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Pretty Please With A Valkyrie On Top?

Chapter 1

"Who the fuck is Bo Dennis?" The Valkyrie said angrily.

She had been called in early with the effects of a hangover looming. Its the first time she's ever cared about names or fae for that matter. All because of a hangover.

"Unaligned succubus Bo Dennis?" Dyson asked.

"Yeah, her file is on my desk." Tamsin says eyeing him suspiciously.

"Aww, man.. This isn't good.. Looks like we're headed to the Dal." He said with a less than happy expression.

"TRICK! Hit me with the usual." Dyson said.

"And for the lady?" He asked pointing to the Valkyrie.

Taking a seat on the bar stool, she removes her sunglasses and half mumbles, "Anything to make this hangover go away."

Dyson laughs while Tamsin punches his arm.

"So, where's your granddaughter at this hour?"

"I really don't know, probably sleeping or the usual.. If you don't mind me asking, why are you two here? And at this hour." He asks, with deep concern.

"Well, looks like your granddaughter got herself in a bit of trouble. Her file was on my desk this morning, for what I have no idea but maybe we can find out." Tamsin informs him.

"Kenz, never make pancakes like those again. I promise to not eat them and throw them out the window.." A voice says trailing in along with a dark haired-human.

"Hey, Dyson. Hey, Trick. Who's the beautiful lady?" The first girl asks, radiating attraction.

"Bo, this is Tamsin, my new partner."

"Hello, Tamsin, I'm Bo." She says extending her hand.

She's suspicious of the succubus, knowing what they can do, and decides not to take her hand. "Hello."

Bo retracts her hand with a small frown not having been able to really tell what the Valkyrie thought of her.

"Bo, take a seat, these officers have some questions."

For more, follow source link.

Category: Complete | Added by: Fangirl-outlet (27 Sep 13) | Author: Valkubuslove W
Views: 1289 | Tags: Fanfiction, Lost Girl, bo dennis, angst, Tamsin, drama, Valkubus | Rating: 0.0/0
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