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Forum » Lost Girl » Lost Girl General Discussion » POEMS or words strung together that sometimes rhyme (for the love of Valkubus)
POEMS or words strung together that sometimes rhyme
Isabel_QDate: Saturday, 15 Mar 14, 4:41 AM | Message # 1
Drunk Valkyrie
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A Valkyrie's Love

No evil shall touch you
nor harm you as long as I'm alive
Swift death will come to anyone
who even tries

I will fight an army, a legion
in your name
I will face a thousand monsters
if it will keep you safe

You are my best friend, my lover, my soulmate
You're everything that I wished for and more
By finding you, I found myself
By loving me, you saved me

MY LOVE, I will give up immortality
just to spend a lifetime with you
because eternal life means nothing

Added (18 Feb 14, 7:36 AM)
Always and Forever

Lost Girl has this triangle
Between a wolf longing for his life mate,
A mortal doctor living a lie
And a succubus who can't make up her mind

What happened to the Valkyrie who loves Bo from a far?
Already died once for choosing her side
Now reborn again to love her for a second time
Pledging loyalty and to fight By Her Side

Will there come a time that Bo will see?
That she is the only person that's honest and loves her unconditionally?
No matter what, Tamsin promised to love her always
And ALWAYS is longer than Forever...

Added (18 Feb 14, 7:53 AM)
Tamsin's Letter

I  never met anyone like you in any of my many lifetimes
I never knew love until I met you
You're noble and selfless, brave and gentle
Like the sun, you drew me out of the dark and showed me that I can be more

Your dream is to live your life as you choose
And to protect those you love the most
If I have to give up my life to protect your dreams
I wouldn't long for anything else

I did what I had to do
I will gladly do it again if I have to
There is no other way, I have to save you
I was just glad that I MET YOU.

(It doesn't really rhyme, I wrote this thinking she will die)

Added (23 Feb 14, 8:53 AM)

The Valkyries Curse

To live, to serve and to expire
Again and again
That's what I was born to be
That's the life of a Valkyrie

I was known to be the best there is
My name incites fear to my enemies
I arrive in swift wind, like an angel with wings
Eyes that turns black as night and look that kills

One look and I can make you doubt yourself
Turn you against your closest friend
It's a power everyone fears
Makes our enemies cower and kneel

I was powerful and beautiful
Everyone feared me, respected me
I have wealth, power and long life
There is nothing that I couldn't have

But a Valkyrie carry a curse
That, no one ever comes close
For we have to make the people we like go away
For fear that we might hurt or get them killed in some way

Thus, the life of a Valkyrie is a lonely one
Choosing isolation to protect ourselves and everyone
Still, I think that power is everything
And thought that I will not trade it for anything

I never thought that I'm missing something until I met you
You, with your family and friends
You care and love like its the most important thing
You even fight for them and risk everything

Before I met you, I never thought I needed anyone
I never really thought how lonely I am
Meeting you and knowing you made me see
That family and friends is what I long for and need

I vow to make amends, to change things and redeem myself
Someday, I hope that I will be worthy of you
You with eyes both brown and blue
I will always be yours and you will always be mine, until the end of time.

Added (24 Feb 14, 2:45 AM)

Love Kills
(Tamsin's POV)

Love will get you killed
That's what I used to say
It makes you do stupid things
It turns you into a fool and a slave

What's so great about it anyway?
It just makes your heart beat faster
Lightens up your mood in some unexplainable way
Keeps you warm inside in a cold day

Fine, I have to admit
That, love could give you comfort
That, it gives you contentment
It gives you purpose

I can't explain it
But when I see you I can see a future
When you smile, I feel warm inside
And when our fingers entwined, I feel more alive

I guess, I was wrong, love can also make you strong
To fight and defend those you love, to never give up, to never doubt
And when trouble's over and you're here lying beside me
I believe now that love is a powerful thing, and I pray silently that love would never ever leave me.

(It's rough, wrote it during my break)

Added (24 Feb 14, 7:36 AM)

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ValkyriorDate: Saturday, 15 Mar 14, 6:49 AM | Message # 2
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Dude, you've got some mad skills there, I wish i could write like that!
Keep writing, I love them!

“Tomato juice, celery, vodka. Looks like lunch to me.”
Isabel_QDate: Friday, 28 Mar 14, 6:45 AM | Message # 3
Drunk Valkyrie
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Soooo, I was bored, so... this what happens...
Sorry, if it doesn't really rhyme... caffeine

Those Words I Never Said
Groundhog Fae
Tamsin (POV)

So, I'm back, with memories now intact
I decided to head home, I'm so excited to see Kenzi and Bo
And then I saw you, just your back, but I know it was you
I called your name, you turned and smiled, I couldn't help but return a smile

My mind said keep your distance
But my body and heart won't listen
My feet moves and my hands reach for you
My mind screamed, don't do it, but It's just too late

I reached and grabbed you
I was thinking, this is my chance, you're never going to remember it anyway
So, to your surprised face, I said "I'm so sorry"
With my name on your lips, I cut you with a kiss

Your lips are so soft, and you smelled of cherries
I feel myself melt, lost in your embrace
Flashes of fireworks and tingles on my spine
I felt like drowning and you're my only lifeline

The kiss ended and you're looking at me, searching for some explanation, for anything
You frowned, confusion all over your face, you said "what was that?"
You're so beautiful that I held my breath
"I missed you" got stuck on my lips, so, I said "Hi Bo" instead

You said Kenzi missed me, and I wished you said you did
I said I missed her too, but what I really wanted to tell you is "I Love You"
You looked so happy, so, I guess It can wait, and that was my biggest mistake
I never would have thought I would regret not telling you, those words I never said.

Added (16 Mar 14, 11:55 PM)
Really? Awwww, thanks!
Will do, just waiting for my creative juices to flow... lol

Added (20 Mar 14, 8:28 AM)
Sign of True Love
(Tamsin POV)

They said that sacrifice is the ultimate sign of true love
And I thought it was really dumb
I laughed at the martyrs faces and called them names
I love life and will never give it away

And then, I met you
Beautiful, compassionate and perfect you
I saw how you fight and defend those you love
Be it strangers, faes or mere mortals

Did fate send you to proved me wrong?
To teach me that love and sacrifice go along?
Well, I guess that saying is indeed true
Because I would do anything to keep you

I will swim the widest ocean to get to you
Climb the tallest mountain to reach you
I will go to hell and back to help you
And defy everyone to save you

Because Bo, you are my true love
The one I couldn't live without
I'd rather sacrifice myself than to see you hurt
And, I'd rather die than to see you cry

My life is yours, it's in your hands
For I already forfeited it when we first laid eyes
I just have one last wish, that I would be the first to go
Because, I just can't live without you, Bo.

Added (28 Mar 14, 6:45 AM)
(Tamsin POV)

I woke up in a warm bed, with a pillow that smelled of cherries
There's only one person on Earth who smells like it
I turned to my right, and there you are
Even asleep, you don't fail to make my heart skip a beat

Am I still dreaming? or hallucinating?
I held my breath, afraid to move
I feared that if I did, you and all of this will disappear
I decided to pinched myself, I let out a smile even if my arm hurts

I looked at you, you looked so peaceful
I've always loved watching you sleep, in fact its one of my favorites
Long lashes framed those closed eyes, deep brown that are full of warmth
You smiled in your sleep and I silently wished I was the cause of it

I couldn't help it, my eyes moved to your lips, natural red and the softest I ever kissed
My eyes moved to your elegant neck and I have to stop myself to shower it with kisses
The smooth rhythmic movement of your chest draws my eyes
Fair, smooth and unblemished, I could feel my face heating up

I turned away quickly and tried to control my urges
My eyes landed on a new cabinet instead
I stood up and inspected it and was shocked to see my things inside
Looking around, my mouth hangs, because my clothes, weapons are scattered around

I even saw photos of us, smiling and sharing kisses
I suddenly felt dizzy and confused, I need an explanation, like it or not, I have to wake you up
I gently nudge your shoulder, you groan and protested and grudging opened your eyes
I bit back a smile because you're really funny at times

You looked at me and gave me a lazy smile,
You said "It's too early babe, come back to bed"
I said "Bo, I need to talk to you, why am I here?
Pulling me, you said "Stop being silly, you're my wife and you live here"

I was so shocked, I couldn't move
I allowed you to pull me and tucked me in
Hugging me with your arms and legs, I found myself trapped
To be honest, I'm not really sure If I want to escape this hug

The smooth skin of your body next to mine makes me blush and heats me up
Your intoxicating smell surrounds me and I'm afraid that I'm addicted already
And damn! you just decided to rest your head in my shoulder and breathe in my neck
With my body heating up, goosebumps all over, I wonder if I'm going to survive or its really my end

You moved and burrowed closer to me, arms tightening around me
Looking at you, I feel at peace, I feel warm spread over me
I finally gave up, my arms moved and I hugged you close
I realized this is what I was yearning all along, to be this close with you Bo

Time passed by and I couldn't be happier
Life with you is exciting, full of adventures, love and laughter
I learned little things about you, like how you love chocolates, ice cream and candies
I love how your eyes sparkles when you tease Kenzi, you're a hugger and a cuddler too

As we lay in bed that night, I told you again that I love you
You're eyes shines and you said you love me too
That night I showed you how much, I didn't left any part of you unkissed or untouched
You writhe in ecstasy, my name on your lips, I clung to you and you to me

I jolted awake the next day, someone's nudging me, calling my name softly
I opened my eyes, and saw your worried face, I tried to say something, but you suddenly run away
"She's awake" you shouted at someone as I turned and looked around
This is not the shack, nor our room, what?, where the hell am I?

I found out later that I was in coma
Half dead on this bed for nearly a month
My life (and marriage) with Bo was not real, but a dream of my own doing
And as Bo gave me that questioning look, asking me "what took you so long?"

I smiled bitterly and told her a story
I told her that in my dream, I'm with the woman I love and I was happy
That she loves me back and that she completes me
I felt my eyes teared up but I willed the tears not to drop

I turned around and looked at you, asking "can you really blame me?"
Sitting here, I wished with all my heart, that I shouldn't have woken up
Because in my dream, you and I are one
I am yours and you are MINE.

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BreathofLifeDate: Sunday, 30 Mar 14, 5:13 AM | Message # 4
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These are so amazing! You definitely have a talent with poems, love them and keep 'em coming! smile
Isabel_QDate: Sunday, 30 Mar 14, 10:29 PM | Message # 5
Drunk Valkyrie
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Why THANK YOU, my sweet Emsie. hug
You're not pulling my leg  r u?   tongue
BreathofLifeDate: Monday, 31 Mar 14, 7:58 AM | Message # 6
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Haha, why would you think that? wink

But honestly, no. I'm not pulling your leg, they're beautiful and I love reading them actually so please, do keep writing them!  happy
Isabel_QDate: Monday, 31 Mar 14, 9:13 AM | Message # 7
Drunk Valkyrie
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I'm glad you liked them, it's worth it then... Thanks! happy
I'm just an amateur, trying hard poet, lol, If I had more time, I want to polish

Anyway, don't you find them sad? I think most of them are really sad...I don't know maybe bcoz I'm such an angsty kind of gal that I draw inspirations from Tamsin angst?

Added (31 Mar 14, 9:13 AM)
I wanted to write something in Bo's POV, but it's HARD!  Maybe b'coz she's sooo undecided and confusing and wacko

BreathofLifeDate: Monday, 31 Mar 14, 9:37 AM | Message # 8
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Yeah, they're sad but in a beautiful way, you know what I mean? I'm more of an angst person too so yeah, it's quite easy to draw it from Tamsin and I always enjoy the angsty stuff more than anything else.

Maybe it's because she's so far up her own ass? Don't get me wrong, I love Bo but she really is.
Isabel_QDate: Tuesday, 01 Apr 14, 0:35 AM | Message # 9
Drunk Valkyrie
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I know, I can see it in your vids smile ... wait, by enjoying angsty stuff does that make us masochist? lol, I don't want to be no

I love angst but I also love the hope behind it...thinking that after all the angst, the love that comes after makes it soo much sweeter... right?

I'm just a hopeless romantic I guess... don't hold it against me ok?

Post edited by Isabel_Q - Tuesday, 01 Apr 14, 0:42 AM
BreathofLifeDate: Tuesday, 01 Apr 14, 4:32 AM | Message # 10
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Yeah, I have a habit of only making angsty sad vids, I seem to be able to do them better than anything else and I am a complete masochist, I'll admit that cause I know I am haha. I cause myself more angst than it's worth but I can't help it, I love it lol

I think that's part of why I like it too, you've always got that little flicker of hope behind all of that trouble. I agree, we can both be hopeless romantics together haha.
Isabel_QDate: Tuesday, 01 Apr 14, 7:42 AM | Message # 11
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Quote BreathofLife ()
Yeah, I have a habit of only making angsty sad vids, I seem to be able to do them better than anything else
Yah, you're soo good at that and RS have mastered that emotion.
Let me fangirl for a sec and say RS is sooo good in telling us how she feels just by showing her facial expressions while not uttering a single word! god! I just love her facial expressions!

Hold up, can too much Valkubus angst kill us?

Post edited by Isabel_Q - Tuesday, 01 Apr 14, 7:54 AM
ValkyriorDate: Tuesday, 01 Apr 14, 8:03 AM | Message # 12
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Isabel_Q, you're so right, she doesn't have to tell anyone how she feels because we can see it!

I don't know if it'll kill us, our hearts maybe?, I Just know I love it, I'll join you two on the Hopeless Romantic side of things, I know it's terrible.. but i just can't help it.

“Tomato juice, celery, vodka. Looks like lunch to me.”
BreathofLifeDate: Tuesday, 01 Apr 14, 8:12 AM | Message # 13
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Thanks and RS is amazing at facial expressions. Some people say it's bad acting punch but I haven't seen another actor/actress that is so good at expressing their emotion through facial expressions. *sigh* She's just perfect.

Not physically, maybe it'll destroy our souls? We'll be doomed to walk the earth as zombified hopeless romantics and it'll all be Valkubus's fault haha.

That's it Valkyrior, come to the hopeless side lol
Isabel_QDate: Wednesday, 22 Apr 15, 5:01 AM | Message # 14
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OH MY! What have I started here?
Lol! Hopeless romantics... pfffftt ha ha ha ha ha

Added (08 Apr 14, 1:05 AM)
So, I'm thinking of writing another poem, entitled "Vodka", shall I
dare compare Bo to Vodka?
What/Who will Tamsin choose? Bo or Vodka? giggle

Added (09 Apr 14, 0:20 AM)
(Tamsin's POV)

There you are sitting with your lovers and friends
Your eyes twinkling with what Kenzi just said
Your eyes then shifts to Lauren and you gave her an adoring smile
I couldn't watch anymore, so I turned around

Sitting here in the Dal
Surrounded by laughter and merry people
Why do I still feel empty? and all alone?
Sadness grips my heart, and made my eyes tear up

I drew a long breath
I'm a fucking Valkyrie, heart of stone
No one, nothing can let me down
So to numb myself, I turn to my best friend

She has a long graceful neck
Clear liquid swirling inside
She looked so innocent, almost divine
But we all know that's a lie, for she kicks and punches hard

I turned just in time, to catch Bo saying goodbye
She looked at me and give our "signal"
She wants me to follow her, maybe spend the night together
She always does that when shes hurt, like I'm some kind of band aid for her

I didn't know what to do, so I choose not to move
Maybe, I was just too drunk?
Or maybe too hurt perhaps?
One thing I'm sure, I'm tired of this shit

So, I choose not to follow
To just stay here with my bottle
Come to think of it, you two have things in common
You both looked so innocent and divine, it made me smile

Smooth and addictive, you both leave me warm and high
You both drove me crazy and make me do/say stupid things
Both gives me hangover after too much indulging
But still, Vodka never breaks my heart or let me down so much

Vodka never chooses anyone over me
Or play this hurtful game to me, so I think, I will stick with it, even for
just a bit
For even though Vodka is a great friend
A million Vodka will never compare to Bo's kiss

So, I finished my bottle and stood up
I know, I'm being stupid, I'm dizzy right now so I couldn't really give a f*ck
I am way addicted to fight this, and honestly not sure I want to
So, I stumbled my way outside, almost falling on my ass, soft arms catches me
in time, I looked up and Bo is here waiting for me with a smile.

Added (22 Apr 15, 5:01 AM)
Added (11 Apr 14, 6:55 AM)

Added (12 May 14, 1:02 AM)
For the first time, I finally wrote something in Bo's POV

True Love
(Bo's POV)

Everyone loves me and I should be happy
But honestly? It's more like a curse that hunt's me
For love is a sacred thing and should be pure
But for a Succubus, that line is just blurred

Like everyone else, I long for love
Love that wasn't forced, persuaded or blind
But for me, Love is complicated, hard to understand
For my heart beats for more than one

So, if someone can tell me, If someone can enlighten me
What's the feeling of True Love? How can I know it's the one?
Somebody help me, because I'm scared my True Love will pass me
Because I'm too blind to see, my True Love in front of me.

Added (19 May 14, 9:12 AM)

Added (10 Nov 14, 6:59 AM)
aww... I miss writing this. I need more inspiration.

Added (09 Dec 14, 4:48 AM)
Insipred by Tamsin's-
"This is my last life time, I don't want to live it without you"

(Tamsin POV)

Six life times had passed
I can't believe how fast it was
How many wars I've gone through?
How many souls I took because I have too?

How much tears have I spilled?
How much blood did I shed?
How I wanted it all to end
To find some place where I can lay my head

A Valkyrie's life
To live, to serve, to die
Over and over again
Until it finally comes to its end

Its sad, really
So, finding you is a miracle
Something I thought wasn't real
My true love, someone for me, finally

Is it fate?
Is it real?
It feels real to me
You became everything to me

Pity to those who oppose
Who threatens someone I hold close
Their death will come surely
Slowly and painfully

Even if its my last life
I'm happy that I found you
If I die saving you
Its okay 'cause I rather die, than live this life time without you.

Added (15 Jan 15, 1:01 AM)
(You are) My Everything

You are my everything
Even if you don't know it
It's enough that I know its true
I'm madly in love with you

You are my everything
Even though you're not mine
I know that you're not ready
That your heart is hurt, weary

I wish that we met sooner
when your heart was free
To love someone like me
The way that I love thee

You are my everything
Even if you're not with me
The memories that we shared
Keep me warm on my cold bed

Should I walk away?
To try to forget you?
It seems impossible to do
When all of me screams for you

If this is not the right time for us
Not the right time to love you
I will not go anywhere
My love will stay, until the end.

Added (07 Feb 15, 9:53 AM)
(Tamsin's POV)

Didn't mean to fall for you
I never intended to
The concept was absurd
I would punch myself if I could

But, I did
I fell in love
I can't deny it
I have to let it out

But the feelings not mutual
You don't feel the same
It hurt more than death
The most painful I ever felt

If only I could turn and wall away
I wouldn't be hoping you'll look my way
If only I could just say good bye
I wouldn't be waiting for you to say hi

If only I could stay away
I wouldn't help you in any way
If I can push you away
I wouldn't come closer

If only I can teach my heart to forget you
I wouldn't stay hoping you'll love me too
If only
If only, I could.

Added (22 Apr 15, 4:52 AM)
(Tamsin POV)

Elegant wings curling on my back
Taking me to heights that I don't want to come back
How can something so beautiful
Be a symbol of my last bloom?

How could a face so beautiful
Bring me so much forlorn?
How could a loving smile
Turned into a patronizing one?

How can you say you love me
And doesn't want to be with me?
How can you take something
Without ever thinking?

How can something so perfect
Turned to be so painful?
How can something so pure
Turned to be so cruel?

I wish I could fly away
And never comeback
To flee this heart break
That chokes me up

Was it even worth it?
Finding love and then heart break?
Was it even worth living
To stay and suffer?

Was it worth to taste the sweetness for a moment
And suffer the bitterness forever?
In my mind there's no question
Its worth it if the love is true.

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