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The Snowfall

Chapter 1

It was a hot summer afternoon. The sun was so bright, it looked like everything was melting. The saccades were screaming between the tree leaves. They knew they were going to die soon, so they devoted their last days of life to their songs. It was nothing pleasing, just loud, noisy and annoying.

Bo parked her car in front of an old building. It looked like an old factory, but abandoned years ago. Every window had already broken, and planks of wood were nailed to the window from inside, blocking the lights and the view. But she never considered it as a disadvantage, since there was no view of any kind in the first place.

She looked around and tried to make sure no one was following her. Then she entered the building. Inside the building, it felt cool, almost cold, for years and years of no sunlight shined through. The smell of oil, rust and dust was lingering in the air.

Bo opened the door. Seeing her coming through the door, a girl in the couch jumped and hugged her with a big happy face. She had straight, long dark hair, although she dyed few locks with bright red. Her hair color had made her blue eyes looked almost transparently clear. She armed around Bo joyfully, and said:" Yo, Bo-Bo, how's your day?"

" Hot, and exhausted." Bo said and hugged her back," Good to see you too."

Bo met Kenzi when she was tracking down Ciara couple years ago. Kenzi was really good at computer and internet stuff, so she did a lot of information search for Bo. Bo and Kenzi stayed in this abandoned building for a year now. It was like the last place on earth anyone would go in randomly. Bo stayed with Kenzi because she liked her, like a girl liked her younger sister. And because Kenzi had saw her feeding. Kenzi was a human, but she seemed cool with the fae things. She offered help on Ciara's thing to Bo.

" So, you've been back from the Ciara thing for like few weeks now. Are we gonna talk about it?"

" We'll talk about that today, I promise. I am just so tired right now." Bo poured herself a glass of water, " Did anything else useful come from your search?"

" Nope, nada, zilch."

Bo signed. She finished the water, then she said:" Well, I'll figure something out later, I guess. I need to get some sleep now."

" Okay, see you at dinner then."

Kenzi sat back on the couch, starting to paint her nails.

Lying on bed, Bo felt tired, not succubus tired, just tired from the long driving, hot weather, and everything. She found a lead and tracked it, but it turned out that it was just some false information. So she was back to square one again.

After she came home from the city, she had been busy tracing all possible leads on Ciara. She forced herself to be busy, so her mind would be occupied by work, instead of someone.

Tamsin. The fae intelligence agent. The hot, tough valkyrie. The girl who tasted so amazing that she had to force herself to pull back every time when kissing her. The blonde who saved her life twice, from the red caps and from Ciara.

Tamsin. The person who she ran away from and did not even give her a proper good-bye. She left her a note, cowardly. She didn't know what to do. She was scared, about how she felt for her. She thought she could control it like other random crush she had before, but she was wrong. The valkyrie just had this influence on her, she couldn't take her mind of it. Like when she got a phone call from Kenzi saying that she found a new clue about the last place where Glenn Rauch hid his stash, the first person that popped in her mind was Tamsin. She knew she could have pulled that off without her, but instead she told the police that she needed to speak to her alone. Was it because the valkyrie was the best candidate for that, or was it because she just wanted to see the valkyrie so bad? Bo chose not to torture herself with these questions, because she already knew the answer.

Bo knew that she just had to go. They had known each other for only few months, and Tamsin had already saved her twice. What if someday Tamsin got killed just like Ciara because she accidentally dragged her in something dangerous?

But she just couldn't stop thinking about her.

First time they met, she thought it was just a random event in her life. They crossed each other's path once or twice in a life time like two fishes in the ocean. Once they moved on towards their far apart destinations, they would never see each other ever again. But the valkyrie just kept showing up in front of her, again and again. She lured her, she helped her, she arrested her, then she helped her again. Then finally she offered herself to her, when she was about to die. She did that to save her life.

Bo never really planned to feed on her, because every kiss they ever had was already driving her crazy. She could imagine if she ever had fed on her, it would be impossible to let go anymore. Bo thought it was probably lucky that she was unconscious when she fed on Tamsin. If she had remembered anything, she would have been haunted by it right now.

Bo sighed. She heard thunders outside. A summer storm was coming fast. Soon she heard the rain drops falling.

The hot, wet muddy smell of the storm reminded her the night she was with Tamsin. The storm was coming that night too. She remembered the same exact smell. She remember the darkness. She remembered that she was exhausted and hopeless.

She remembered that night when she woke up from her nightmare and Tamsin was there, right by her side.

Bo closed her eyes. She knew that she had left her, and that they probably wouldn't see each other ever again. The idea hurt her so much, because she knew that even if she had a nightmare right now, there would be no warm hand on her forehead, nor a concerned face.

It's better this way. Soon you'll forget me, and you'll be safe. Like two fishes in the ocean, we'll never see each other again.

For more, follow source link.

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