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Whatever It Takes
Chapter 1

With a loud gasp, Bo opened her eyes.

She felt like she had just struggled in a nightmare with something heavy on her chest. The kind of nightmare she couldn't wake up even if she wanted to.

The first thing Bo did was to reach out to grab something as a weapon. But instead of a dagger, she touched something soft.

It was her pillow.

Bo found out that she was in her own bed, staring at the ceiling, which she knew exactly where all the smudges and cracks were even with her eyes closed.

She raised herself on her elbows and looked around.

She was in her own bedroom.

How did I get home? Bo asked herself, but she couldn't remember.

She sat there for a while, with her brain totally blanked out.

Then slowly, her memories came back to her, as if she was recovering from a huge hang over, except she knew she was not drunk and there was no headache.

She remembered that she and Tamsin were at Issac's compound. She saw Lauren there and the conversation with her did not end well. She saw Dyson and Aife there. Then she had a fight with Tamsin, but they settled it. Then they split up.

She also remembered that Kenzi was held as a prisoner. And she had not heard from Trick since.

She remembered that she went to the Dal, but no one was there except her. She remembered the explosion there, the wanderer card, and the black smoke surrounding her.

But everything after that was a blank.

She couldn't remember anything after the black smoke, not even a vague vision of any kind.

Bo quickly got up. She noticed that she had her clothes on, even her boots too. She wanted to call someone, anyone, but she couldn't find her cell phone.

She decided to go to the Dal first. She remembered that she told Tamsin they would meet up at the Dal. She also remembered that the last time she had talked to Kenzi, she was there too.

But no one was there. Explosion residue and shattered glass were all over the floor, reminding her that her memories about the explosion was real.

She went through Trick's room. It looked normal. She noticed that few things were gone, but she couldn't even tell if they were actually gone, or they were just never there. Trick just had too many items in his room and Bo couldn't remember every one of them.

Bo went to the police station, but neither Dyson nor Tamsin was there. The other officers told her they had not showed up for work for days.

That was the first time Bo had noticed that she had lost the track of time. She had lost few days and she couldn't remember a single thing. One minute she was still in the Dal with the black smoke around her, the next minute she was lying on her own bed.

Bo borrowed a phone from a cop and called everyone she knew. But no one answered.

Finally a name popped in her mind. She called Hale.

It took a while for her to reach him, but he had finally picked up his phone.

" This is Bo. Look, Hale, I know you probably got shit ton of stuff going on there right now, but I really need your help..."

" Bo, is that really you? Thank Gods you are alive!" Hale sounded relieved on the other side of the phone, " Bo, what happened? Where are you now? Where is Dyson and Lauren?"

" I was hoping you would know." Bo said, " I don't know. I don't remember shit. Tamsin went to find Dyson. But neither of them were picking up their phones."

" Yeah, I know. We traced his phone to a place under a cliff, not far from the crazy human lab. But we only found a wrecked truck under the cliff, and few item fell out when the truck went off the cliff. There was no bodies, no trails, no nothing." Hale said," My people are checking out all the hospitals and clinics, maybe they got admitted somewhere anonymously."

" Where is Kenzi? Where is Trick? Shit! Where is everybody!"

" Calm down Bo. I sent Trick to somewhere safe. I don't know where Kenzi is right now but she should be fine too. I promise. " Hale said, " Right now we need to find Dyson and Lauren."

" Yeah, and Tamsin." Bo added, " Do you know where she is?"

" Tamsin? No I don't. She does not report to me, remember? How did you end up with her in compound anyway? I didn't know you two were close."

" Long story. We have to find them. I guess I'll go to the truck wreck location and check it out, just in case."

" Ok, just be careful. Go get yourself a cell phone and keep in touch."

" I will. I'll contact you as soon as I get a phone."

It took Bo a while to get a new phone and to get to the cliff. The police had already come and processed the scene. The truck was already towed. There were only shattered glasses and bits and pieces of other broken things scattered on the ground. Blood stains were on the grass too. The were dried and old.

Bo looked at the cliff from the bottom. She felt her heart ached, she couldn't even tell if it was because of Dyson, or Tamsin.

She looked around, trying to find something that could tell her where they went, or who took them.

Bo didn't really expect she would find anything, because the police had already swept the place. But as she walked further away from the location, she noticed something shining in between the pebbles.

It was a sapphire ear stud. Tamsin was wearing an exact same pair when they went to Issac's compound.

Bo put the ear stud in her palm and stared at it for a minute or two. She could see blood stain on the back of the stud. She didn't know what to think. She watched the glittering blue gem in the sunshine. It was cold, but beautiful, just like the eyes of its owner.

Bo scouted the area several times, but she found nothing else than the ear stud. She found no trails of any of them either. She wanted to find someone but there was just no one living in that whole area.

Oh, Dyson, I could really use your nose right now, to find you. Bo thought.

Just when she was about to sit down on the ground to rest, her phone rang.

" Hey, Bo, it's me, Hale. I just got a call from one of my guy. They found Dyson."

" Really? Where?"

" He was in a hospital. He was seriously injured but he is stable now. I'll text you the address."

" Ok."

Bo went to the hospital immediately after she got the address. It was a small hospital not very far away from the cliff.

Bo never liked hospital. The siren of the ambulances, the smell, they dull pale lights and the heavy feeling inside had made her gloomy every time she walked in one. But this time she just didn't have the time to feel gloomy.

Bo rushed to the room where they kept Dyson. Seeing Dyson on the bed with his eyes open, she felt that something heavy on her heart just had disappeared. He looked pale, and he looked he was still in pain. He had gauze and pads all around his chest and his head. But he looked ok.

" Dyson! I got here as soon as I can." Bo approached him.

" Hello to you too." Dyson smiled.

" What happened? How did you get here?" Bo asked.

" I don't know. I don't remember. Tamsin picked me up. We saw someone just before we went off the cliff. A man, in black suit and a walking stick in his hand. I think...I think Tamsin said it was your father or something. But I think he disappeared when we were about to hit him. Is he your father? Who is he?" Dyson frowned when he was trying to remember everything.

" We'll deal with that shit later." Bo said, " Where is Tamsin?"

" I don't know." Dyson said, " I passed out. I woke up and I was here. My nurse told me I was the only one who got admitted."

" Shit!" Bo sat down on the chair, " I have to find her. I think some serious shit is about to happen, if it hasn't already happened yet."

" What? What are you talking about?"

" I don't know, Dyson. I'll talk to you later. Right now I have to find Tamsin first." Bo said, " You just rest ok? I'll call you later."

Bo visited few places she thought Tamsin might be at but she had no luck. She even went to Lauren's apartment, hoping that she could see the blonde squatting there again. The broken whiskey bottle was still on the floor, with the empty shot glass on the table. But the apartment was empty.

Bo had no choice but to go home. The great frustration drowned her like flood. Thing were running through her mind. She thought about everyone around her, then she thought about Lauren.

I can't save you both, just like you can't love us both. That was what Lauren said to her. She couldn't tell if Lauren was forced, or she actually meant it. Since Dyson was ok, Bo knew Lauren probably had something to do with it. She knew she wouldn't kill Dyson even if she still had feelings for him. But at least she got one thing right. She couldn't love them both. In fact, she couldn't even tell which one she actually loved right now. Maybe one, maybe the other, maybe both, maybe neither.

But Bo did know one thing. Lauren left without saying goodbye. They were on a break, but Bo thought if Lauren had decided to leave the fae business for good, she would have at least called to let her know.

Bo didn't know where those guys had taken Lauren. She knew she had to find her regardless to what happened between them.

But she just couldn't take Tamsin off her mind right now. A lot of things happened for the past few days. Tamsin took a bullet for her. Then she wanted to take her away. Then they banged each other's face to the wall.

Then Tamsin cried and told her she didn't know what to do.

She was afraid. Bo had never seen her scared before. She had seen her in rage, in blood and in pain. She had seen her fully charged, drunk or unconscious. But she had never seen the valkyrie in tears. The vulnerable look in her eyes pierced through her heart like an arrow. It hurt.

Bo sighed. She felt like there were a million things she had to do right now, but she just felt so tired and helpless. She stood in front of the door of her place, and took out her keys.

When Bo stuck the key into the keyhole, the door just opened before she even turned the key. The door was unlocked, but she remembered clearly that she had locked the door when she left.

With her right hand Bo drew out her dagger. She pushed the door open slowly.

Bo walked in quietly, checking every corner in the house. She stopped when she saw the couch.

There was someone lying on the couch. Bo felt her heart had just stopped when she saw the face. Her dagger fell on the floor but she didn't even notice. She kneeled down beside the couch and put her hands on that person's face.

It was Tamsin. She looked pale, with her eyes closed. Her white shirt had blotches of blood on it. There were few scratches and bruises on her face too.

Bo put her fingers on her neck to check her pulse. For a moment she was almost too afraid to do it, she had to take a deep breath before she really touched her skin. She was so afraid that there was not going to a pulse.

But she was relieved. There was a pulse after all, although very weak.

" Hey, Tamsin, wake up, wake up." Bo tapped the blonde's face lightly.

Tamsin was not responding. Bo held her hands in her own. She pressed her lips on her fingers before she even realized what she was doing.

She didn't even notice that her tears were bursting out.

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