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Bo Dennis
FaeKenziDate: Thursday, 10 Oct 13, 10:06 PM | Message # 46
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Quote SlightlyTwisted ()
So.. I'm the only one that thinks she looks beautiful in those photos?

It's not that she looks ugly. Anna Silk just can't look ugly, it's impossible. It's the photoshop work they did on those photos what, in my opinion, makes them terrible.
I have a feeling that if we saw the raw image, it would look a hundred times better.
UberFaenaticDate: Sunday, 03 Nov 13, 7:42 PM | Message # 47
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Status: Offline, not a fan of these pics.  Anna is significantly better looking than these pics indicate. "Gorgeous" comes to mind.

But these shots do not do her justice.

Added (03 Nov 13, 7:42 PM)
New picture of Bo from Showcase:

"And I wonder...can you really know yourself without memory? I mean, can you really know what you want?" - Bo Dennis, "Of All the Gin Joints"
ValkubabyDate: Saturday, 19 Apr 14, 2:05 PM | Message # 48
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Quote FaeKenzi ()
Boobs Dennis.

OMG - I just sorta choked on my brew! :')

Oh how I love BOOBS O’CLOCK!   

Added (19 Apr 14, 2:05 PM)

Quote Valkyrietamsin ()

*Not perving at all..*  eyebrow

What was I saying.. - it's always BOOBS O' CLOCK!

"You are more alive than anyone that I have ever met." ~ Bo
"You're not like anyone I've ever met in any of my many lifetimes." ~ Tamsin
IsabelQDate: Tuesday, 22 Apr 14, 3:09 AM | Message # 49
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If you gots it, flaunt it!
Gosh! AS has a great rack!
I swear I didn't look at it for .... an hour. eyebrow

I like the photo Uber posted (above), Bo is covered from head to toe, but still gorgeous as hell!
How I wish s4 Bo hasn't gone cray cray, bcoz that Bo pissed me off greatly.
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