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50 Shades of Brazenwood
Isabel_QDate: Monday, 18 Aug 14, 2:25 PM | Message # 1
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A/N: Read and squirm. And oh, not for minor's.
Disclaimer: Lost Girl and Tamsin are not mine…but Ash is all mine .


The apartment door slammed hard making me cringed and making the picture frames on the wall rattle. I looked at the door slammer trying to gauge how angry she really was.

My girlfriend is now busy tearing her jacket off of her and brusquely hanging it on the coat hanger. Her
shoulders are tense, her back rigid, and I deduce that yes, she’s really pissed. I tried to avoid her wrath and went to the bathroom trying to locate the first aid kit.

I removed my jacket and undershirt to inspect the cut on my side, it was not really deep but merely a scratch, it also stopped bleeding, it doesn’t even need any stitches, just some cleaning
and bandage.

I heard steps and looked up to seemy girlfriend on the door, sipping a glass of white wine, her stormy eyes moving on my injury.

“How bad was it?. She asked softly.

“It’s just a scratch babe, nothing to worry about”. I gave her a reassuring smile.

She didn’t smile back. She put downher glass of red wine, approached me and picked up a cotton and antiseptic and proceeded to clean my wound. She motioned me to stand on the wall, the towel
hanger on the side of my head. Softly, she went to work and put a clean bandage over it.

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She stood back for a moment, her eyes moving over my body, inspecting for anymore injuries, suddenly she pulled
me into a hug, it was tight and I felt her body shaking as I hugged her back.

Her hands moved up and down my back and settled on my neck, she pulled back
a little to inspect my face. Her eyes moved to my arms and she raised
my right arm and before I know it my handcuffs appeared, I didn’t even
notice she took it from my back pocket, and now being used to subdue me.

“Ash, what’s this?. I said dumbly, pointing onmy handcuffed hand with my left free hand.

“Uh, what are you doing? I asked when she started loosening and removing her
scarf. She proceeded to take my left arm and tied it too to the towel
hanger. Now, I’m really tied up, standing on the wall of our bathroom in
only my pants and bra. I tried to pull at the scarf…

“Don’t you dare ruin my scarf, it’smy favorite”. She whispered dangerously.

“Then, let me go.” I snapped. “Areyou out of your mind? Why did you tie me up?

“You need to be punished” She said,she moved closer, her face inches from my own, and I could see her eyes

I huffed indignantly. “Why? I saved you from that thug. You should be thanking me”.

Her eyes narrowed. “I was fine! Ihad the situation under control, you didn’t have to jump over and get stabbed
in the process!”. She’s now screaming at my face. Her hand moved up and
down my arms again, my torso, inspecting for anymore injuries.

“I’m fine, you’re fine, can we justforget the whole incident and cuddle while watching Orphan Black? It’s starting
in 10 minutes”. I said, trying to be diplomatic, I strategically mentioned
our favorite show to get her off on her punishing mode.

“No, this is serious, you couldhave been injured really bad”. “That guy’s knife is huge!”. Ash insisted.

“Uhm, why are you so angry? I’m a fae, I will heal eventually and this cut is nothing. “And Please, I’m a  Valkyrie, a mere human thug cannot kill me even if he’s wielding
a samurai”. I said arrogantly, trying to reason out, I couldn’t help
rolling my eyes at the same time.

Ash eyes narrowed, annoyed. “Oh,that’s right, you’re a mighty Valkyrie, oh so powerful!” Infuriated,
Ash started pacing the small space of the bathroom, getting agitated
even more. “You’re forgetting that you can be hurt, and the small fact
that THIS IS YOUR LAST LIFE! YOU COULD HAVE DIED! She stopped in front
of me, facing me.

I bit back a retort when I saw her face, her dark blue eyes is clouded with unshed tears, her pupils dilated, as
if she’s trying so hard to keep it together and not to burst into a crying mess.

I felt my heart sink. I never wanted to see her like this. So close to tears. I think about what she said and
she’s right, I didn’t really think about this as my last life, not when I
jumped between her and the knife, I just moved on instinct and my
instinct is to save her from any harm. But, I must admit that I didn’t
plan to get stabbed in the process. I didn’t really think what Ash was
feeling after I got stabbed, It only dawned on me now that she’s was
really scared for me.

Her eyes moved down to my woundagain, her voice soft. “When I saw him stabbed you… I, I couldn’t breathe, I
couldn’t move, I want to save you but.., but I was so scared, I just
stood there… there was so many blood… I thought…” She closed her eyes
and took a deep breath, steadying herself. “ I was scared… and you…you
just made light of it!”
Her eyes became furious again and she turned her back at me.

“ You’re going to pay for that”. Ash said, her voice turned cold.

I gulped. “Ash, babe… I didn’tthink…I was just not thinking at all. I’m sorry If I sound like an insensitive
jerk. I didn’t mean to make light of it. I’m sorry.” I said softly.

“I need another drink.” She said,without looking at me, she disappeared on the next room.
She came back with a fresh drink after 10 minutes. She seemed to be more composed.

“You know, you should stop this saving people thing that you’ve got going
on”. She said studying me over the brim of her wine glass.

Added (18 Aug 14, 2:25 PM)
I looked at her puzzled at her statement.

“Hmm…this wine is so good… do you want some? “  She asked, looking at me.

“Yes, actually, I’m really thirsty,so, if you could just uncuff me… see, my arms are really getting num-

“Oh too bad, you can’t.” She said, cutting me off.

“W ..what?, well, you can just bring the glass to my lips and let me sip from it.” I said softly.

“No, no, you forgot something…you’re being punished.” She said, her eyes
narrowing. She came to me, and poke me in the chest. “Which means, you
will not drink (poke), you will not kiss (poke), nor will you touch
(poke) any of this…”, gesturing at her hot body, “…unless I said so”.
She said coldly. “Do you understand?”

I didn’t answer, my eyes moving upand down her body. She’s just wearing a thin white undershirt
and tight black leggings that hug her long long legs and her shirt is
now wet from sweat, my eyes glued to her cleavage.

A sudden movement and –


“Ow!, What the…! “ I yelled andchoked. My face burn, my nipples numb and
suddenly erect. My eyes moving to Ash face. My girlfriend met my eyes
with a smirk. She just slapped my right boobs, and she’s fucking
smirking! My mouth hang open, my pulse picking up.

“What?, did I hurt the mighty Valkyrie?” She asked annoyingly.

A/N: To be continued bcoz it's 2 am, and I'm dizzy.
Let me know what you think guys... should I lose some more sleep writing this or continue to the good stuff?

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