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Perfect Stranger

The events in Brazenwood had Bo tossing and turning every night since the day it happened.

That kiss.

She didn't want to talk about it when Kenzi kept probing, but she sure as hell couldn't forget about it. The images danced in her brain every night as she relived every sensation of the valkyrie rushing in, her lips so soft yet so fierce with some unrelenting hunger.

Bo realized since that moment that she had that hunger, too, and it wasn't because she had neglected to feed. It was something else, gnawing at the inside of her core and continuously pulsating whenever she stole a glance at the blonde playing pool at the Dal.

It wasn't because the valkyrie's chi tasted so damn good, was it?

With a heavy sigh, Bo buried her face in her pillow as she threw her body around again. It wasn't exactly summer, but her skin was burning and she felt restless. She fought every desire to jump out of bed and to seek out Tamsin, but she didn't even know where she lived.

Hell, Bo realized that she barely knew anything about the valkyrie, which made it all the more ridiculous that she should be feeling something like this for someone who, for all intents and purposes, could have been a perfect stranger.

But as another image of the blonde's face flashed in her mind, Bo involuntarily smiled in the darkness.

There was no strangeness there.

There was just, simply, Tamsin.

The next morning, Bo arrived at the Dal in less than stellar fashion with her haphazardly thrown on clothes and unkempt hair sloppily tied into a ponytail. Avoiding eye contact with the local patrons, Bo kept her head down and made a beeline for the bar. She looked up just before reaching the stool, freezing on the spot at the sight of the blonde draping her long torso across the counter, chin in her left hand, the other hand holding dearly onto a bottle of vodka.

Shit! Bo thought, glancing at the last person that she had wanted to see. Nevertheless, she pushed forward, taking a gulp and sliding down next to the blonde. Tamsin lifted her head from her hand, her fingernails now drumming impatiently on the bar's faded surface, her eyes low, staring into the emptiness. Bo maintained her silence, a part of her hoping that her presence would go by unnoticed by the blonde as her eyes communicated silently to Trick for a drink.

The moment didn't take long before Tamsin snapped out of her trance and looked over at the succubus, her nose scrunching. "Did someone roll you in hay and throw you in a tornado?" she asked with an amused smile. "You look like shit."

Bo braced herself, scanning the valkyrie's appearance in return, noting the deep wrinkles in her blouse and the messy bun before she replied with a forced smile. "You don't exactly look like sunshine and rainbows, either, Detective."

Tamsin groaned with her entire body, bringing the vodka bottle closer. "If someone were to describe me with those words, I'd murder them." She raised the bottle to her mouth and took a long swig, Bo watching as nearly half of the liquid content disappeared down the valkyrie's throat. "So, what up, succubus?" Tamsin lowered the bottle, slamming it back down on the counter before fixing her eyes on Bo again, her eyes smiling. "Did you miss me last night?"

Before Bo could answer, Trick slid over with a mug of beer, setting it in front of his granddaughter as his eyes watched both women with curiosity. Bo thanked the man and gripped the handle of the mug, bringing it to her mouth and letting the cool, bitter taste slide down her throat. Her entire body shuddered as the alcohol began to permeate; and slowly that foreign sensation, that indescribable hunger that seemed to arise whenever Tamsin was within the vicinity began to slowly crawl to the surface.

Tamsin watched the succubus down her drink, eyes gleaming with amusement as she teased. "Enjoying the beer sex?" She chuckled in a half drunken stupor and began to take another swig of vodka.

Bo dropped the mug down, glaring at the valkyrie. "Oh, shut up," she whined. Then taking note of the time she asked, "Why aren't you at work anyway?"

The blonde half snorted and half giggled as she stared at the vodka bottle in front of her face, her long index finger swirling around the mouth of the bottle before she answered. "Couldn't get out of bed if I wanted to. Literally," she paused before going for the full effect. "Mr. Eight-Pack cuffed me to the bedpost."

Bo, who was going for her second sip, began to choke on the liquid running down her throat as she turned to the blonde, her eyebrows flattening in disbelief. "What?!" A series of coughs cut her short again as the beer fought its way down.

Tamsin smirked, pushing the vodka bottle back and forth between the palms of her hands like a personal game of pong. "It was a rough tumble last night, succubus." Then she leaned in closer and added in a whisper, "So sad you weren't there."

After reaching over to give a consolatory pat on Bo's shoulder, Tamsin swiveled around on the stool, her hand beckoning Trick for another drink.

Bo cleared her burning throat, observing the blonde as she tossed her empty bottle to the side when Trick replaced it with a new one. "You really need to slow down," she said to Tamsin, feeling slightly concerned.

The valkyrie immediately pried open the new bottle in her hands and began her work on drinking it dry. "Re-laaaax," she sing-songed. "It takes at least ten of these to work on me."

Bo blinked incredulously. "And how many have you had so far?"

"Eighteen," Trick deadpanned at the far end of the bar.

Bo exhaled in disbelief, wondering if her miserable state would exacerbate if she continued to stay here. In her mind, she'd been seeking Tamsin out; she'd had a whole speech prepared, in fact, wanting an answer for Brazenwood, for that kiss, for all these feelings that were ballooning inside of her since that very day. And the one person who could give her these answers, the one who kept her awake every night for an entire week was now drunk off her ass, and Bo was sure that whatever she had to say would just disappear into that haze of alcohol the next day.

"OK, well this isn't exactly working," Bo relinquished as she started to get up. "I guess I'll head back to the shack." She'd nearly made it, too, until Trick beckoned her with his eyes, his expression doubtful and cast with something...else.

"Maybe you should get her home also before she runs someone over on the road," he said, dead serious. Bo looked the blonde over, watching as she sat unsteadily in her seat, grabbing the vodka bottle and pouring it down like water as if there was no tomorrow and the drunken moment now was all that existed.

Bo walked over and snatched the bottle out of her hands, nearly stunning the valkyrie into sobriety as she looked at Bo and glared. "Give that back," Tamsin growled.

"You've had enough," Bo insisted, smashing the bottle onto the ground to gauge the reaction of the valkyrie.

Tamsin stared in silence at the remnants of the alcohol then finally said, "You're paying for that." She pushed up off the stool, her hands gripping the edges of the bar counter as she stumbled forward.

Bo reached over, lending the blonde her support as she said, "Let's get you out of here, babe." She threw an arm around Tamsin's waist and with her other arm propped the valkyrie around her shoulder as she began dragging her out of the bar.

"Leave me alone," Tamsin protested, though her body gave no inclination of it as she leaned with her full weight pressing onto Bo's shoulders.

"I wished you'd leave me alone," Bo said softly, making sure the blonde didn't hear it as she recalled the dreams and the state of wakefulness she suffered each night.

They slowly made their way out of the Dal, Bo feeling as if she were tugging along a pickup truck as Tamsin thought it would be a good idea to stop putting her legs to use, her feet scraping along the edge of the pavement more so than walking.

After an exhaustive effort, Bo finally reached the Camaro and with a little more difficult maneuvering managed to throw the bumbling valkyrie headfirst into the passenger side. Rounding the car, Bo dropped into the driver's side, turning on the engine and turning down the volume of the song blasting out through the speakers before she glanced over at Tamsin.

"So, where do you live, Tamsin?" Bo asked, hands on the steering wheel.

The blonde looked over, her expression completely dazed as she giggled, "Sometimes over here, and sometimes over there."

With a frustrated sigh, Bo dropped her hands from the steering wheel, leaning over to tilt the valkyrie's face towards her as she implored again. "Come on, babe. Let's be coherent for just a sec so you can give me an address."

Tamsin smiled, then her eyes started to flutter shut as her body fell backwards into the seat.

"Tamsin?" Bo reached over and gave her a light slap on the cheek. "Tamsin!"

After several seconds of unresponsiveness, Bo sighed heavily and leaned back into her own seat, letting the silence sink in as her thoughts began to swim. "This shouldn't be happening," she muttered. "I only wanted to get drunk in peace." She glanced over at the unconscious valkyrie, listening to the steady rhythm of her breathing as she persisted in her deep slumber. "Why do you keep doing this to me?" Bo demanded, feeling slightly hysterical that she was practically having a conversation with herself. "What am I supposed to do with you? I don't even know where you live goddammit!"

In her drunken stupor, the valkyrie gave a brilliant, dimpled smile, her beautiful Nordic features lighting up, perhaps softening due to the influence of alcohol. Whatever the case, Bo sat arrested in the moment, her breath caught in her throat as she just stared, the thoughts of everything else completely fading away. She finally knew then what she wanted; she wanted so very much for the blonde to wake up and smother her with kisses. She wanted that moment in Brazenwood back.

"Why are you so fucking perfect?"

Bo froze in confusion watching the words escape from the blonde's lips, hearing the words but not quite understanding. "What?" Tamsin was still unconscious, that was for sure, but even then she still caught Bo off guard.

The valkyrie swung her left arm out, nearly striking Bo on the jaw. "I hate you," she slurred. "I hate you for making me feel..."

"Feel what?" Bo asked with urgency, but the blonde drifted into silence again. The moment had passed.

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