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A Warrior's Bond
A Warrior's Bond – Chapter 1

Despite the noisy atmosphere of the bustling Dal, the only sound Tamsin could comprehend was the light clinking as she swirled the glass of the ice cubes that floated, chilling her vodka along with her own personal buzzing thoughts. Her icy glare was softened—almost tired—as she stared at the tarot card placed before her on the bar.

The Wanderer.

She knew what it meant, but it couldn't be true. Not Bo. Not now. But she was only kidding herself; this was exactly as it was meant to play out. All she could do was call herself a fool for not being more careful. For not staying detached from the 'Happy Sunshine Gang', as the Morrigan liked to call their rag-tag bunch.

The blonde reached to her back pocket and pulled out a similar appearing card, folded into quarters and well worn. She opens the compacted card to reveal a second 'The Wanderer' card, only with the words "You'll know…" scrawled across it in bright red ink.

She shook her head and took another sip from her glass, letting the cool liquid burn on its way down her throat in an effort to dull her racing mind. It figured, really. She deserves this…at least that's what the Sorceress believed those many years ago. The bitch should have been more prepared if she was married to a warrior, they tend to have expiration dates. And now she took away Tamsin's only chance of saving Bo's life.

"You know, there's not much one can do with only two tarot cards." Trick's voice startled the Valkyrie, causing her to jump in her seat and quickly flip the card face down as the barkeep refilled her tumbler.

"Believe me…these little bastards can do a lot to a girl." Tamsin sighed while taking another sip from her fresh serving of liquid courage. She just hoped Trick knew to keep it coming after her recent revelation.

"At the risk of becoming a stereotype, sometimes it helps to vent to the bartender. What's on your mind? You stormed out pretty quickly after Bo's invitation yesterday." Trick transitioned to polishing the bar with a towel as he spoke casually.

Tamsin couldn't help but notice how calm he was, even around an emotional Valkyrie. A wide berth was given to her all night with her emotions out of check. It's true when they say don't mess with a Valkyrie, the consequences are never pretty and are usually in the form of staring into her own personal penance stare.

"I don't know if you'd like what I had to say Trick. I'm just that Dark Fae bitch that's stuck hanging around you guys because of this peace program. It's okay; you don't have to pretend to be all wise sage with me. I'm a big girl, I can handle my own damn issues." She finishes with less harshness in her tone, but more sorrow and mild frustration.

"I wouldn't have offered if I wasn't interested in listening. It's been a dull night and any reason that has you not cracking a clever joke must be entertaining enough to hear."

Tamsin looked up and studied the Elder Fae before her. Her eyebrow furrowed in thought as she weighed her options. Trick obviously had been around for a while; she was even pretty sure he was some kind of Light Fae Elder. Dyson was basically attached to him by a leash and followed his every order. Not to mention he is Bo's grandfather, given how powerful she is he must be as well, despite not knowing what kind of Fae he actually is. Not to mention he did mate with a Succubus way back when so he must have some game.

Of course she couldn't show him the card, definitely not yet. This entire situation was eating her up inside, she had to share something with someone before she busted at the seams. Anything she said would be horribly revealing, but she narrowed it down to at least something that wasn't devastating—at least without the whole story.

"Do you trust me?" the blonde questioned as her expression softened.

"I've never had a reason not to except for when you were trying to lock up my grand daughter. But it seems you've moved passed that, and even believed in her when the rest of us didn't. So, yes, I'd say that you'd earned my trust by now." Trick answered fairly.

The blonde swallowed and looked away in thought for a moment, plotting how to break the news. Trick prided himself on the Dal being a safe haven; no one from Valhalla would be listening to her right now. Really…it's not like things could get any damn worse.

"I'm glad, but by the end of this conversation that trust may be misplaced."

She turned back to face Trick. As she did, shadows crept their way across her face, outlining her eyes and the planes of her cheeks. Trick flinched slightly at the sight; afraid she was turning her powers of doubt his way. The tension in his body faded as he saw the irises of her eyes glow a bright blue—not unlike Bo's when she feeds—chasing the shadows away.

As her eyes fade into a sparkling gold before reverting back to their usual pale color, Trick's lips curled up into a wide smile filled with nothing but pride.

"You've bonded!" he beams.

"Yep." She answered with a slight, shy smile.

"And with…"

"Uh huh."

"Is it official?"

"Well…define official?" she stated nervously to dodge the question.

"Have you taken an oath before her, and has she accepted?" He stated with an amused chuckle before continuing as a thought occurs to him, "Although…I'm sure Bo doesn't realize anything about what is going on. But if it's true, this is going to be a major advantage for her Dawning! Tamsin, you very well could be saving her life! We've got to call her and—"

"No!" Tamsin shouted a little too loudly. She cleared her throat and lowered her voice after looking around in caution to be sure no one paid attention to their conversation. "Trick, seriously no one can know about this. Especially Bo."

"I don't understand…" The confusion was apparent on the Blood King's face.

"It's not something I'm able to share completely with you right now…Remember when you said you trust me?" He nodded. "I need you to continue that trust. It's…not safe right now with everything she's going through. Not to mention her relationship with Lauren and—" She stops and shakes her head before lowering her depressed gaze to the glass that was now clenched in her hands.

"You already care for her immensely, don't you?" Trick stated knowingly.

"Of course I do. It's in my nature to be what her nature needs…You just had to have a Succubus for a mate, didn't you gramps?" He smiles amused at her frustration. "A Valkyrie bonds with a warrior and they take on their most powerful trait to be what they need."

"If it were Dyson, you'd become fiercely loyal as his wolf mates for life…but for Bo—" Trick was cut off by the blonde's frustrated groan as she leaned her head against her arm resting on the bar.

"For Bo, I develop feelings for her, because that's what makes her stronger."

Trick's beaming smile of pride returns as he moves on to polishing glasses as they continue their conversation. "To think, Bo is a worthy enough warrior to have a Valkyrie bonded to her, not to mention one such as powerful as yourself," He adds the compliment earning a smirk from Tamsin, "As a grandfather, I couldn't be more proud. How long?"

"Well…there's been a pull since I saw her of course. At first I thought it was just respect for her strength. But…when we were looking for Kenzi, Bo was becoming exhausted. She doesn't feed enough to keep up her strength, plus with the Dawning she was in even worse shape. She wasn't going to make it any farther, let alone fight off that psycho Kitsune bitch. So…I told her she could feed from me."

"I thought you were supposed to know instantly if you met the warrior you were meant to be bonded to?" Trick questioned, his curiosity piqued.

"Only if we're looking for it." She stated illusively.

"Any tale I've heard explains how a Valkyrie always has an eye open for the worthiest warriors to potentially bond with…why wouldn't you?" His confusion was well placed and his knowledge was well rounded on the subject. Perhaps he could be of help to her one day to fix her little…problem.

"That's part of a long ass story, gramps..."

"Life of a barkeep, I've got nothing but time." He gives her another smile and turns away.

"Wait, you need to swear not to tell anyone about this. Trust me, it's not safe for me and more importantly, it's not safe for Bo." Her expression is desperate as she leans over the bar.

"You have my oath, but I want you to know that you can confide in me Tamsin. I know I don't look like much anymore but I've been around the block a few times in my centuries. I may be able to find a way to help you."

Tamsin bites her lip slightly before looking down and nodding her head. Trick reaches out and gives her hand a quick squeeze, and turns once more to tend to the rest of his customers. Tamsin takes another gulp of her vodka, crinkling her nose at the familiar taste, letting it calm her.

Trick was absolutely right…it depressed her not to be around Bo. That's why she was sitting alone in a neutral Fae bar on a Friday night. That's why she stayed with her through the trials of her invitation. That's why she spent two freaking hours figuring out what to wear and what to say when she wanted to take Bo to lunch and warn her about the Dawning. Her actions were rewiring to protect the succubus, make her as strong as she could be.

Everything clicked the second Bo fed from her in the woods. She was shocked that she was even able to push her off with the sensations running through her. The Valkyrie prayed she was wrong, that what just happened didn't really mean that her worst fear was coming true. Any hope she had was shattered the second Bo commented on how her chi tasted.

Like nothing she'd ever tasted before.

Not from any human, or any Fae. Definitely not from some random feed and not even from someone she had true feelings for. She couldn't help but smile that she tasted better then both Dyson and Lauren to the Succubus. She chuckled in appreciation before it died away. That same reason is why she needs to stay away now.

The stories she'd heard about Valkyries who had bonded to a warrior were what put her to sleep at night as a child. Her species had always been known as those who carry fallen warriors to Valhalla, the heaven of the brave and valiant. They are also the lovers and guardians of some of the most powerful warriors of all time. Legendary heroes almost always had their own Valkyrie that kept them strong whether they were human or Fae. The stories would always have a happy ending of the warrior dying a valiant death when their time came, and their Valkyrie carrying them on to their afterlife where they would continue their existence together in the halls of Valhalla.

Tamsin couldn't think of anything that she wanted more. She needed to be near Bo, she needed to be with her and protect her. She wished all of the smiles that Bo flashed in Lauren's way were for her, instead. Sure, there had been plenty of Valkyries who had platonic bonds with their warriors as simply a sister-in-arms. But…Tamsin was evolving to be what Bo needed to become stronger. She's bound to a Succubus, and with her newly powerful chi came the budding emotions that would help drive Bo—an emotion and passion driven being—through the battles she's destined to face.

Denying all these urges were going against her nature, it's actually hurting her to not know that she has done all in her power to be sure that Bo is safe and protected from everyone who wishes harm on her. It was killing her knowing that Bo was weak from only the occasional feed from Lauren and a once in a while random feed while she could easily fuel her with one kiss, let alone how much she could give if they actually spent an entire night together. She knew that in the long run, not getting attached was saving Bo from a horrible fate. And that was worth her being miserable.

The blonde lifts up the Wanderer cards fixing them with a glare as she finished off her drink. She slams the glass down and fishes a few bills out of her pocket to toss on the bar for her tab. She creases the cards in a fold and stuffs them both in the back pocket of her jeans.

"Ain't love grand." She states as she flings her jacket around her body adjusting the collar before starting out of the bar.

"Aaahhhhuuuughhh!" Tamsin howls as she falls over hugging her midsection in agony, knocking over stools on her way down while reaching for something to keep her on her feet.

The pain was excruciating, like someone had tortured her but she felt no pain until all of it came down at once. There was only one thing that could cause such awful agony like this…

"Everyone out!" Trick shouted as he rushed around the bar to help Tamsin back to her feet. The bar cleared out in time for the blonde to catch her breath as she continues to wince and gasp in pain.

"Son of a bitch! What…did she—uhggghh—get herself into this time!?" Tamsin groaned in pain as she leaned back against the bar.

"It's Bo, isn't it?" Trick questioned in a slight panic.

"Jesus…how am I sharing her pain if I'm not even completely bound to her yet?" Tamsin questioned frantically, turning her frightened gaze to Trick, praying for an answer.

"I think your bond is stronger then you anticipated." He reaches down to check her abdomen, seeing no visible injuries. "What kind of pain does it feel like?"

"Like someone…ughh…gouged out my stomach…then—gah!—tossed me into a…wall." The blonde gasped out as she adjusted to the pain as it slowly dulled.

"Well, there's no visible injuries, only phantom pains. You're not really sharing her pain to dull it like you could with a fully established bond, simply feeling it. Like a sort of fail safe, to warn you that she needs you." Trick finishes his theory just as the phone behind the bar starts to ring.

Tamsin shakes her head clear as she wills the pain away while Trick rushes to answer the phone. There's no time for this, she needs to get to Bo. She turns and leans across the bar, calming her breath as Trick hangs up the phone.

"Trick, do you have any idea where she is? I have to find her, if she's in some kind of trouble I need to help." The determination was obvious in the tone of her voice, as well as a tightness from the agony that came upon her so suddenly.

"No need, she's with Dyson and Kenzi. They were out on a case and Bo caught a swipe from a Fenrir's claw. They called to have the bar cleared and said to call Lauren." He finishes with a slight tremble, not sure how Tamsin would react to the idea.

"If what I felt is even half of what Bo feels, there's no way Lauren would survive Bo trying to heal from it." Tamsin stated, conflicted. This wasn't exactly part of her master plan to keep Bo out of the kind of trouble that comes with being bound to her.

"Tamsin, you need to be prepared for when they get here," Trick states, trying to ease her worries, "whatever reason it is that you don't want Bo to know is your own business, but I know it's to protect her. Bo won't feed from Kenzi, and she certainly isn't going to feed from me."

"Well…what about Dyson!" She states desperately, trying to find any way out she can.

"She swore to Lauren that she wouldn't feed from Dyson again. You said it yourself Tamsin, she's going to need a lot to come back from a Fenrir attack gone wrong." The Valkyrie's shoulders visibly shrugged, knowing where this was going, "She's going to need you."

"Trick…I can't. The whole point of this is for me not to get too close to her! Nothing good will come from it." Her voice was cracking with emotion. She wanted nothing more then to be able to heal Bo, take her pain away and make her strong. But it was the complete opposite of the plan to keep her safe.

"Saving her life will come from it!" He grasps the Valkyrie by the shoulders, trying to reach through the panic that had set in with her. "Tamsin, whatever reason you have for keeping this from her will be in vein if she doesn't live to see tomorrow. Tell me you could live with yourself knowing that she died because you wouldn't, not couldn't, wouldn'tsave her."

Trick's logic was infallible, this Tamsin knew. Little time had passed before they both jumped at the sound of the door being slammed open as Dyson raced inside cradling an unconscious, battered, and bloody Bo in his arms. Kenzi scurried in closely behind him panting for breath. The Shifter's eyes were wild in panic as he laid Bo down on a pool table with as little jarring as possible.

"Trick! When's Lauren getting here?" He hollered.

"I never got the chance to call her yet—" he stopped in his tracks as he finally got a look at Bo. "—Dear heavens…"

Bo had claw marks across her entire body. Some lighter scratches had stopped bleeding naturally while several of the deeper cuts continued to pool blood. Places across her arms and legs seemed to have the flesh literally ripped off as dark stains of crimson blood stained her usually black outfit. Another deep gash crossed straight over her left eye, but it appeared as though Bo managed to dodge that attack enough that the eye itself was uninjured, simply framed by spine tingling claw marks. The worst wound, being across her abdomen where the marks appeared to have scraped straight through the flesh and muscle, possibly injuring her internal organs. Nearly all the color was drained from her complexion and her eyes seemed more sunken in and sickly behind the blood dripping from a gash on her head. Small, shallow breaths could be seen by the uneven rise and fall of Bo's chest and pain was obviously apparent on her face even in unconsciousness

Tamsin wasn't kidding when she described the pain that Bo must have been through, if anything she was understating it. The pains she felt must have dulled after Bo passed out, more then likely from shock.

"Dyson…you know full and well that Lauren isn't going to be enough for Bo to recover from something like this." Trick reasoned softly, trying to keep a level head despite witnessing the state his grand daughter was in.

"You think I don't know that!? She refuses to feed from me because of her ridiculous promise! She used her last bit of strength to shove me away when I kissed her just before she passed out!"

"You tried to force yourself on her?!" Tamsin's voice was cold and hard and the ghosts of shadows could be seen crawling across her face as she glared in Dyson's direction.

"What!? No! No, not like that! I could never—" Dyson's defense was swiftly cut off as Tamsin approached him and grabbed him by the collar.

"Succubi can't heal unless they feed of their own free will you dumb ass! It actually harms them more, that's probably why she's unconscious right now…" the Valkyrie trailed off as she shoved the Shifter away and turned a now softened gaze in Bo's direction.

"I was only trying to help!" Dyson ranted as he paced, pulling at the ends of his hair in frustration. He could understand Lauren's position with random feeds…but this was a life and death situation and Bo was still refuting despite her life being on the line. No wonder he fell so hard for her, she's the most loyal and honorable person that he has ever known. "If she dies, it's Lauren's fault for not keeping her strong."

"Hey, leave the Doc out of this Dyson. She loves Bo with everything in her, and if she was awake to hear you blaming Ms. Science Pants for this she'd rip off your wolf junk."

"I know…I know," Dyson falls into a chair and leans over with a huff as he tries to calm himself, "I just don't know what to do anymore."

"Well we gotta find someone willing to hop on the Succu-bunny train, stat!" Kenzi's tone matched the frantic, yet trying to keep calm nature of Dyson's.

"I'll do it." Tamsin stated softly, her eyes never leaving Bo, fighting for her life upon the pool table.

Her statement shocked both Dyson and Kenzi. As far as they had known, Tamsin and Bo had just barely moved to a civil level. And now she was offering to let Bo feed from her? Not just feed from her…but for Bo to heal from something like this she was going to have to go a few rounds. Little did they know that Tamsin could easily heal her—it was her new nature.

"Really Tamsin…after everything—" Dyson started before being cut off quickly by the blonde.

"—Look I made a misjudgment, alright? Bo isn't who I thought she was, and she doesn't deserve to die like this from a second rate, rabies ridden, dog Fae." She walks over to the pool table and leans over it, gently shaking Bo's shoulder, trying to bring her to consciousness as she turns back to the rest of the room, "We can't move her so unless you guys want a show—"

"And on that note!" Kenzi jumps up and drags Dyson from the bar. When they reach the door she turns back to face Tamsin with sincerity lining her eyes, "Thank you, Tamsin."

The blonde simply nods as they leave the building; leaving Tamsin to look back at Bo with sorrow framed eyes. She gives another light shake to Bo, trying to rouse her enough for her to feed.

"Come on Hotpants…you gotta wake up and feed." All she's rewarded with is Bo turning her head and wincing with a groan, "Come on, damn it! You're not gonna die on me!" Tamsin is still met with no luck as Bo continues her quiet agony as she bleeds out on the pool table.

"Here," Trick approaches with a handful of sparkling orange dust, handing it to Tamsin who remains confused, "It'll wake Bo up enough for her to feed. It won't last long, the shock of all the wounds could easily knock her out again."

"Thank you, Trick." Relief was thick in the blonde's voice.

"I gave you my word to keep your secret. Now I need you to give me your word that you'll help her come back from this, no matter what kind of pain it brings you."

"I won't let her die. That's the whole reason why I'm trying to stay away from her. I just need more time to figure everything out." Trick nods at her words and leaves down to his lair below the Dal giving the two some privacy.

She only hoped that she wasn't too late.

After taking a deep breath Tamsin climbed up on the pool table, kneeling down next to Bo as she lifted the orange powder up to her face. With one final spark of worry flashing behind her eyes she blew the dust from her hand causing a sparkling orange cloud to float around the Succubus until she breathed some of it in with a weak wheeze.

Tamsin's heart jumped and a smile sprouted across her cheeks as Bo's eyes flung open to reveal the beautiful pools of brown for a moment before they were quickly darkened by agony. The brunette started flinching in pain as she took in her surroundings. Her gaze met a pair of despair ridden pale blue eyes as she struggled on her words.

"T-Tam—sin? What…ugh!...what's going—on…"

"Shh…" The blonde hushed her as she leaned forward placing one hand on Bo's cheek, her heart dropping as Bo winces from the contact, "Bo, stay with me here. You need to feed."

"N-Not…Dyson. Can't—"

"No, not from Dyson. From me, come on Bo you're bleeding out! We don't have much time!" Tamsin was becoming uneasy at how glazed over the woman's eyes were becoming.

"Need…more t-then a—unghh—kiss. Are you—" Tamsin cut Bo's struggling off quickly.

"Just trust me Bo, I know what I'm doing…I hope." She finished her sentence with a small whisper to herself as she leans forward to close the distance between them.

As their lips connect, Tamsin shivers at how cold Bo already is. Compared to their unexpected embrace in Brazenwood, the succubus' shock was replaced by a chilly lack of reciprocation. But the blonde refused to give in, she lifted her other hand to cradle Bo's face as she tried to awaken Bo's passion enough for her to start taking what she needed. When she finally felt Bo move her lips to return the kiss, she was just barely able to hold back her smile.

The air around the two women sparked with the heat that grew between them as Bo found the strength to lift up her hand and run it to the back of Tamsin's neck to hold her closer. The blonde almost wanted to scoff at the cheesy rom-com feelings running through her at how the kiss felt. The Fourth of July was exploding behind her eyes and shivers of pleasure began to run down her spine as she felt Bo pulse her with energy, heightening her pleasure before she began to really feed off it. Despite these sensations, Tamsin couldn't shake the cloud of dread looming behind them, knowing that this wouldn't be able to happen again if she really wanted to keep Bo safe.

That was when Tamsin felt it.

The deep down pulling in her stomach that sent tingles and rushes of passion throughout her entire body. She'd never let any Fae lay a finger close enough to her to feed off her in any way—pain, happiness, strength, fear—let alone literally taking her chi, her very own essence. She always imagined that something like that wouldn't be a fun feeling for anyone. But not the way Bo did it. She literally made it a pleasurable experience for her partners, the better she made them feel the more she could take and the more it would sustain her.

The feeling increased as she pulled back from the kiss in shock as Bo took that first long pull on her chi. Tamsin's eyes shot open to meet Bo's deep blue intense stare as waves passed from her into the brunette.

The smaller gashes on Bo's body began to close up whilst the bleeding from most of the others slowed to a near stop as Tamsin's electrifying chi began to flow through her. It felt almost like the blonde was a drug, one that the Succubus in Bo couldn't get enough of. The brunette felt her urges take over as she gripped Tamsin by the hips to roll them over on the pool table while she reconnected their lips in a heated clash, drawing a pleasured moan from the blonde.

Bo pulled back slowly, drawing another rush of energy from Tamsin. It was an understatement when she said that she'd never tasted anything like this before—because she had begun to feel like she never would experience chi quite as mind boggling as Tamsin's again. She could feel her wounds healing faster then they ever had before, which intrigued her.

Bo saw Tamsin's eyes start to droop and flutter, she felt her touch soften in comparison the death grips she held Bo in when she started feeding from her. The brunette's eyes widened in fear as she quickly moved away from Tamsin's lips, instead hiding in the crook of her neck to catch her breath—which had so easily been taken away by the feel of the blonde's chi pulsing through her veins.

Tamsin's eyes rolled into the back of he head as she released a moan of pure bliss at the feeling of Bo pressing her lips to her pulse point, leaving a playful bite. The blonde knew what Bo was doing. She was afraid that she might hurt the Valkyrie, take too much and have Tamsin end up like the trail of bodies she left behind before she knew what she was.

"Bo?" she let out in a pleasured whisper.

"Mhmm?" the brunette continued placing gentle kisses and nips down the Valkyrie's collar and along the line of her low cut shirt.

"You're still bleeding." Her sentence was cut off with a slight gasp as she felt Bo's touch move under her shirt to her abdomen, stroking the slight planes of her muscles trembling beneath her skin.

"Don't worry, I took enough." She mumbles before returning to giving Tamsin the pleasure she deserves for saving her life.

The blonde fought through the heated haze created by Bo's touch, knowing full well that she was lying to protect her. Something they both had in common.

"No, you didn't," Tamsin moves to cradle Bo's face and lift her back up to meet her gaze where she was met with worried brown eyes, "Come on Bo, you need to heal—"

"—I don't want to hurt you." Bo stated quickly piquing Tamsin's fears. If Bo started caring for her in return, there was no way that she could deny their bond any longer. The only hope they had was distance, and that's only possible if Bo remains in the dark of what's going on between them. Tamsin's only defense was a witty retort.

"It's a little late for that, stud. You're sucking my sex chi out through a kiss of death." She stated with a faked chuckle, hoping it was enough to take Bo's mind away from harming her. She pulled the brunette down into another kiss, trying to goad her into feeding more to get the wound on her stomach to heal. She had to hold back a frustrated groan and eye roll as Bo broke the kiss.

"No! I felt you getting weak Tamsin, I don't wanna hurt you!" The blonde's expression fell, both in awe of how sweet Bo was being but also in despair that the brunette was keying into the bond between them, "I still don't get why, but your chi is addictive. Honestly I don't know how I pulled away in the first place, but if I keep going I know I won't be able to stop and you won't be able to push me away." She takes a pause letting it sink into Tamsin's mind before finishing her thought, "I refuse to put you through something like that after all you've done for me these last few weeks. I don't want you to see me as a monster."

Tamsin's heart sunk and she swooned at the thought. Bo was stepping up as her warrior and protecting her. But…they weren't ceremonially bonded. Protecting her life like that wouldn't be a natural instinct, not yet anyway. This was just how Bo was, honorable and protective of everyone around her. She dove in with her entire heart, never afraid of the consequences. A flash of the life that she and Bo could have appeared in her mind's eye, traveling the world and fighting for people who couldn't fight for themselves. Always having each other's back as they plowed down anything that dared look at them with disdain.

She cursed the bitch of a sorceress who took that life away from her.

Her train of thought was stopped as she returned to Bo's gaze to see the conflict behind her soft brown eyes. She ran the backs of her fingers softly down Bo's healed cheek, only faint pink lines where once horrible slash marks once stood. In this moment she didn't care if her feelings showed, all she cared about was assuring Bo that she could take anything she needed from her and it would never hurt.

"Take what you need, Bo. Trust me…I'm tougher then I look." She finishes with a chuckle, lifting Bo's chin gently to give her a soft, reassuring kiss to seal her proposal.

Bo's eyes fluttered closed at the contact. She hadn't felt an effect like this from someone in a while. She remembered the fireworks behind her first kiss with Dyson, feeling the power that Fae could offer. She also remembers her soft, loving embraces with Lauren. In a weird way, Tamsin was the best of both.

She felt Tamsin cradle her cheek and neck, keeping their lips connected as they moved across one another, re-awakening their passion. Bo leaned back slowly with hooded glowing blue eyes as she took another breath of Tamsin's life force. The blonde's hands moved down her back to the dip right before the line of her favorite leather pants. Bo shivered at the contact and gasped as the blonde pulled her closer, to connect their bodies intimately. With Bo's reaction, a rush of Tamsin's usually bright blue chi became lined with a trail of sparking gold energy. The sensation from this newfound addition to the already mind boggling taste of the blonde caused Bo to cut off the wave of chi with a moan as she returned to her hiding place in the crook of Tamsin's neck.

"Are you alright?" The blonde quickly looked down in worry at Bo's reaction, "Shit I forgot about the gash on your—" She stopped as Bo leaned up and looked down at her abdomen to see smooth skin beneath the tattered remains of her tank top. They both looked up with bright, shocked smiles.

"Yeah, that wasn't pain…trust me." She finished with a smirk, earning a teasing eye roll from Tamsin before continuing out of curiosity, "I'm not really sure what that was. I just…felt something."

"Mhmm." Tamsin hummed as she leaned up to place kisses along Bo's jawline, getting lost in the sensations she created each time her lips touched her pearly skin, "Like what?"

Bo cracked a smile while weaving her fingers in Tamsin's hair. She felt her nerves sparking beneath her skin as the blonde trailed sensual, open-mouthed kisses down her neck. It all felt so right. Like it was her first time all over again—only without a dead boyfriend and on a pool table.

That was when a thought flashed through her, causing slight panic. She gently pulled away, still keeping a hold at the back of Tamsin's hair. She looked into the sharp, pale eyes of the Valkyrie, trying to gage if she made another stupid mistake.

"You're kinda freaking me out Bo." Tamsin teased with a chuckle as she ran her hands up Bo's arms to hold on to her wrists gently, caressing her warm skin with the pad of her thumb in comfort.

"I didn't accidentally thrall you…did I?" a blonde eyebrow raised in amusement, "Cause making out with open wounds with me tends to be dangerous…like mind control, you trying to marry me dangerous."

"Well…I'm pretty sure I'm not planning on proposing any time soon. Just making sure I heal up everyone's favorite Succu-bunny. My charitable act for the week." She continued to hide behind her sarcasm and wit, but she could tell that Bo saw straight through it this time. The brunette's gaze was piercing; it made her uneasy knowing that the gears were spinning. With spinning gears come questions that are going to yield answers that she can't share.

"Why did you kiss me in Brazenwood?"

The query knocked the air out of Tamsin. She got too close.

"It's a long story." She practically whispered in response as she leaned up to connect their lips again.

Bo couldn't put her finger on it, but she knew that she wanted to know that story. After finding out that Tamsin's chi was magically delicious when they went after the Kitsune, and the surprising backup all through her invitation to the Dawning, there was that kiss out of nowhere after her showdown with Whitman, and now the miracle healing session that would have taken her who knows even how long with anyone else. She was putting the pieces together only to find out that they're from separate parts of the puzzle. But now, this embrace they were in at this very moment was piquing feelings in her she hadn't felt in a while…better to just enjoy the moment while it lasts because with Tamsin, you never know.

The door to the Dal crashed open, however both women remained blissfully unaware to Lauren's frenzied entrance.


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