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Getting Tanked

Amidst the din of cracking pool balls, raucous laughter and the unhealthy film of cigarette smoke, Tamsin weaved her way around the tight spaces of the bar. She gripped two mugs of beer firmly by the handles, the cloud of foam dripping over the edges when she slammed them both down onto the table by Dyson's arm. The drinks, still so fresh and cold, left an imprint of iciness on her skin when her hands lifted from the handles.

Dyson looked up, throwing a grateful smile as he slid his mug closer. "Thanks," he said as fixed his eyes on the liquid content before him rather than taking that first sip that Tamsin had expected him to.

The valkyrie watched him in disappointment, wrinkling her nose as she said, "Dude, don't go all mopey on me. You promised me some bad boy fun and that brewski isn't gonna drink itself."

Watching the foam slowly dribble down the length of the mug, Dyson shook himself out of it and said, "Sorry, you're right."

"So much for tearing up this town," Tamsin huffed with an eye roll as she dropped into the chair across from Dyson and lifting the mug to her lips.

"I was just having a thought. It's gone now."

"Rightfully so," the valkyrie replied dryly as she felt the bitter taste trickling down her throat. "What was the first rule for tonight?

The amusement lit up Dyson's features. "No thinking allowed," he recited.

"Exactly!" Tamsin slapped the surface of the table in unison with her exclamation just as her emerald gaze eased up and slowly trailed from the wolf to an enticing sight behind him.

Noticing the distraction that suddenly claimed the valkyrie, Dyson turned his shoulders curiously, his eyes falling into line with a curvy brunette in the far booth who fidgeted coyly in her seat as she communicated with a small wave to the blonde and lifted a colorful cocktail to her mouth.

Tamsin bit the bottom of her lip, smirking as the silent flirtation became a natural instinct for her. When her eyes settled back to Dyson's bewildered face, her expression dropped like it had been torn down by gravity as she groaned, "You are seriously cock-blocking me right now."

Laughing, Dyson took a heavy gulp from his drink. "No, you go do what you came here to do."

Sighing heavily, the valkyrie leaned back into her chair, her head falling back as she briefly gazed at the worn out wooden panels on the ceiling. "That was the idea, wasn't it? But then I'd feel bad for just ditching you here." Settling back, she reached out a long arm to retrieve her mug, swallowing the entire content in one gulp as she glanced over at Dyson's full glass out of the corner of her eye. "Do I really need to force feed you that thing?"

"No, I just need to-"

"That's it." Rising abruptly, she tore the mug out of Dyson's grip, her eyes running it over with disdain as she released her grip, letting the mug slip from between her fingers and shattering loudly into small fragments, a puddle of alcohol pooling beside her feet. "Oops," she shrugged with a raised eyebrow. "I guess we're gonna need some stronger shit."

Within another half hour, the vodka and whiskey bottle count was piling up at a frightening pace. Tamsin couldn't keep count of how many she actually ordered but everywhere she turned there were empty bottles knocking up against her.

Dyson sat across from her, his face slightly euphoric and sleepy at the same time as he struggled to keep his head balanced on his right arm. "I don't feel so good," he slurred.

The room was slightly shaking and all the muted colors in the dimly lit bar were strangely vibrant and glowing when she turned her head. "So tell me about this Bo chick." Tamsin slowly traced the mouth of the vodka bottle with her index finger and stared off into space.

Dyson tried to focus on the valkyrie, the veil of alcohol clinging heavily to his eyes. "'No thinking allowed,' remember?" he reminded her in a slow, drowsy voice.

"Who's thinking?" the valkyrie replied in a defensive tone as she pressed her lips over the bottle's mouth and tried to futilely suck the liquid up. "I'm already drunk, dude. You might as well humor me."

"Bo's...Bo." Dyson said in his daze, smiling deliriously as he chased at some far away thought in his mind.

"What a startling revelation." Tamsin muttered. "Why are you so moony over her, anyway? What's so great about her? I mean she's got a great ass, I'll admit."

Dyson suddenly chuckled aloud. "So you noticed."

"I gotta give credit where credit's due," Tamsin replied sardonically, struggling to pull herself up as she felt the alcohol dragging her down.

"Why do you hate Bo?" The wolf's question caught her off guard as the valkyrie looked over and caught him picking at his fingernails. She didn't have to answer him, really. The state that they were both in wasn't conducive to anything meaningful or poignant and her words were bound to fall on empty ears anyway. Still, Tamsin sat up and pursed her lips, answering, "It's just her nature."

"Succubus?" Dyson asked absently.

"You can never trust a sex demon, wolf man."

"Bobo's not like that," the wolf replied, pressing his hands firmly on the surface of the table as he leaned forward.

Tamsin raised her eyebrows in amusement, watching the innocence overtake the wolf's features as he looked ready to protect the succubus's honor. "Bobo? You must be drunk off your ass, D-man or you're turning into Kenzi again."

"Whatever. It's your fault." He wagged a finger at her and then dropped his head to stare at some age-old stain that had long since marred the mahogany of the table.

"Yep. Because getting you drunk was such a swell idea on my part." The irony not escaping her, Tamsin downed her entire whiskey bottle, feeling the fuzziness sweep over her as the wolf eyed her and giggled at the irritated expression on her face. "Shut your face," she spat at Dyson.

The laughter overtook the wolf completely as his entire body shook in a riot. He pointed and chuckled at the valkyrie glaring back at him, the humor escalating. Overtaken by the alcohol, he was unable to contain it any longer as he parted his lips and released a deafening howl to a string of passing patrons. They glanced at him cautiously, quickening their pace when he chased after them with another roar.

"Dude, quit it!" Tamsin leaned forward and slapped him squarely across the face.

Dyson fell backwards, lightly touching the sting on his cheek as he narrowed his eyes at her. "That was uncalled for," he growled.

"Well, you were being an ass and freaking people out," the valkyrie said in a low, strained voice. "You are the weirdest fucking drunk I've ever seen."

The grin fell back onto his face in an instant. "You wanna bet on that?"

Tamsin paused, adjusting herself to the sudden turn in events, eyeing the wolf suspiciously as he sat back with crossed arms and sneered at her with a daring expression. "What'd you have in mind?"

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Category: Incomplete | Added by: Eternal-Dust (26 Sep 13) | Author: eternal.dust W
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such a great sad the writer hasn't updated is a while *cough*

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