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Forum » Lost Girl » Characters » Acacia (what's her role?)
JTDate: Tuesday, 08 Oct 13, 5:58 PM | Message # 31
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Quote (Fangirl-outlet)
No, Anna didn't find out until they were filming the finale. It was all written and set by then, the channel just didn't pick up the rest of the episodes because the viewership wasn't that powerful. :/
Actually, it also had to do with how stupid things are here in Canada. A lot of of TV shows here usually have 10-13 eps a season max. That's the magic number to get a grant from the government and not depend on outside sponsors. Beyond that, production companies won't get a penny and have to rely completely on outside sponsors and the CRTC here is very strict on how shows are sponsored. A pain in the behind because fans like us get the short end of the stick.

Added (08 Oct 13, 5:58 PM)
Here's a possibility no one has voiced so far. What if that hand was fake? After all, Acacia seemed very surprised by Tamsin's reluctance to deliver Bo. What if that hand was just an elaborate plot to remind Tamsin who is in charge?  Their last interaction together, Acacia told Tamsin that she was also involved now because she had guaranteed Tamsin would follow through and deliver Bo. Even then, in my eyes, Tamsin was reluctant. It wasn't until she saw Acacia's hand that she made the decision to finish her original job.

That said, I'm torn between having Acacia alive & having her as part of a flashback. If she's alive, she could be the reason Tamsin might betray Bo a second time and I don't think my Valkubus-shipping heart can take.

On the other hand, if Acacia is part of a flahsback, we get to know more about Tamsin's past, which I'm all for. And I agree with the rest. Rachel should play young-Tamsin.

I can't wait for s4 to begin.

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Forum » Lost Girl » Characters » Acacia (what's her role?)
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