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Star Magnolia
Just like she couldn't tell which drink has made her drunk, Tamsin couldn't remember how everything had happened. It could just be the parasite, or the ketsune, or in Brazenwood.

Or it could just be that night. The cold spring night with a bright yet pale full moon, with a hint of red in it. And all the star magnolia flowers shimmering in the silver moonlight.

Bo had already had too much drink when Tamsin dragged her out from the Dal's. She was practically charming every creature's pants off in the bar. Tamsin had to slap her before she started an orgy in her grandfather's place.

She stuffed her in her truck, and closed the door. The succubus was murmuring something with her eyes closed. Tamsin started the car, but instead of driving her home, she just stayed there with her back leaning to the seat.

Why am I doing this? She asked herself. I could just let her handle her break up on her own.

The next thing she remembered was the succubus jumped on her. She grabbed her jacket collar and laid a kiss on her neck. It was rather a bite than a kiss. She felt the sting on her skin and realized that the succubus bit her. She wanted to shake her off but she felt her charm floating to her like flood when her hands slid under her shirt. She totally lost it when the succubus had slid her hand into her pants and tucked her fingers into her underwear.

It didn't take long before they just tore enough clothes off each other's body so they could have sex in her truck. The space in the truck had made the sex hard and painful. But neither of them cared. They ground against each other like two animals on heat. Tamsin slammed her hand on the horn button hard when she desperately wanted to grab something because of her higher than ever orgasm. Her screams were drowned in the loud honk.

Both were startled by the sound. As if the time had suddenly stopped, she saw the succubus on top of her. She saw the moonlight shined on her naked body, giving her skin a pearly gloss. She saw the star magnolia flowers outside the truck window, so perfect, as if they were made from silver.

She saw the pain in her eyes. The pain of losing someone she loved. The tears welled up in her eyes and started to drop like little blobs of mercury.

She hated that pain in her eyes. She hated that the human had such strong influence on her. She hated that the succubus had such strong influence on herself. She just hated it. She couldn't handle her anger, so she pushed the succubus against the door like an animal and started to suck her nipples. She bit them till the succubus trembled under her.

With her fingers she thrust her like she had never had sex before. She tasted her tears in her mouth, as bitter as it could ever be. She heard the succubus crying, begging and sobbing. She didn't know if she was in pain, or in pleasure, or both. She didn't stop.

She knew that the succubus was approaching her agonizing orgasm. She pressed her lips on hers, but the succubus turned her head away before they touched. Tamsin forced the kiss. She tasted her soft, sweet lips. Just like in Brazenwood. Just like when they were having the parasites inside them. Just like she had dreamt about every day and night.

She eventually pulled herself back. The succubus was gasping for air under her after her orgasm. Tamsin suddenly felt guilty, like she just took advantage of her. She cursed and pulled up her pants.

It ended awkwardly. Both put their clothes back on without saying anything.

Tamsin eventually drove Bo home. The succubus didn't look at her twice, or spoke to her. She just walked into the door and closed it. She paused for a second or two before she entered the door. Tamsin thought she was about to turn to her and say something, but she didn't.

Tamsin sat in the car. The cold early spring night had never irritated her like this before.

Shit, fuck, fuck, shit! She cursed, and closed her eyes.

Days later, the succubus showed up at her apartment without notice. It was 3 in the morning, and Tamsin was drinking.

" We need to talk." Bo said.

Sitting on her couch, Bo had a drink in her hand but she was not drinking.

" Well then, talk." Tamsin said.

" Why did you kiss me in Brazenwood?" She asked.

" Gee, I thought it was just a one time thing." Tamsin shrugged, " Why are you so obsessed about it? Are you crawling back for more?"

" Why did you have sex with me?"

" What can I say? I failed to resist your charm. Plus, I wanted to see how good the sex is with a succubus, so I did." Tamsin leaned over and whispered to her ear, " To tell you the truth, I've had better."

" Why?" The succubus stared at her, with the same painful look in her eyes. And that just invoked the anger inside Tamsin like gasoline on fire.

" Jesus fucking Christ Bo. I don't know! Shit just happens!" Tamsin slammed her hand on the coffee table, " Shit! You tell me, why the fuck would one person kiss another person? Why the fuck would one person fuck another person?"

Because I fucking have feelings for you! These words almost burst out from Tamsin's throat. She had to down herself a shot of vodka to swallow it back.

The succubus looked startled. After a long pause, she said:" I thought... I thought you hated me."

" Yes, I fucking hated you, and I still fucking do!" Tamsin walked to the door and opened it, " Now, please leave. It's 3 in the morning, and one of us has a actual job to do tomorrow."

She heard the succubus left, and she poured herself another drink.

She leaned back to the couch, to watch the waning moon outside the window. It reminded her the night they had sex. She saw the petals of the flower falling outside the window. It was just so beautiful, too beautiful that she wanted to burn them so she would not have to watch them whither in the sun. She remembered her tears when she orgasmed under her, the painful tears of pleasure.

After all, pain and pleasure are the same thing. Tamsin though, They are just the same fucking thing.

Like the perfect full moon waned. Like the beautiful flowers scattered.

Like you love someone, and this someone just couldn't love you back.

Category: Complete | Added by: Fangirl-outlet (25 Sep 13) | Author: Neffititi W
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