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The Lies You Fake

"There is love, of course. And then there's life - it's enemy." Jean Anouilh.

Blood dripping and wounds disclosed, the latest action in the street hadn't gone exactly to plan. Bo couldn't recall when she had gone from having the upper hand to suffering several deep gashes across her torso, along her sides and down her legs. Sufficed to say, when fighting an under Fae who had claws that could make every feline on the planet whimper to a dark corner in shame. She couldn't categorize what it was called, in fact, it took what little stamina she could conjure to high-tail it out of there before she got herself ripped to pieces. A ceasing guilt crept her mind to think that unsuspecting civilians may become the next target. Their death would be on her hands. Not literally, but paved deeply into her conscience.

The succubus strained to see through a blurred vision as she balanced herself against the wall. Her body felt both heavy in some area and as light as a feather in others. It put her balance way out of sync, hence why she kept stumbling every second or third step that she took. By a miracle alone, she had reached the familiar door to Dyson's apartment, because quite frankly she was in serious need of healing and he had proven to be her most proficient match. Emotions attached or not, she knew that it was a solid plan to use someone that she relied on with her life. Bo craned her bruised arm up and pounded her bloodied fist into the wooden door.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

Still, there was no sign of an answer. No movement to be heard through the wooden obstruction in front of her. Exhaling a painful breath, she assured herself that the male was probably just listening to his music too loud - even though things were silent enough to hear a pin drop. Repeating her previous action, she forced her knuckles to hit against the door again, harder this time. The lack of response was making her already-racing heart spiral into a much more overbearing level. Injury and panic made for a terrible combination, as she had learned many times in the past, but this time felt worse, somehow. Maybe the added hopelessness of not seeing the shapeshifter in front of her had done the trick.'Come on Dyson, where are you?' Bo's inner thoughts only asserted the fact that she was on her own. Like deadweight, she dropped her hand to clasp at the door knob, attempting to twist it to see whether or not she could use a simpler means to get into the apartment, but it was locked, unfortunately.

"Out of all of the Fae in this town, the one I need just has to be out." The succubus uttered to herself as she took a clumsy step back until she had slumped against the wall. Her tired limbs and heavy eyes were tempting her to succumb to rest but she knew better than that. Sleeping would be a sure death for her in her current condition. She shook her head as though it would sweep the lure away. "Great, just great."
Bo used whatever willpower she could still cling to in order to urge herself from the wall. She began to hobble back the way she had come from, clasping one hand to her side to clamp onto the deepest slash. It was the worst as it continued to leak the warm, thick, blood from her body. The feel of her most vital bodily fluid caked against her palm and fingers was making her nauseous; said thought distracted her mind so much that she had made it out into the cold street. A small gale of wind blowing by her was the only realization she had that now was the time to come up with a back-up plan. Given that it was during the late hours of the night, the street was empty, which was both good and bad. Good because she wouldn't draw unwanted attention to herself. Bad because her chances of finding an adequate feed were screwed.
As she fought against swaying, the succubus wracked her mind for another hope. The Dal was too far for her to reach and the next closest location of familiarity was the 39th Division. The local police station where Dyson worked. It was usually kept open through all hours if ever there was an emergency. Could the male be there? He was frequently at the gym within the building when he needed to let off some steam. Perhaps he had decided upon a late night training session. Well, there was only one way to find out. What other option did she have while she bled out? Seconds of waiting were simply seconds that she could feel the grim reaper grinning down upon her. She had been dodging his somber clutches for too long to get caught now.

With a plan set in her mind, Bo ordered her body to begin moving again. Each step she took was heavier than the last, and every breath gave her a sharp and painful reminder as to exactly where she was hurt. And to be honest, the agony screamed in all directions. As she walked down the dismal pavement, she kept telling herself that she needed to survive this night - for Kenzi, for Lauren, for the chance to catch up to that damn under Fae and give it the rematch of it's life, literally. Picturing it's gaunt and scaly face was enough to make her teeth grit in contempt.

It had taken all of about seven minutes until the succubus was pulling the door to the station open, the corridor lights caused her eyes to squint - what with it being much brighter in here compared to where she had previously been. Glancing from side to side, to get her bearings right, Bo soon made a turn down one end of the hallway. She winced when she noticed that a few drops of blood were hitting against the clean marble floor beneath her feet. Oh perfect, if she bled to death then at least there would be a trail for everyone to follow so that they could find her body.

The thought wasn't inspiring, but it gave her a bitter amusement for a few fleeting seconds as she descended the small set of stairs that led down to the fitness room. 'Please be here, Dyson.' She pleaded in her mind as she heard the distant booming of music once she had reached the ground floor.

Thank the heavens, the music meant that someone was here.

The dark cloud of despair that had been looming over Bo's head was suddenly beginning to disperse.

The sheer and utter hopelessness was scattering, even though the physical pain still remained.

As the succubus progressed further along the hall, the song became more audible. She couldn't admit to recognizing the music, but it sounded like something she would expect the wolf-shifter to work out to.

She made her way into the open room, although froze immediately in her tracks.

Her hopes were pinned on finding Dyson, but that wasn't who she saw. No, in the near distance, by the strung up punchbag, she saw the back of an all too familiar blonde.

In the past ten minutes Bo's luck had gone from bad, to worse, to hopeless, then to not-so-hopeless and now she had finally arrived at unbearably ironic. She needed a miracle to get her to the morning and she had found one that she had not expected, or particularly wanted.

Tamsin hadn't even noticed her yet, not with the way that she was pre-occupied with squaring her fists into the boxing bag as though it was her one and only rival in this life.

Against all judgement, Bo couldn't help but watch the way that the woman's body moved, it was strangely appealing - as though it was wrong that a person should look attractive while throwing pretty tough punches. The succubus was really out of options as she ventured further into the room. This was not going to be pleasant. She and the valkyrie had a checkered history.

Once she was close enough, she reached her hand out in preparation to tap the blonde on the shoulder to alert her of her presence. The music had masked the sound of her steps rather well, she assumed.

However, said assumption was proven wrong when she found that Tamsin's hand had already shot back and grasped her wrist, painfully tight. "Well, well." The valkyrie's tone oozed smugness as she began to turn around, "it's not very courteous to sneak up on a lady-" Immediately her words came to a flatline when she found that she hadn't caught some pervert or intruder, but rather... the infamous unaligned succubus. On first sight alone, the brunette looked like hell. She hadn't seen so much blood before, or at least she couldn't remember if she had.
The blonde loosened her grip, but didn't release her hold. "Don't tell me, you got into a cat fight with your beloved doc?" Trust her to start making wise cracks. In the next second, she had pushed Bo's forearm from her grip.

"You wish." The succubus mumbled sorely as she watched the valkyrie through a set of heavy lidded eyes. It was difficult to hear with the way the music was constantly blaring and she had even cringed to show that the volume was unpleasant to her ears, but thankfully that problem was taken care of when Tamsin carelessly leaned down and hit her thumb against the button on the stereo to stop the current track. The sudden silence was almost daunting, and yet Bo's ears weren't complaining anymore, so in that sense she knew that she was a little grateful. Manners were the last thing she expected from the blonde.

"So," Tamsin began as she straightened back up, casually stretching her arms behind her back, "wanna tell me what you're doing here? Or do you just enjoy wasting my time?"

Well, the tense atmosphere was already at a strong point between the two, as always, and Bo found herself too exhausted to want to go for a full-fledged argument. "I came here looking for Dyson."

"...but you found someone much better." The valkyrie arrogantly added through a small smirk as she turned around and walked across to the wooden counter, in which her bottle of water rested upon. "Let me guess, you wanted to romp with the wolf to make you feel all new again? And then the merry little gang of smiles and rainbows wouldn't lose their star player."

The succubus was finding it increasingly difficult to hold her tongue with the way that she was being verbally taunted. "I do need to heal, yes. Ten points detective." She replied stubbornly as she tried to approach the same area where the valkyrie was now standing, but her steps were less refined. "I hate to say it, but that under Fae really did a number on me." Groaning the end of her words, she couldn't believe that Tamsin was just able to take a drink of water and nod along as though they were discussing something trivial like a tea party.

Once the blonde had finished sipping the cold liquid, she lowered the bottle back to the counter, raising a brow as a bitter smirk grew across her lips. "Hm, you've got guts to take on an under Fae solo." Her words were close to a compliment, but she never breached that line. Instead she tipped her head in the direction of the door, "but as you can see Dyson isn't here. It sucks to be you." She hummed through a teasing voice.

Bo wasn't sure whether Tamsin was being serious for her to leave, or whether she was milking the situation for it's worth. Surely she must have known the reason as to why she wasn't left in peace right now. It irritated the brunette to no end as she gazed at the ever constant smirk on the other female's face. Damn it, why did she have to look so annoying... and yet so beautiful?

"Tamsin..." Bo said, in a sort of warning. She never liked being jerked around like this.

"Yes?" The valkyrie answered, mockingly, before she feigned a look of surprise. "Oh, you mean... you need to feed right now?" She was acting thoughtful, but it only took another second until she had shrugged her shoulders and attempted to walk past the struggling-to-stay-awake succubus. "Well, good luck with that."

All of the unfading arrogance caused something to snap a little inside of Bo, as before she knew it, she had unconsciously taken a hold of the blonde's bicep to stop her from leaving. "Please." Resorting to pleading made her feel ill inside, although it was her last remaining option. She didn't want her pride to become her downfall. "Believe me when I say that I wish it had been Dyson here, but... please."

"I'm not your friend Bo, you're mistaking me for someone who gives a damn." Tamsin remarked uncaringly as she tried to tug her arm back to herself.

"Jesus, Tamsin, don't pull that crap with me. You were the one who went out of your way to help me rescue Kenzi, you let me feed off of you. That means something." The succubus rebounded and curled her fingers tighter.

"Still thinking about that, are you? I can't say that I blame you, my energy did give you quite the kick."

Being reminded of how the valkyrie's Chi tasted caused Bo to feel a small twinge of desire, as though she remembered how addictive it had been and how Tamsin's lips had felt against her own for those brief moments beforehand. Now that she thought about it, the blonde looked highly enticing right now; her body hyped up from the exercise, her stomach muscles showing themselves to be perfectly toned given the sports crop-top she was wearing and her hair tied back, which displayed how smooth her neck was.

In that brief analysis, the succubus found that she was stepping closer, tugging the other female around to face her properly, "My mind is hazy on that, but if you give me a repeat performance...I'm sure I will agree."

Tamsin found that her resolve wasn't as astute when Bo was lessening the distance between them. "A repeat performance? What am I? Some sort of circus act?" Ever the snidey one, she would never pass up an opportunity to take a verbal jab.

"You call it a circus act, I call it a service of life saving." Aware that there would be some form of witty comeback, the succubus didn't give Tamsin the chance, she just hauled her down into a full-on kiss, practically crushing their lips together as one last act of desperation. And to her surprise, the valkyrie had responded quicker than she had thought. She could feel the woman's tongue intruding into her mouth, invading everywhere until reaching her own. Bo's moans were caught in the back of her throat as she threw her arms around the blonde's neck, holding her tight like she was a form of oxygen support.

And in return, Tamsin's hands were gripping against the brunette's hips as the two began to move backwards. She was trying to keep the other female steady while their tongues were at war, tangling and thrashing in a way that would make a nun faint. Maybe all of the tension between them had caused things to get heated so quickly, they had probably been dancing around this for so long now that it was bound to blow-up like this sooner or later. And in this circumstance, it was the former.

The succubus was making small noises as she raked her fingernails down the valkyrie's top, indicating that she wanted it off. She clung to the material tightly, breaking the kiss through a light gasp as her back was pushed up against the wall. Both women were heaving in deep breaths already and Tamsin had quickly attacked Bo's neck with her lips, nipping the tender flesh before she soothed over the same area with her tongue. She could feel her newly-found lover squirm in delight as she began to undo the buttons on her blood stained shirt.

Although as soon as she found one button that was putting up more resistance than was considered intelligent, the valkyrie aggressively tore the rest of the blouse open and then yanked it down the injured female's body. And in doing so, she only ignited the same fire from the succubus, because she found that she was forced to raise her arms so that Bo could finally pull the crop-top from her.

No sooner did both items get thrown somewhere to the ground, the valkyrie and the succubus were back on each other as if there was no tomorrow. Tamsin picked up where she left off as she continued to trail of hot kisses down the brunette's neck.

"Mmm." Bo failed at trying to stifle a moan. The blonde just seemed to know the exact spots which made her weak. All of her arousal was pooling through her body, and she could sense that the valkyrie's own aura was equally as explosive. It was difficult to recall the pain in her body when she was being attacked with so much pleasure instead. Even though she still considered Tamsin to be an uptight and unemotional jackass, she had to hand it to her that her mouth was blanketing all of the sensual areas on Bo's neck to the point where it felt insane. Only now did she become aware that she was being teased with the way that this event was taking it's time.

"Tamsin, please..." She forced her words through a breathless voice as she focused on getting the blonde out of her damn clothes.

"Do you beg like this when you're with Lauren? Or is it a right reserved only for me?" The blonde purred in a sly voice, her words spoken against the woman's neck.

Bo could feel the smirk against her neck - and along with the words - it drove her wild inside. No, she hadn't begged before. This was a first. "Don't get to used to it, because by the time I'm done with you, you'll know exactly what it's like."

She could tell by the lack of a quick response that she had probably excited the other female. And the answer to follow was a dead giveaway. "Is that a promise?"

"You bet." Bo used the last burst of strength she had to push away from the wall until she had literally tackled Tamsin straight to the ground. It was a bold move but she knew that it was the type of rough play that the detective would go for. Initially she had been the one on top however it didn't stay that way. As much as she tried to resist, the valkyrie was able to get the upper hand this time. And Bo was left to stare up at that very same smirk of confidence.

Tamsin didn't have to put much effort into keeping the injured female steady underneath her, she snuck her hand down between their bodies so that she could unbutton Bo's jeans. Each action was a tease in itself as she then ventured beneath the underwear until her palm had cupped firmly against her lover's core.

"Oh..." Bo whimpered softly as she urged her hips closer into the contact, she was embarrassed over how wet she had become, especially since it proved that the valkyrie was the causer.

"Well, you know how to make a girl feel special don't you?" The detective brushed her fingers through the moist folds, spreading Bo's juices around a little. "Do you realize how wet you are right now, succulette?"

The questions really weren't helping Bo's state of mind, in fact, it turned her on so much that she craved to have the power to just screw Tamsin's brains out. "Can you just-" Trying to give a hint at what she wanted, she continued to raise her hips to meet the female's touch as best as she could. She was beyond ready.

"Can I just...?" Tamsin repeated the words as slow as she could, obviously waiting for an end to the original sentence. Her fingertips were beginning to strum lightly against the succubus' clitoris, which was both tender and swollen due to all of the foreplay so far.

Bo had to close her eyes, inhaling a shuddering breath when the was receiving some attention, but it wasn't enough. "Shit, can you just take me already." There, she said it. And it was less of a request and more of a desperate command.

Her words had clearly gotten her somewhere though, without warning, she felt that the female had driven two fingers inside of her, roughly. A sharp gasp burst from Bo's closed lips before she ended up arching her back, "Oh, god!" She exclaimed in sheer bliss as the valkyrie's digits began to thrust in and out of her at a pace she could only describe as 'mind numbing'. The succubus had been with women before, and even now she was in a solid relationship with Lauren, but Tamsin was so controlled and sure of herself. Her movements were strong and way too precise.

It was as though she knew how to work Bo's body inside and out - and that was a little scary given that they had never had sex up until now. All of her thoughts turned to mush as Tamsin ground her palm against her clit, forcing her to buck her hips up. "Oh, oh... Tamsin, yes, right-right there..." Her moans were husky and heavy as she clung to the valkyrie, feeling the way that the muscles in her left arm became tense everytime she drove her fingers deep into the succubus.

Bo was now grinding her hips up and against the movements, creating more friction, her fingernails were digging in to Tamsin's shoulders, raking red marks over the pale skin. She could feel all of the pleasure knotted in her groin burn as she was driven closer to that euphoric edge. She needed the sweet release, just about as much as she needed to feed. The atmosphere was so charged that she could feel her thighs beginning to tremble. The valkyrie's fingers were exploring every sensitive crevasses that existed inside of her, and it was during a particularly hard thrust that she gave in. "I'm... I'm coming..." She was breathlessly crying out as her muscles started to tighten; her body shining in a light sweat as the wave of an intense orgasm started to wash through her.

Tamsin could feel the female's inner walls grip against her digits and she continued to work the succubus through the powerful climax, paying attention to the way that her back was arching and that her mouth was agape as though she was lost to reality. It was a beautiful sight to finally behold and she felt as if she had won. Her thumb circled firmly around Bo's clitoris, which she was sure was going to send her to her peak for a second time. God, she hoped that it did.

The two of them were a mess of sweat and smeared blood stains as they pressed tightly into one another on the gym floor. It was a good thing the building was empty because there had been quite a lot of noise from the aroused succubus.

During the torrent of pleasure coursing through her, Bo managed to grasp at some stability. She took a hold of the detective's cheeks and forced their lips together harshly. What started out as a kiss soon transformed into a feeding session as she began to draw out the desired Chi. Tamsin's mouth was parted as the blue flow of energy transferred from her and straight to the succubus. It's potent rejuvenation was beginning to mend all of the critical wounds already. The gashes were no longer bleeding out and the bruises were masked back to pristine skin. The Chi was always so addictive that Bo had trouble pulling herself away, she didn't want to take too much from the blonde, and she just managed to stop herself before she really did get carried away.

Slumping back down onto the cold floor, she was exhausted and re-energized all at once. "Wow."

Tamsin, on the other hand, felt exerted from how much energy she had so generously given to the other female. She was panting softly as she moved both of her hands to rest against the floor at either side of Bo, simply to keep herself propped up so that she didn't end up collapsing. "Glad to see that you're back in working order." She couldn't help but feel a little proud with the way she had made the succubus writhe around so much, but she didn't actually plan on admitting that, otherwise it might sound as though she was getting attached.

There was a silence between the two, which was rather awkward now that the lust and healing had been fulfilled. Being the more hot-headed of the two, the valkyrie figured that she was going to have to be the one to break the tension first. "Well, since you're no longer on death's door, we can call this a night. As much as I'd love to remain a tangled mess on the floor with you, a valkyrie has things to do." Her sarcasm had returned to her tone as though it had never left in the first place and as she used a lot of effort to pull herself back up to her feet, she finally saw that she had some of Bo's blood against her stomach, bra and along her arms. "Great, you leave quite the mess."

"Think of it as payback for the way you tore my shirt. How am I going to explain that to Lauren?" Bo huffed as she also stood up. It was amazing as to how freely her body was working. All of her earlier pain was nothing more than a bad memory.

"Just tell her that I'm an uncontrollable force that dominated you, and that I had you begging." Tamsin shrugged her shoulders and then pointed a stern index finger at the brunette. "Don't forget the begging. Never forget the begging." Okay, so she was deliberately tormenting the way that she had managed to overwhelm the succubus completely.

"Tamsin." Bo was growling now, it was silly of her to think that she could rely on help to come up with an appropriate excuse for what had happened.

"Oh, just relax, will you? If you're worried that I'll say something to the doc, then don't. I'm hardly going to flaunt the fact that I spent my night touring your body." As the valkyrie began to chuckle to herself, she walked over to recollect her top from where it had been thrown, and as a small gesture of decency, she also lifted the female's torn blouse up. Without a second thought, she passed it across to her. And then she was quick to dress herself back into her full outfit again. As fun as standing around in her bra had been, she saw no need to linger, she had done her deed.

Bo was studying the valkyrie as she fixed her blouse onto her body as best as she could. Although thanks to Tamsin's earlier impatience, the buttons were only done up halfway, leaving her cleavage on show. She pursed her lips in thought, trying to figure out what to make of the situation, yes it had been purely with the intent for her to heal, but she had also come to realize that the blonde was incredible when it came to physical contact. "Look, I know that you and I don't exactly get along but thank you for..." She only paused when she noticed that she had caught the valkyrie's attention, earning her a raised brow. "Just thanks. I don't know what I would've done if you weren't here."

Genuine gratitude was something new to the blonde and so she gave a small nod of acceptance. It almost appeared like a normal exchange, but then she resorted to keeping up her usual 'tough cop' appearance. "You'd probably have dropped dead from the lack of blood and extensive injuries."

"Thanks for that, really."

"You know me, sweetheart, I'd hate to lie." While walking past, the valkyrie gave a small wink and it was enough to make the succubus want to at least leave a mark of proof that this experience had happened between them.

Without waiting another second, Bo had grabbed a hold of the detective, pulling her surprised form up against her own.

"What the hell are you-" Tamsin's protest came to a quick end when she suddenly felt that the succubus had started to kiss along her neck, more forcefully than expected.

And then she sucked against the flesh, hard.

"...oh, what are you... doing..." It was too hard for the blonde to form a coherent sentence with the attention her neck was receiving, shoot, it was beginning to arouse her. A moan passed by her lips and she didn't even make an attempt to fend Bo off. She was just quite happy to become a puddle of lust and want again. But, that was before she caught onto what the succubus was actually doing. The teeth nipping and nibbling all the way along her skin caused her to place her hands onto the female's shoulders, giving her a gentle push back. "Dammit."

Tamsin quickly slapped her hand against her neck, her fingers feeling around the area that had become extremely tender. "Shit, Bo, you didn't..."

The succubus just stood with a proud smile on her face. The word 'pleased' being an understatement. "Didn't what? Give you a hickey? Sorry, did." She answered tactfully, seeing the look of horror on the valkyrie's face to know that she had willingly let herself fall into that trap. Now she was going to have a reminder of this one-off tryst. "Oh, and aren't you at work tomorrow? I bet everyone will be buzzing with questions when they see that. Tough luck."

"I just saved your ass, you know, but I sure as hell don't mind kicking it either." It appeared that she was the one beginning to growl this time around as she stormed forward, intending on getting out of the building as quickly as possible. And all the while she was mumbling to herself like a pouting child about 'damn succubi and their thorough hickeys'.

"Goodnight detective." Bo called after the blonde in an overly cheerful tone. Revenge wasn't something she often supported, but given how stubborn Tamsin had been ever since they met, she had the love-bite coming for a long time. And compared to half of the things that the succubus could have done to her, she believed that this was fairly light.

All she heard from Tamsin was a forced laugh of bitterness and a few inaudible, but no doubt, snide remarks.

Well, it was certainly going to be interesting the next time the two of them bumped into one another, but as for now, she knew that she needed to get back home to make sure that Kenzi was alright. The poor girl was probably worried to death, it had been hours since they had last seen one another. So, with that thought in mind, Bo retraced her steps and led herself out of the building. She had been a minute or so behind the valkyrie, so she wasn't shocked to find that the truck was already gone by the time she had exited the station. As much as she tried to focusing on her journey home, she couldn't sway her mind from reflecting on how impressive Tamsin had been. Her touch, her voice, her Chi. She was like the perfect Christmas present for any succubus, only, she was a gift that could be seen all days of the year opposed to only one.

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