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To Me You Are

"Take a page from my book and take a bath."

Tamsin turned to stare at Bo, and decided it wasn't such a bad idea. Why not? She was dirty. Baths were clean. Good idea.

She kicked off her shoes, only stumbling a little, and got into the bathtub, clothes, gun and all… oops, gun. She pulled it out of her holster, watching the bath water drip out of the barrel. She grinned at Bo.

"Oops," she shrugged, and tossed the gun to the side, ignoring the clatter it made on the hard bathroom floor. The alcohol she'd been subsisting off of was sloshing in her belly, making her brain feel all warm and fuzzy. Bo was so pretty. No, pretty wasn't the word…

"Where do you get off being so perfect?" That was the right word. Bo was perfect, too perfect. She couldn't be meant for Tamsin… damaged goods that she was. Tamsin looked down, splashing the bathwater with her fingers.

Bo looked confused, guarded.

"Think you've seen everything." Tamsin continued. She looked up at Bo again, and her voice became rough as she thought about the incredible, unreal person in front of her. "And then you see you."

Bo shook her head slightly, raising her gorgeous eyebrows at Tamsin. "I'm alright." She said, softly but with conviction. "But I'm not perfect."

She was wrong, she just didn't see what Tamsin saw in her. Tamsin leaned forward, moving closer to Bo in the bathtub, until her breasts were brushing up against Bo's knees. "Yes you are." She took a breath, trying to explain. "To me you are." Did Bo understand? She was Tamsin's perfect woman. "Your eyes are both brown and blue." She began, not knowing completely what she was saying, but feeling a need to get it all off her chest, this thing she felt for Bo. Perfect, heartbreakingly beautiful and kind Bo. Bo with the heart of a warrior, who cared more about her friends than her own life.

Bo was staring straight into her eyes, and when she spoke, her words came out in a half-whisper. "Tamsin, what are you doing?"

Tamsin felt a warm glow in her chest, her love for Bo swelling up into her throat, her mouth, filling the space between them. She raised herself up out of the bath gently, so that she could move her body over Bo's, pressing her breasts into Bo's knees, effectively pinning her there. She looked down at the place Bo's heart would be in her chest, and she tapped the soft, wet skin over it with two fingers. "Your heart… is both strong, and gentle." She looked up at Bo, wanting her to understand the wonder she felt, every time she was around her. Bo was searching her eyes, and Tamsin's heart felt ready to burst with the love she held for her. "You're virtuous." It was a fact she had been resistant to accepting, but when she realized the purity of Bo's motives, she fell even harder for her. "Yet you're a succubus." She looked at Bo, warring emotions on her face. She loved that Bo was a succubus. The desire and hunger she could feel rippling from her, the power she wielded with a touch or by simply walking into a room… it was intoxicating. More seductive than the finest whiskey to Tamsin. It had taken days of alcohol-induced stupor for her to admit that to herself, but once she did, images of Bo, naked and wanting release, wanting Tamsin, haunted her waking and dreaming hours. She shook her head, fear fighting with desire inside her. "You shouldn't be…" She whispered, staring at Bo as if Bo might save her, but also as if it were Bo she was drowning in.

"Be what?" Bo demanded, looking as if she wanted to shake the Valkyrie, shake some sense into her. Tamsin knew she was being cryptic, but even she didn't know exactly what she meant. Bo shouldn't be her mark. She shouldn't be the one. She should not be his daughter. And she shouldn't be here, feeling like Tamsin's destiny. Tamsin's endgame. It couldn't really be happening like this, could it?

"Be real." Tamsin said, feeling desperate and lonely suddenly. "Be here." I am the one who shouldn't be here, she thought. What am I doing? Tamsin pushed herself up and out of the bathtub, scooping up her shoes and the bottle of liquor. She would need that later, when she got to her car and could mull over how badly she'd just fucked up. For now, her thoughts felt slow and mushy, and she had a sudden, desperate need to get out of that bathroom. Bo knew too much about her feelings now. She had to blow it off.

"Okay!" Bo sounded shocked, and… disappointed? "I'll see you at the Dal, I guess."

"Keep your wits about you." Tamsin said, not really joking. She took a swig from the bottle, and added, "you never know who might be watching." But I do, she thought, and walked out the door.

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