!"

" Wow, if we were in bed, I'd be soooo turned on by you right now." Bo rolled her eyes.

" Easy, girls." Dyson gave them each a cup of coffee.

" Dyson, help me out here, dude. It's got to be him. We got eye witnesses, forensic evidences..." Tamsin turned to him and said.

" It's not him, Dyson, I'm sure of it." Bo said to Dyson firmly.

Tamsin stepped up towards Bo and stared at her. Bo stared back.

" You are not a cop!" Tamsin said.

" And you are not doing your job right!" Bo replied.

" Ok, I'm gonna make a judgment call here then." Dyson said. He pulled them further apart, just in case they spit the other person on the face.

" And what is that?" Both Bo and Tamsin said at the same time.

" We go visit the crime scene again."

11:15 am - Crime Scene: victim's apartment

" So, girl came home from the bar, girl took a bath, girl got killed in the bathtub." Bo walked around in the bathroom of the apartment and said, " Smells like an old movie."

She looked around the bathroom. It looked that whoever the girl was, she apparently spent a lot time decorating her apartment. There were flowers in the vase, and paintings on the wall, even in the bathroom.

" Victim tried to crawl out for help, but the killer dragged her back to the bathtub and killed her. Neighbors heard the screams and called 911. At least five witnesses confirmed our suspect fled from front gate before cops showed up." Dyson said, with the files in his hand.

" Let me see those photos again." Bo took the folder from Dyson's hand. She looked at the victim, who was found dead in the bathtub. She was merged in warm water and diluted blood of her own, with her neck above out of the water. The killer had put her hands in front of her chest, as if she was praying. Her eyes were closed, five bloody trails were dragged down all the way from her forehead to her face. It looked like the killer had closed her eyes after her death.

" Wait a minute..." Bo pointed to the photo, " Something is not right."

" What is it?"

" Look at the trails, the thumb is on the right side. The killer is a lefty, but your suspect is not." Bo said, " He's not the killer."

" Oh you can't possibly derive that from a photo!" Tamsin said, " Maybe he used his left hand instead of his right hand, just so he can throw us off the trail."

" Then why did he exposed himself in front of the witnesses? He could have gone down from the fire escape."

" Then what exactly are you proposing here?" Tamsin took a deep breath in frustration.

" Well, re-investigate, and find the right guy this time."

4:00 pm - Police Station

Tamsin put both her hands on her temples, to ease her headache. She was looking at the crime scene photos and reports, while Dyson was out interviewing the witnesses again.

She felt irritated. She didn't want to admit it but she hated that when the succubus was right.

Then she noticed something in the photo. It was the vase in the bathroom. She remembered that when they visited the crime scene in the morning, the flowers were still fresh, but the victim died five days ago.

" Oh shit, shit!" Tamsin called Dyson, but he was not answering. She had no other choice but to call Bo.

" If you are calling to apologize, I'm gonna say I told you so." Bo said on the other side of the photo.

" Don't you think you daydream too much?" Tamsin said, " Do you remember what flowers were in the vase when we visited the apartment?"

" What?" Bo said, " I think it was irises, why?"

" Shit! The flowers in the crime scene photo are lilies." Tamsin said.

" What do you mean?"

" The killer went back to the crime scene and brought new flowers. He's revisiting his crime scene."

5:00 pm - Crime Scene: victim's apartment

" Yep, definitely he's revisiting the crime scene." Tamsin pointed at the photo in front of the vase, " Different flowers."

" Not only he changed the flowers in this one, but in all the other vases in the apartment too." Bo said.

" This type of irises is very rare, I think we can narrow it down by looking into which flower shops are selling them. We find the flower shop, we find the killer."

" I didn't know you knew about flowers."

" Oh, there are a lot things you don't know about me, sweetheart." Tamsin turned to her and smirked.

" Well I guess my work is done here, and I'm going home." Bo patted Tamsin's shoulder.

Tamsin wanted to say something, but they both heard some noises coming from outside the bathroom.

Before they could react, a man rushed into the bathroom. They looked at each other, and all startled.

The man looked exactly like the suspect. He looked at Tamsin and Bo, then he growled. Claws grew from his hand and sharp teeth grew from his mouth. He dashed to Tamsin, grabbed her and threw her to the living room.

Tamsin hit the wall. She gasped to ease the pain on her back and rolled up on her knees. She took out a blade from inside her jacket and prepared to fight.

The man, or the monster, grabbed Bo and threw her out. Bo hit the big mirror in the living room and broke it. Shards of glasses fell on the floor with Bo, with her blood on them.

The monster attacked Bo with his claws. Bo rolled on the floor and dodged them, but he had finally got hold of her and pierced her through with his claws.

Tamsin jumped on him and killed him with a slit throat cut on his neck.

The monster growled loudly and fell to the floor. His body started to change shape. Finally they saw something looked like a hybrid of wolf and mouse lying on the floor, dead.

" Shit! I should have thought about that. It's a Rakshasa. He shapeshifted to the suspect and killed the victim." Tamsin sat on the floor gasping. "I guess it's lucky that I have the lead blade with me."

" Ya think?" Bo sat up with agonizing moans escaping from her throat. She pressed the wounds on her stomach hard, trying to stop the bleeding.

" This is the moment when I tell you I told you so." Bo said, when she was gasping in pain.

6:00pm - Bo's place

" Wow, that!" Bo was still stunned by the powerful valkyrie Chi she had. They only kissed for less than two minutes and all her wounds were just healed. She also felt something else, something subtle, something that stunned her during their kiss.

" Well, glad to see that you are sufficiently juiced." Tamsin pulled her lips away from Bo's. She cleared her throat and started to walk to the door.

" Wait." Bo stood up and grabbed her jacket.

Tamsin turned back and looked at her, with her eyebrows raised.

Bo kissed her again. This time she was sure.

" Emmm, what the hell?" Tamsin pushed her away and asked her. She tried hard not to look like she was expecting more.

" I think I might be bleeding internally..." Bo pressed her lips on Tamsin's again, before she finished her sentence.

The valkyrie panicked, but soon she was drowned in the kiss and the charms sent by Bo's fingers gently touching her arms.

" That could be fatal..." Tamsin murmured during their kiss.

" Indeed it could..." Bo whispered to her when she tucked her hands under Tamsin's shirt and unhooked her bra.

" Then I guess we should..." Tamsin couldn't finish what she was saying because she had to bit her lips to stop from screaming.

" Yeah..." Bo kissed her again. They started to walk up stairs.

8:00 pm - Bo's bedroom

" Wow, that was...amazing!" Bo stared at the ceiling, gasping for air, with her eyes wide opened. She never felt so recharged before.

She stayed there for a whiled, then she rolled herself on top of Tamsin.

" Let's do it again." She said.

9:00 pm - Bo's bedroom

" What are you doing?" Bo stared at Tamsin, who straddle her. " I thought you begged for me to stop."

" It's your turn to beg, bitch!" Tamsin smirked and kissed her.

11:00 pm - Bo's bedroom

Tamsin woke up in her shallow sleep. It took her a while to realize that she was in Bo's bed.

Oh shit! Shit! She cursed in her heart. She closed her eyes, and tried to move her body. The moment she moved, Bo moaned vaguely beside her and buried herself closer to the blonde. Tamsin wanted to pull away, but Bo frowned in her dream and hugged her tighter. She rested her head under Tamsin's chin. She rubbed Tamsin's chest with her cheek for a couple of times, as if she was looking for the softest spot.

Crap! Tamsin closed her eyes in great frustration.

5:30 am - Bo's bedroom

" Shit!" Tamsin sat up and rolled herself off the bed. She looked at her cell phone. It was 5:30 already. She knew she had to go back to her own apartment to get a shower, to get changed, and to work out before she went to work. She convinced herself that she had to leave, so she wouldn't need to face the succubus when she woke up.

She pulled up her pants and looked for her shirt on the floor. She tried to be as quiet as she possibly could, but she still woke the succubus up.

" You know, you really don't need to sneak out like this." Bo said, when she was checking out the half naked blonde.

" I need to go." Tamsin put her shirt on.

" No you don't." Bo moved to the side of the bed and sat up, with her foot tapping the floor.

" I got to go back to my apartment to take a shower-"

" You can take a shower here."

" - and get changed -"

" You can wear mine."

" And I need my daily work out-"

" Well that can be arranged too." Bo stared at her, giving the valkyrie a you-know-what-I-mean look. She enjoyed teasing the blonde and watching her freaking out.

" I really don't have time for this, Bo." Tamsin finally had put on her jacket.

" Is it so scary to stay here for just two more hours with me? Or you just don't want to?"

" No. Shit! It's just..." Tamsin took a deep breath and turned her head away from Bo, as if she didn't know whether she should say it or not.

" Just what?"

" If I stay here, things will get awkward..." She couldn't finish her sentence.

" Why do you think things will get awkward?" Bo stood up. She approached the valkyrie, and laid her hands on her waist. She could feel the valkyrie was startle by her move. She pulled Tamsin closer to her, close enough that she could lay a kiss on her lips.

" You think you are just my fed, don't you?" Bo pulled back and gazed into her eyes.

Tamsin sighed, but she didn't say anything.

Bo looked at her, with her hands caressing the valkyrie's face, " God, I thought I was the one who sucked at reading people. I have feelings for you, Tamsin."

Bo gave Tamsin a light kiss on her lips, then she added:" Unless you don't feel the same way."

Tamsin couldn't say anything but to kiss the brunette back. Both of them melted in the passionate kiss in seconds.

They stood beside the window and kissed until both of them heard something. They turned around and saw Kenzi standing at the door, with her mouth and eyes wide open and her cell phone dropped on the floor.

" Holy mother of- " Kenzi couldn't finish her sentence. She had been staring at them for at least five minutes, then she stretched her face for a awkward smile and said:" Morning."

Kenzi stepped back and turned around. She left the room. Although they heard a loud noise on the stairs, it sounded like Kenzi fell off.

" Kenz, are you ok?" Bo yelled.

" I'm perfect! I'm perfect...perfect..." The Russian girl mumbled.

Then everything went quiet again.

Tamsin closed her eyes and sighed in great frustration. " It's all your freaking fault, succulet! Now in five minutes, everyone in your life is going to know about this shit!"

" So?" Bo raised her eyebrows and pulled her closer again.

" Oh God, this is the worst freaking day ever! Shit!"

" Well to me, it's the best day ever." Bo chuckled and kissed the blonde again. Then she pulled back a little and said:" Now, how about some morning work out..."

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