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Sleeping Sickness

Chapter 1

"She's powerful.. A true warrior." Odin said to Acacia. The young blonde Valkyrie had singlehandedly taken down 10 men in a matter of minutes without even using her primary skill.

"The strongest we've seen in a while. She's perfect for the job.. She has no emotional ties to anyone and she prefers to work alone." Acacia replied, watching the younger girl engage in close combat with another young Valkyrie.

"And what did you say her name was?" Odin asked curiously.

"Tamsin." Acacia replied.

"Perfect.." He said, softly. "Perfect for my Ysabeau.."

The sun was high in the sky as Tamsin fought her way through her trial ground. Acacia had set her sights on getting her acquainted with every skill she would come to discover. Tamsin knew she was being watched as she trapped another Valkyrie in a headlock. Placing the right amount of pressure and using the right technique, the other Valkyrie began to pass out as her windpipe was crushed under Tamsin's grip.

Sweat dripped from Tamsin's forehead as she ran through the tall grass to her final opponent. What looked like a hill lay up ahead, shrouded in the waist-high grass. As far as Tamsin could tell, there was nothing for her to fear. Entering a crouching position, Tamsin took careful steps and listened to the wind, searching for anything that would alert her of another enemy.

After what seemed like an hour of tracking in the blazing sun, a sharp hiss invaded the field. Moving closer towards the sound, what looked like a hill was actually a cave. Emerging from the cave was a woman. Her hair was pitch black, flowing in waves down the front of her body. The Valkyrie was mesmerized by her fair skin and green eyes, distracting her from the fact that the woman was getting closer.

A smile graced the woman's face as she licked her lips. Tamsin finally broke out of her trance when she saw the woman's long forked tongue. Her gaze ran down to the rest of the woman's body just long enough to notice that the other half her body was half serpent.

'Echidna..' The young girl thought to herself, remembering the grueling text from books she'd had to memorize. All she had to defend herself was a short sword.

The Echidna attempted to grab at her but Tamsin quickly dodged the attack. In an attempt to gather herself, Tamsin struggled to regain her footing. She was smacked down by the serpent's tail and soon the monster was looming over her. Her weapon had been lost and the last thing Tamsin saw was that forked tongue slithering out against her cheek before everything went black.

Tamsin woke from her dream in a cold sweat. She must have fallen off of the couch because her head was now by the coffee table and not safely nuzzled into the pillow Kenzi had given her. The Valkyrie refused to sleep in Bo's bed without the beautiful succubus in it.

"Dude, are you okay? I thought someone broke in.." Kenzi asked, half asleep.

"Yeah, fine.. The floor was comfortable for a second." She replied lowly, knowing the other girl would hear her perfectly well.

Kenzi was silent for a while as she watched Tamsin stare at the ceiling. She'd thought about asking her how she'd been holding up but decided against it as she went to grab a glass of water from the kitchen.

The Valkyrie was silent as she thought about her dream. She had faced the Echidna when she was younger but the outcome of that was much different. Why that had changed tonight was beyond her.

"Y'know my bed is big enough for two, right?" Kenzi said, hesitantly. She had to admit sleeping on that couch made even her feel lonely.

Tamsin didn't respond, either completely ignoring the younger fae's offer or quietly contemplating it. The worst that could happen was involuntarily cuddles and a deep late night confession of feelings and strangely, the Valkyrie didn't oppose to the thought. Thinking that Tamsin wasn't going to ever reply, Kenzi began to walk to her bedroom.

"Wait up, kid." Tamsin sighed, picking up her pillow.

Kenzi stood by the door frame as a small smile spread across her face. Tamsin eyed her strangely before nudging her arm playfully and jumping in her bed. Kenzi settled in beside Tamsin, who sighed comfortably and closed her eyes.

"Tamsin?" Kenzi whispered in the dark.

"Hmm?" She replied.

"Tell me about your dream." Kenzi said calmly.

Tamsin opened her eyes at this. She was a little shocked but then remembered that Nekomatas fed off of fear and it must have been oozing out of her at that point. It didn't take a genius to put the pieces together and figure it out. All the Valkyrie did was sigh at that fact and begin to describe everything she had dreamt, from the very beginning.

It was enough to pull both of the exhausted fae into deep slumber and a dreamless night.

Category: Incomplete | Added by: Fangirl-outlet (27 Sep 13) | Author: Valkubuslove W
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