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Chapter 1

It all started with a request Bo made to Tamsin, when they were both in the lady's room of the Dal. Bo was standing right behind the door, pressing her back against it. Tamsin was washing her hands. A reasonable distance was drawn between them, not too close to be awkward, but close enough to have a private conversation.

" Anyone ever tell you not to sneak up on people like this in the bathroom?" Tamsin said, scrunching her nose. She knew the succubus probably had something important to tell her, but she couldn't figure out why she hadn't spit it out yet.

For a while, they just stood there, looking at each other. The loud music outside was more a vague thrumming in the restroom, and the only other things they heard were the weird noise caused by the water pressure in the toilet tanks, and the water running over Tamsin's hands.

" Ok, why don't we just quit this staring contest and you spit out whatever you have on your mind?" Tamsin said.

" I think you should be my regular." Bo said. She had her arms crossed in front of her chest. She studied the look on the Valkyrie's face carefully, trying to figure out if the Valkyrie was disgusted, or interested in her declaration.

" So, is this how you operate? Approaching someone in the bathroom, asking them to be your regular?" Tamsin wiped her hands with the paper towels. She threw the wet towels away and stared at Bo.

" Well, I don't see why the place matters." Bo said.

" If this is how you do your shit, I say, thank God you have a cute ass." Tamsin said, smirking. She found it interesting having this conversation with Bo, yet she was not sure where she was going with it. The brunette was staring at her too, waiting for her answer. " Why should I?" She asked Bo.

" Because your Chi is really strong, and I like it?"

" I'm sorry, did I just ask you why you want me to be your regular?" Tamsin said, tilting her head to one side. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, with a hint of curiosity. " What do I get out from this?"

" Amazing succubus sex?" Bo said. She could tell the Valkyrie was in fact interested in her idea.

Tamsin huffed out a light laugh. " Wow, your ego. I'm actually surprised it hasn't exploded yet." She stepped forward, leaning down a little to stare Bo in the eyes. " And who says I'd be interested in succubus sex?"

" Oh don't bullshit me Tamsin." Bo said, stepping forward, closing the distance between them. She stopped right before their lips met, and whispered to the taller woman, " You and I both know your aura is burning like the fucking sun right now."

Tamsin shrugged, but she didn't say anything, nor did she deny it.

" Well, if that is all there is to your moves, I'm gonna have to say, no." She whispered to Bo, before she walked away. Just as she opened the door and was ready to leave, Bo kicked it shut. Grabbing by her waist, Bo spun Tamsin around and pinned her on the door. Pressing herself tightly against the Valkyrie, Bo slowly leaning forward, until their lips were only a quarter inch away from each other.

" I thought you had a girlfriend, and that you love each other, and all that kinda shit." Tamsin said. She was not expecting Bo to be making moves on her this fast, but, she found it hot.

" I can have sex with other people, for my succubus needs." Bo said, yet a hint of guilt flashed through her eyes.

" Don't you mean, she allows you to?" Tamsin said playfully.

" Oh shut the fuck up." Bo said. She did not want to get into this conversation with Tamsin, or anyone else for that matter. She pressed her body tighter against Tamsin's, and watched her aura just spiked.

" So is this how you are gonna play now? Forcing yourself on people in the bathrooms?" Tamsin said with an evil smile on her face. She freed herself, and grabbed Bo's wrists in her hands instead.

" I thought you liked it dirty." Bo said. Her eyes were already flashing blue, as if she could not wait for a feeding feast.

" Well, I guess you do know a thing or two about me then." Tamsin said as she spun her around. She pinned Bo against the door, squeezing one leg in between hers. With her thigh grinding on Bo's crutch, she lowered her head, breathing on Bo's lips. " Also, I like it my way."

Bo's eyes got brighter. Hunger was burning in them, like blue flames. She didn't know if she was just that hungry, or if the woman grinding against her had somehow turned her on that much. She pushed against Tamsin, crashing her lips on hers, pushing forward, till the blonde's back hit the door of a stall. The kiss was all teeth and tongue. Both of them kissed like they were trying to tear the other person apart. Tamsin pull Bo inside the stall and locked the door. She wasted no time in unbuttoning Bo's pants. Her fingers quickly brushed through Bo's core, before they landed on her clit. The Valkyrie curled her fingers a little to caress it.

" Is this how you treat a girl in bed? No foreplay?" Bo said, gasping. The blonde's hand almost forced its way in, rubbing her clit fiercely. It was so strong, almost painful, yet somehow, she felt more turned on than ever.

" One, we are not in bed, and two-" Tamsin pulled her fingers out, showing them to Bo. They were covered with Bo's juice. " – you certainly don't need the fucking foreplay."

Bo gasped out loud when the blonde slid her fingers back into her pants. Bo was not expecting this. She didn't expect that the Valkyrie would be this aggressive, and she didn't expect that her simple moves could turn her on this easily and quickly.

Tamsin had Bo's both writs in her left hand, pinning them against the door, above Bo's head. Bo wanted to grab something desperately, but she just couldn't free herself.

" Shit! Let me go!" Bo exclaimed, struggling.

" Why? I don't see that you need to use your hands anywhere right now." Tamsin smirked, speeding up her fingers. A series of loud gasps and moans escaped from Bo's throat. She was still making effortless struggles, trying to free her hands.

" God you are so wet..." Tamsin whispered to her, as she plunged her fingers inside Bo, " I'd say you like this..." She leaned close, and lightly pressed their lips together. Bo wanted to kiss her back, but when she leaned forward, the Valkyrie pulled herself back and started to caress her sweet spot. Bo closed her eyes and threw her head back, banging her head on the door. She arched her waist away from the door, pressing herself as hard as she could against Tamsin's palm. Soon her mind was wiped clean and all she could feel was the pleasure coming from below. " God, Tamsin. H-harder-" She mumbled, grinding her hips hard against the other woman's rapid thrusting, trying to relieve the ache of her throbbing clit.

" Is that a request, or an order?" Tamsin asked.

" Does it fucking matter?!" Bo exclaimed, staring at the blonde.

" Of course it does, because I..." Tamsin said as she gave Bo a few hard thrusts, causing the brunette to grunt in pleasure. "...don't take orders. If it is a request, I'd like to hear aplease." Tamsin whispered to Bo's ear, as she slowed down her movements.

" Fuck! Not now, Tamsin!" Bo said. All she needed right now was one more push, and she'd be right over the edge.

" As I just told you, I don't take orders." Tamsin smirked, pulling her fingers out. She circled her middle finger on Bo's clit lightly, and watched the succubus tremble. " If you really want it, you'll have to beg for it."

" Oh you are not seriously doing this shit right now!" Bo said in frustration.

" Beg me, and I'll let you come." Tamsin said to her, sucking her ear lobe. Then she moved her kisses down along Bo's neck. Every time she nibbled her skin, the succubus quivered.

" Shit! Shit!" Bo cursed. She had never been this turned on before without getting off by now. The need to come and the frustration of not being able to tortured her inside. Normally she was the one who made the other person beg, and no one could stand against her charms. She was not even sure how Tamsin was managing to do this to her. She gasped hard, and tried to free herself again. This time she successfully freed one of her hands and she immediately grabbed Tamsin's arm. She pushed her charms into the Valkyrie's body, trying to persuade her.

" You know, that's actually cheating." Tamsin said playfully, pinning her hand back to the door again." Too bad, I'm old enough to know how to resist a sex demon's tricks."

" Damn it, Tamsin! Just give me what I want already!" Bo growled.

" See, another order. You really think you are the dominant one here, don't you?" Tamsin said, lowering her head to suck Bo's nipples without taking her clothes off. The friction made by the fabric caused Bo to moan loudly. Tamsin ran her tongue over them playfully, peeking up from Bo's chest and enjoying the look on her face. Tamsin knew it was only a matter of time before the succubus gave in, because she knew how close the succubus was to her orgasm, and how badly she wanted it.

Bo bit her bottom lip, stopping the begging that was hovering around on her tongue. She let out a loud moan, when Tamsin flicked her tongue on her nipple. The wet fabric clung to her skin and caused a keen pleasure with every small movement Bo made. When the blonde started to suck her nipples again, she threw her head back and groaned in desperation.

" God, Tamsin, can you just..." Bo murmured, raising her hip to grind her clit on the blonde's palm, but it was not enough for her to get off. Every time she pushed closer, the infuriating woman would pulled away. When the nibbling started on her nipples, Bo knew she wouldn't be able to take this torture for much longer.

" Beg me, succubus, and you'll get what you want." Tamsin said. She was a little bit surprised that Bo was holding up for this long. She moved back to kiss her neck, and whispered slowly into her ear, " Just one little please." She rubbed Bo's clit gently, when she kissed Bo's ear. Her hot breath made Bo quiver hard.

Bo finally decided to give in. Her mind was only half conscious anyway. She stared at Tamsin, gasping hard. " Please...Tamsin...fucking please..."

Tamsin smiled. Muffling Bo's screams by kissing her on her lips, she curled her fingers inside Bo, rubbing her sweet spot while she thumbed her clit. She let go of Bo's hands, so the brunette could pull herself closer to her. Bo fed off Tamsin when her orgasm hit her. The pleasure and the Chi flew to her body, suffocating her. She had to break the kiss, so she could get some air again. She pressed her forehead on Tamsin's chest, breathing heavily. She felt the blonde slowly pulling her fingers out from her, and that almost made her come again.

" Well, I guess I need to wash my hands again." Tamsin said, gazing into Bo's eyes. She licked her fingers, her eyes never left Bo's.

" So..." Bo said," Is that a yes?"

" Huh?"

" That you are going to be my regular?"

" Hmmm... let's see. You said I'd have amazing succubus sex, but I'm not really impressed. I guess I'm gonna say no." Tamsin smirked.

" That's because I haven't fucked you yet, bitch." Bo said. She was a little frustrated being turned down twice by the Valkyrie, especially right after the amazing sex she had just given her. She couldn't stop thinking about how her tongue flicked on her nipples, and how it would feel like if she was going down on her. Just the thought turned her on again.

" Oh, I see." Tamsin said, trying hard not to laugh. She continued, " Then how about...we make a bet?"

" What bet?"

" I'll agree on this regular shit, if and only if..." Tamsin said, " you can impress me in bed."

" Oh, it's on." Bo said, grabbing Tamsin's waist to turn her around. Tamsin grabbed her hands before she made further moves.

" I said in bed." The Valkyrie smiled slyly. Then she raised her head a little, like she was thinking about something. " And no succubus powers." She added.

" You really want to make this game hard, don't you?"

" Wouldn't be called a challenge if it was easy." Tamsin said, " And just for the record, I am very hard to impress."

" Well then, what are we waiting for?"

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