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A Dangerous Predicament
CHAPTER 1: "Eventually you will die."

Tamsin had been drinking all day… in fact, it had practically become her daily routine. Every morning she would wake, sloppily sprawled out atop the rough back seat of her truck, her body cursing the very notion of the beat up vehicle existing as a home, let alone a means of transportation. And every day she would stumble into some crappy low-key bar, downing countless shots until she was certain the sun was down. She liked the night time; its existence promoted a lot less… happiness.

So, as it were, the sun had set a many hours before Tamsin stepped out into the cool midnight air. She paused to compose herself then started down the shadowy alleyway. It was a slow walk, though unusually steady for someone who had as many drinks as the blonde Valkyrie did that night. But the slow and steady gracefulness came to a halt as a chilling, yet familiar voice filled the air. "Well, look who it is."

Tamsin let out a shaky breath, her body suddenly frozen in place. She quickly ran over every exit strategy she could think of, silently despairing over the obscene length of the alleyway, of which she was nowhere near the end.

"The traitor," said the voice, now accompanied by the loud sound of heels pressing against the cement ground. The sound drew closer and Tamsin could feel her body tense. "In all of her glory."

Tamsin took a deep breath as she turned to face her opponent. "Helena… long time," she breathed.

The woman smiled a fake smile, one not much different than the smile that Tamsin was currently wearing. She had dark red hair, wavy, that rested gently on her small shoulders, and her skin was a ghostly white that had always filled Tamsin with a sick feeling of dread and fear, though she would never admit it. "So, we're starting with the small talk, are we?" Helena asked, stepping closer to Tamsin so that only a few feet of vicious tension separated the two of them.

Tamsin tilted her head. "I guess so." The presence of this dark woman seemed to sober the valkyrie up a bit, kicking her into 'warrior mode', as so many people seemed to call it. Though, to her, it was more of a natural mode of defense.

"Well, I don't see it getting very far. You know what I've been up to… no big changes, here. Though, I did dye my hair a couple of hundred times."

"I've noticed. Very nice," Tamsin said, taking a careful step back.

The woman frowned. "But you… oh, Tamsin. You've been up to some serious shit, haven't you?"

"I have no idea what you're referring to," Tamsin smiled, entirely aware that the façade was fooling no one.

Helena took two steps forward, putting herself dangerously close to the blonde. "Oh, I think you do. In fact, I think you're both aware of what you've done, and why I'm here."

"So? What if I am?"

"Then you know what's coming next."

"You don't honestly think you can beat me, do you?"

"You're weaker than you were then, Tamsin. You and I both know it…" she stepped closer, running a cold hand down Tamsin's arm. "But, even if I can't. More will come. More will try. And eventually… eventually, you will die."

Tamsin pulled her arm away from Helena, dropping a thin knife from her sleeve into her hand.

"You betrayed him, Valkyrie. And for that, you will pay dearly." Helena threw herself at Tamsin, long claws appearing from the tips of each finger as she reached out to grab the blonde by the shoulders. Tamsin jumped back, slashing her knife openly into the air before her.

"Helena, you won't make it out of here alive if you push on… but stop now and-" She was cut off as one of Helena's sharp claws lashed out and sliced through the skin on her cheek. She let out a yell, a familiar rage beginning to take hold of her. "You know what? No second chances. Bitch, tonight will be your end!"

Helena didn't let Tamsin make a move, though. She took the opportunity to slam her fist into the side of Tamsin's head, throwing the valkyrie off-balance and forcing her onto the ground. At that, she shoved her claws deep into Tamsin's gut, laughing as the blonde let out a painful scream. But before she could even withdraw her claws, a foot had slammed into her shin, causing her to stumble back against a brick wall.

"Ugh… fucking ginger bitch…" Tamsin coughed as she slowly rose to her feet. Adrenaline rushing through her, she thrust all of her weight into a swift jab of the knife, tearing through Helena's shoulder. But it didn't really seem to faze the red head, rather, it appeared to have pissed her off. Tamsin didn't have a chance to register this previous to having her own head slammed into the wall where Helena was, a second before. As she was regaining her composure, Helena lifted a thick piece of plywood from the ground beside her, crashing it roughly into Tamsin's side and throwing her to the ground.

"I thought you'd be tougher than this," Helena laughed between heavy breaths, "honestly… you're kind of a let down." She stalked over to where Tamsin lay struggling to catch her breath, and smiled as her foot, almost without thought, glided into Tamsin's side, colliding with bone. She went on to kick again... once, twice, and as her leg went in for the third attack, it was stopped suddenly, having been caught in a tight grip by Tamsin's left hand.

"I told you before…" Tamsin coughed, pulling Helena's other leg out, subsequently causing her to fall. "Tonight..." Tamsin clumsily climbed to her feet and stumbled up to Helena, who was now looking up at the battered valkyrie with fear in her watery grey eyes, "Tonight will be your end." Tamsin smiled a cold smile, pressing her foot to the side of Helena's head.

"No-Tamsin… I-I'm sor-!" She heard a loud crack, and the woman, who had been squirming and struggling beneath her heel, came to a sudden still state. She was dead.

After a few minutes of deep thought, a couple of failed attempts to support herself without the aid of a wall, and an agonizingly slow walk to her truck, Tamsin could only think of one place to go. So, she turned the key in her truck and painfully pressed her foot down onto the gas pedal.

She hadn't actually been that far away, so she arrived at her destination in a few minutes. She opened the door and practically fell out of her truck, resting there for a moment and then pulling herself to her feet by the rusty vehicle's hood. "Shit... fucking whore…" Tamsin choked, staggering to the front door.

She weakly pounded her fist onto its wooden surface. "C'mon…" she breathed. She tried again.

"Who the hell comes slamming on someone's door at one o'clock in the morning!?" She heard a familiar voice call irritably after a few long moments. She was almost sorry to have woken them… but ignored the apologetic emotion as she pressed her fist against the door one last time. At this, the door flew open.

"What the-"

"B-Bo…" Tamsin fell forward, her body no longer harbouring the strength necessary to keep her upright.

"Tamsin!" Bo quickly lowered herself to the ground, catching Tamsin's body before it was roughly introduced to her own dirt covered floor. Tamsin was on her knees, her head weakly resting on Bo's shoulder with her own shoulders held in place by the succubus' tight grip. Her limp arms dangled loosely at her side, her knuckles grazing the wooden floor boards. "Shit..." Bo breathed, pushing the valkyrie up a bit so that she could assess the damage. "What the hell caught up with you?"

To continue, follow source. 

Category: Incomplete | Added by: Fangirl-outlet (22 Sep 13) | Author: Fangirloutlet E W
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