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By Your Side
Chapter 1

Bo thought it was drizzling, but she realized it was just the strong wind carrying mists from the ocean. She was standing on the edge of the sea cliff, watching the ocean waves hitting the rocks hundreds of feet under her. The water crashed on the rocks, breaking into pure white foam, like piles of snow. For a while, the only thing Bo could hear was the waves, as loud as summer thunders. One thing she noticed was the water of the ocean, instead of blue or green, the water was dark, almost black.

Bo could see the horizon far away from her, but other than the water and the rocks, she couldn't see anything else, or anyone else.

Bo raised her head. She narrowed her eyes as she was looking at the sky. The sky was covered by dark gray clouds, and they were swirling in the wind. She felt like it was about to rain, but other than the mists, she felt nothing.

" Storm's coming." A voice came from behind. It sounded calm, almost indifferent.

Bo turned around. She saw a man standing in front of her. He was about six feet tall, with brown eyes and chestnut hair. His hair covered more than half of his forehead, and one of his eyes. He was holding a walking stick in his right hand, with his body tilted a little to the side, as if one of his legs needed rest. He was staring at Bo.

" You!" Bo suddenly recognized him. He looked exactly like the man drawn on the wanderer card, which she had seen more than once before. " You're the man in the card!"

The man nodded, a hint of a smile appeared on his face.

" Who are you? What do you want from me? Where am I?" Questions just burst out from Bo's throat. She could hear her own voice shaking in the strong wind.

" I am your father, Isabeau." The man said, " You may find my name familiar. I'm Odin, but really, don't picture me as the man in the mythology you've read about." Odin walked closer. " The storm is coming, Bo." He said.

" So? Find somewhere to hide."

" No, we can't. We have to fight it, or it will tear us apart."

" Huh?" Bo was confused, " Are we still talking about the storm? Wait, what do you want from me, and where am I?"

" You are on an island. I brought you here, remember?"

Bo frowned. She remembered that she went to the Dal, looking for Trick and Kenzi, but no one was there. Then she picked up the wanderer card from the floor. After that, a black smoke surrounded her. " You brought me here using the black smoke?"

" The black smoke found you, because you were marked by the rune glass."

" I thought the rune glass didn't work." Bo said. She remembered that Tamsin accused her of not trusting and loving as she thought.

" The Valkyrie thought it was for taming you. It's for tagging you, really."

" Great. Why am I here? Because you suddenly want to make up for your absence from my life, or because you want something from me?"

" No, because it's the time." Odin said. He tilted his head to look at the sky, as if he was trying to determine when the rain was going to fall.

" Time for what?"

Odin smiled. He didn't answer Bo's question, instead, he said, " It's good to see you, Bo. You were such a tiny baby the last time I saw you."

" Yeah... I'm really not ready for the father-daughter talk yet..."

" The storm is coming." Odin said that for the third time. He inhaled and leaned closer. He put the walking stick in his left hand, and reached his right hand out. Before Bo could react, he laid his palm on Bo's forehead.

His palm was warm, almost hot. Bo was startled. She didn't know what he wanted to do.

" Be prepared, Bo. We will see each other again, soon." Odin said.

Bo wanted to say something, but before she could, she felt a strong push on her forehead, or on her body. In fact, she couldn't tell what it was, or how she was pushed. It felt like suddenly her soul had been pushed out from her body.

Bo's brain blanked for a few seconds. Then she realized that she was sitting on the floor in the Dal.

Bo gasped hard with her eyes wide open. She pinched herself couple of times, just to make sure she was not hallucinating. She looked around, and made sure she was in fact in the Dal. She could still see the glass shards shattered on the floor, with other explosive residuals.

" Trick! Kenzi! Kenzi! Anyone?!" Bo yelled, but other than the echoes of her own voice, she heard nothing.

Bo stood up. She felt exhausted. Then she started to think about the conversation she had with her father, or at least he claimed that he was her father.

Her father. Odin. Bo couldn't believe what she had just heard. She was no expert of Norse myths, but she still knew Odin was the major God in Norse myths, and now someone told her he was Odin, and he was her father?

Bo shook her head. She decided that it was not the time to think about this. She took her phone out and called Kenzi.

"Oh my God! Holy shit! Is it really you, Bo-Bo?!" Kenzi exclaimed at the other side of the phone.

" Yeah, it's really me. Are you ok? You sound like you are ok!" Bo was happy to hear Kenzi's voice. " Is the Morrigan giving you a hard time?"

" No. I escaped." Kenzi said, " Where are you? Bruce and I were looking for you like everywhere, dude! We went to the crazy science man's compound. Bunch of gunman there, and Bruce took care of them. Then the cops came over."

" Yeah. Long story... I'm in the Dal right now. Did you see Lauren? Dyson? Tamsin? Anyone?"

" Yeah...about that... I didn't see Lauren. D-man is in the hospital now. He was injured pretty badly but he's fine."

" Where is Tamsin?"

" She is...emmm... in the hospital too... She's been unconscious since we brought her in..."

" What?! What happened?" Bo felt a sudden pain running through her body, when she heard that Tamsin was unconscious.

" I don't know. We found detective bitchiness's truck under a cliff not far from the compound. We dragged them both out. Maybe you could come over to the hospital?"

" Yeah. I'm on my way."

Bo saw Kenzi waiting for her at the entrance of the hospital with a big guy beside her.

" Bruce, Bo. Bo, Bruce." Kenzi introduced them, with her head lowered and her eyes glued to her cell phone.

" Have we met?" Bo narrowed her eyes, looking at Bruce. " I thought you were with the Morrigan."

" Not anymore." Bruce said in a low voice. " I'm with Kenzi now. The Morrigan just declared her as an enemy of the realm. I can't leave her out of my sight."

" Ok, good for you. Where is Dyson and Tamsin?"

" Come with me." Kenzi grabbed her hand and almost dragged her in.

Bo felt that everything seemed so unreal, when she was standing in the elevator. She wanted to ask some questions, or discuss something, or just talk to someone, but she couldn't find any words. She just watched the number on the screen changing as they rose from floor to floor.

Finally the elevator stopped. Bo followed Kenzi to a room in the inpatient area. Dyson was lying on the raised bed, talking to a few of his colleagues. Seeing Bo coming in, he was excited. " Hey." He waved to Bo. Bo noticed that there were gauze and pads all over his body.

" Hey yourself." Bo walked to him.

" Emm... Bruce and I are going to grab something to eat, do you two need anything?" Kenzi asked.

" I'm fine." Bo said.

Dyson nodded to his colleagues and said, " Could you guys excuse us for a minute?"

His colleagues nodded to him, and Bo. Then they walked out with the door closed behind them.

" What happened?" Bo asked Dyson as she sat down beside him on the bed.

" Honestly, I'm not that so sure. I killed Taft. Then Tamsin came to pick me up. We were in her truck. Then suddenly there was this song playing on the radio, out of nowhere. Something I heard during your dawning, some wanderer stuff... Then there was a man in front of the truck. Tamsin sped up, trying to hit him with the truck. She said he was your father... If I remember it correctly."

" What did he look like?" Bo asked.

" I don't know. I didn't see his face. He was wearing a dark suit, with a walking stick in his hand... Where have you been?"

"I... I'll tell you later I guess." Bo said, " Are you ok? Do you feel ok?"

" I'll be fine." Dyson smiled.

" Have you seen Lauren?"

" Not since I left the compound." Dyson looked at Bo. He could see the worry look in her eyes. " We'll find her, ok?" He said.

Bo nodded. " Where's Tamsin?"

" I'll ask the nurse to take you to her." Dyson pressed the call button.

Bo stood at the door, looking at the blonde lying on the bed. Her eyes were closed, and her face was pale. Her hair locks spread all over the pillow. If it was not for the beeping noises from the machines, Bo couldn't tell if she was still alive.

Bo walked closer and sat down. She held Tamsin's hand in hers. The cold feel on her hand scared her. She slowly reached her other hand out, gently caressing Tamsin's face. She almost touched her neck to feel her pulse, just to make sure she was still alive.

Bo could see all the bruises and contusions on her arms and her shoulder. She also saw the injuries on her forehead. She knew her body was probably wrapped in gauze pads under the blanket. Bo wanted to check, but she didn't lift the blanket up.

A nurse came in, telling Bo that visiting hours were over. Bo didn't want to leave, so she charmed the nurse and the nurse just left.

Bo pulled her chair closer to the bed. She curled up in the chair. She felt exhausted. She desperately needed answers. She had tons of things to take care of. But at this moment, all she could think about was the blonde in front of her.

She held the Valkyrie's hand firmly in hers, feeling it slowly warming up. She could feel the weak pulse of hers, and she moved herself closer, as though the blonde would just disappear if she didn't stay with her closely.

Bo fell asleep in the chair, with the blonde's hand in hers.

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